Daily Casual Games Apps

Shark Hunting 1.7.1
Sharks invade the sea. Hunt them before they kill humans swimmingin sea. Move the scope to aim the hungry sharks and fire.Thissimple but addictive shooting game is easy but so funny to play. Itreminds you nostalgic duck hunting games. Develop shooting skillsby aim and firing the fast moving sharks.Features :- Free shootinggame- A different version of duck hunter games- Simple but funnygameplay
Classic Pool Game 1.4.1
Have a fun with American style billiard game. Develop your skillsat this classic pool game. It is easy and simple but you needpracticing to pocket all the balls in shortest time and to get ahigh score. Plan to sink the 8 ball during the game. Tap on thebilliard cue and draw it by setting your angle and power. There isa bar indicating the power of the drawn cue. When ready, releaseit. This classic billiard game is not multiplayer but you need tobe online to play it.Features:- Online billiard game- Free classicpool game- American- style 8 ball- Power bar to set the cue
Quick Math Game 1.4.1
Quick Math Game is suitable both to students and adults. Let offstream by solving arithmetic operations swiftly and continually. Itis getting more and more difficult. See the arithmetic operationand tap on the option giving the right result. When you tap on thefalse answer, the game ends.There are negative whole numbers insome answers of the operations. So, be careful and quick at thesame time. This math game is a fun way to sharp your skills atmaths. Kill time as developing your mathematicalintelligence.Features:- Brain teasing math game- Suitable tostudents and adults- 3 options of answers- Addition, subtraction,multiplication- Arithmetic operations with negative and positivewhole numbers
Ping Pong Arcade 1.1.1
Ping Pong Arcade offers a simple but addictive game-play. There isa tiny ping pong ball bouncing on the screen frames. Move the boardto prevent the ball from falling down. Bounce the ball as many asyou can. The aim is to get the higher and higher score. Who wantsto develop skills at table tennis can start practicing with thisping pong game.Features:- Simple but funny arcade game- Bouncingthe ball- Suitable to kids and adults
Fruit Cutter Mania 1.5
Watermelons apples kiwis pears pomegranates bananas melonsstrawberries coconuts are all around. Slide your finger on gamescreen to slash fruits. Time to make delicious fruit juices. Useyour finger as a ninja sword. Don't let your blade finger cut bombsinstead of fruits if you want an endless fruit slicing game. Be thebest fruit cutter by slicing fruits like kiwi watermelon apple pearstrawberry coconut as many as you can. Avoid cutting bombs tocontinue fruit slash. Dash fruits as many as you can to get thehighest score.If you are able to slice fruits, you are right tofeel like ninja master. Don't worry, there are easy and mediumlevels for novice ninjas and assiduous fruit cutters.Features:-Juicy fruits like kiwi watermelon apple pear pomegranate bananastrawberry yellow melon coconut- Amusing gameplay- Suitable for allages- Flying bombs to avoid slicing- Three game modes: easy,medium, hard
Candy Fruits Slots Machine 1.2.3
Candy Fruits Slots Machine is an enjoying casino game with thesymbols of fruits like apple, strawberry, orange, pomegranate,kiwi, pear, watermelon, alligator pear. Spin the delicious andjuicy fruits. Make combos and play bonus games.Take a big risk towin big. Try your luck at a new free slot machine with fruit imagesin this casino game. It is just for entertainment. You will notlose money.Features:- Fruit images like apple, strawberry, orange,pomegranate, kiwi, pear, watermelon, alligator pear- Free casinogame- Slot machine with bonus games
Kids Game - Learning Shapes 1.0
Kids Game - Learning Shapes is an educationalgame that family members can give their kids to teach shapes and toamuse them. There are 7 puzzle levels. Kids draw the shapes andplace them into their patterns. There are many shapes like star,plus sign, rectangle, square, rhombus, circle, ellipse, pentagon,hexagon and more. At each level, they try to match more shapes.Features:- Educational game for kids- Simple puzzle levels- Shapes and patterns like star, plus sign and geometrical shapesrectangle, square, rhombus, circle, ellipse, pentagon, hexagon
Sports Games 1.2
You can play several sports games byinstalling this app. There are mini golf games, billiard games,football games and more. Select one and play instantly withoutdirected or installing again. We strongly recommend this app toparents searching games for boys. Any sport lover will love thiscollection. The games are simple to play and amusing at the sametime. There is no menu or process before start. Just click and playwhenever you want.We included some baseball games where you join leagues besidesfootball games. You find various football games like penalty, goal,free kick games to develop your skills at football. Joinchampionship matches and experience the tension of soccer ordevelop your skills by bouncing the ball or kicking the ball tonets. The aim of the soccer games in this app is to get highestpoint by kicking the ball to the highest point or by bouncing theball without fall. Both kids and adults can play these soccergames.For lovers of basketball games, we have added some of them aswell. Basketball games in the list, again is to develop yourskills, to see how many baskets can you score.Besides there are cue sports or pool games like billiards whereyou play as many scoring shots as possible within the limitedtime.Features:- Various sport games in one app- Free sport games for boys- Suitable to kids and adults- The games from these subcategories: basketball games, footballgames, baseball games, pool games, golf games- Free-kick, penalty, header games to develop skills atsoccer- Classic billiard games like 8 ball games, American stylebilliards- Mini golf games where you hit the balls to the indicatedholes
Swing Alien 1.1.1
Our alien hero has fallen down on Earth. He can't survive there.Help him to rise and pass between moving obstacles. Each passedobstacle gives you a point. Get the highest score in this addictivearcade game. You can give it to kids. It is suitable to all ages.Features:- Swing alien character- Moving obstacles- Arcade game forkids and adults
Diamond Pop 1.2.4
For the lovers of jewel games, this diamond matching game offers afun puzzle gameplay. Look at the screen and find the largest groupof same color diamonds. Tap and slide your finger on the two ormore same color jewels cross-ways, horizontally, or vertically.Moreand more gem diamond will be loaded as you dash them. Get thehighest score before time is off. Keep track of your score and losetrack of time. Each matched diamond group gives you extra time toenjoy more. Just be quick at popping the jewels in this addictivepuzzle game. Kids and adults can easily play this simple butamusing diamond dash game.Features:- Totally free jewel matchingpuzzle game- Easy and funny game-play for kids and adults-Sparkling colorful gem diamonds- Time track
Classic Roulette Game 1.5
1st, 2nd, 3rd; even, odd; black, red. Chooseyour numbers and bet to spin your luck. For the lovers of casinogames, roulette entertainment is on phone. You will not lose realmoney. This roulette casino game is to have a fun. Clear graphicsmakes you feel in Las Vegas. If you like, you can clear all the btsor the last bet.Features:- Las Vegas casino entertainment- Free roulette
Basketball Shot Mania 1.5.1
For lovers of sport games, there is an amusing basketball shotgame. Develop or test your skills at this sports game. Be an agilebasketball player. Touch screen to stop the moving balls on themiddle of the hoop.Touch screen just in time to shoot a basket.Before time is off, make shots as many as you can. Don't let thechance to make double baskets with the special balls.Features:- 2point basketballs- Simple but amusing basketball game to developyour skills- The ball indicators to make baskets
Jumping Pet 1.2.1
For whole family members and kids, we have prepared a funny jumpinggame. There is a tiny dog stuck in a city submerged. Use yourskills to save the lovely pet. Set angles to jump overwalls.Jumping Pet is a simple but amusing physics based puzzle gamewhich kids and adults can play easily. Be patient and set angles tojump. Don't let the tiny doggy fall.Features:- Simple but amusinggameplay- Suitable for kids and adults- Jumping tiny doggy
Mini Panda - Platform Game 1.1.1
Mini Panda is a physics based platform game in which you make thetiny panda jump over the spikes. Kids and adults can play thisphysics based puzzle game. Collect the coins as jumping and avoidfalling on the spiky obstacles. When you collect all the coins, theexit will be opened.Tap the screen to jump the mini panda. Theupper levels will be more difficult. Be careful and quick atjumping and collecting.Features:- One of the newest physics gamesfor kids and adults- Mini panda character- Spiky obstacles- Coinsto collect- The exit appearing after all the coins are collected
Dress Up Games 1.1
Install this app and play several dress up andmake up games. You don't need to install the games in the app, justtap on the game and start to play instantly. There are stars andcelebrities like popular singers, actress, and models waiting youto create a style for them! You can take role of the make-up artistor the stylist or the fashion designer of your favorite model,singer, or actress. Prepare the girls for crazy party nights, forshopping, or for wedding. There are many events like party, office,school, campus, coffee shop, beach, concert, fiesta, festival andmore to join in these cutie girl games.Choose the best colors for hair, skin, eye, lipstick, eye-shadowfor a glamorous make-up. Decide which hair style matches to yourmodel best. In some of the girl salon games, you manicure,pedicure, apply nail polish, do facial care. You can shampoo thedoll's or model's hair, cut and style it individually and pick theperfect accessory to her new stylish hair in hair salon games.After facial care, hair style and makeup, you can go to dressup. Select the fashionable maxi or mini skirts, shorts, blouses,shirts, and dresses. Don't forget to pick the dress matching to theevent. If your model joins a party, you can may choose a sparklymini dress. Casual, evening, rock'n roll, business, sporty, boho,gothic, masculine, country, retro all kinds of style are in theseenchanted dress up games.Finally, don't forget to complete the style with accessories!There are shoe options like stiletto, sporty heels, punk boots,high-heels, platform pumps, sandals. Besides these fashion gamesoffer you various necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, bag, headband,glasses, hats and more.Features:- One single app including many dress up games- Dress up games for girls that cover make over, fashion design,hair salon games- Celebrity games that lets you change and create styles for yourfavorite celebrities- Winter outfits for icy lands, summer clothes and bikini types forbeach- Events and backgrounds like party, cocktail, wedding, concert,red carpet, film gala and more- Huge variety of accessories: jewelry, tiaras, veils, bouquets,bags, wallets, bracelet, necklace, earring and more- Many shoes to combine with the dress: stiletto, sporty heels,punk boots, high-heels, platform pumps, sandals- Hair salon games where you cut and style the hair of the model,princess or doll, change the hair color besides eye color, skincolor- Make-up or cosmetic games with colorful lipsticks, eyeshadows
Dress Up Party 1.3.1
For girls loving dress up games, we have designed an amusing dressup game. Prepare your model for party, cocktail, picnic in acountryside, beach, and pizza restaurant. Select a style likecasual, evening, rock'n roll, business, sporty, boho, gothic,masculine, country, retro according to event the girl willjoin.There are many clothes in different styles. Tap on them to seeit on the model. You find polka dot shorts, mini skirts, floralshorts, jeans and pants in different colors, patterned tights amongbottoms. Match them with tops like sleeveless shirts or T-shirts.There are sleeveless cocktail dresses, mini dresses, and masculineand business style jackets.Imagine and create your own fashion bytrying different combinations. Complete your fashionable style withaccessories like bag, silver or gold bracelet, necklace,fashionable glasses, and even crazy headbands. Don't forget to wearthe most stylish shoe. There are options like stiletto, sportyheels, punk boots, high-heels, platform pumps, sandals.Features:-Free dress up and make up game- For girls and who likes girl games-Various fashion items- Hair styles and colors like blonde, black,brown, red, pink and even green- Accessories like necklace,bracelet, bag, headband, glasses, earrings- Shoes: platform pumpsand stilettos in different colors; patterned, studded, andcheckered high-heel boots; platform sandals- Tops: sleeveless tops,t-shirts, pullover, jackets- Bottoms: denim, jeans, pants, tights,pantaloons- Dresses: safari style leopard dress, black cocktaildress, dark blue party dress, mini red dress, gothic purple dress,yellow casual dress- Backgrounds: home, beach, saloon, fast-foodrestaurant, countryside
Swing Penguin 1.1.1
Swing the penguin and avoid obstacles by tapping on screen. Eachobstacle you passes is your score. The aim is to get the highestscore. It is one of the amusing arcade games for kids andadults.Features:- Penguin character- Moving obstacles- Arcade gamefor kids and adults
2 Player Drag Racing Game 1.3.3
Drag Racing Game is a simple but funny gamesuitable both to kids and adults. When you have a friend near you,this 2 player racing game will be more exciting and amusing. On onedevice, 2 game players can race. Tap the speedometer till reachinggreen zone which gives you an acceleration bonus.There is no menu, no garage. Just open and start racing. Playone player or 2 player drag racing game. We can offer it to parentswho search games for boys or girls.Features:- Completely free 2 player drag racing game- Speedometer on screen- Green zone: perfect shift gives you an acceleration bonus
Memory Game - Bubbles 1.7.1
Memory Game Bubbles is a simple but amusing puzzle game for kids.They try to keep the color sequence in mind and then, repeat thesequence in the given order. The sequence order is more and morecomplicated, which helps kids develop their memory.There is paletteon which the red, yellow, blue and green bubbles are shown. Wait tosee the hole sequence and then click on the bubbles of colors inorder.Features:- Memory matching game for kids and toddlers-Bubbles indicated in an order- Free puzzle game for toddlers andkids
Coloring Game for Kids Flowers 1.1.3
We've prepared a coloring book with flowers . Parents who searchcoloring books for girls or boys can install this app. Kids willcolor the roses, daisies, tulips and other flowers. To colorflowers can cherish kids' imagination.The size of the crayons arechangeable. There are many primary colors and muted colors. Thiscoloring game is completely free.Features:- Free coloring book forkids- Muted colors- Many sizeable crayons- Huge variety of flowers-Eraser
Candy Jumping 1.1.1
Jump the candy as high as you can. Make the candy pass between twosticks before they link. Don't panic, just jump in time. It is easyto play, hard to master. Kids and adults can play this casual gamewhenever they get bored. The higher you can jump the candy, thehigher score you get.Features:- Amusing casual game for kids andadults- Sticks linking and parting- Easy to play, hard to master
Pet Dash Mania 1.3.1
Have a nice time with cute farm animals in your farm. The animalswant to be with their own friends. Try to make groups of them bymatching. Find the huge dog group and click to remove them. Then,match the cats, turkeys, crows and more pets.Tap on two or moreadjacent cute pet animals to rescue them. The beginning levels ofthe game are so easy that kids can play but at the upper levels theboard is filled with more different kind pets. Parents and familymembers help their kids match the animals. Pet Dash Mania is toimprove recognition and cognitive skills of kids.Features:- Farmanimals and pets like dog, cat, bird- Various puzzle levels-Matching 2 or more same kind
Casino Space - Free Slots 1.3
Casino Space invites you to free slotmachinewith space symbols like spacecraft, robot, alien, meteor andmore.Without losing money, you can enjoy casino game on yourphone.Increase the line and bet to win big.Make up a combo with the jolly symbol by replacing itwithanother space symbol. Join space adventures to play bonuscasinogames.Features:- Free slot- Space themed casino game- Space symbols such as alien, robot, meteor,planet,spaceship- Jolly symbol to make up combos- Bonus games- Completely free
Blackjack My Casino 1.3
Develop your strategy and win! Take big risks to get more coins. Itis not enough to be lucky, you should play strategically in thisBlackjack game. Blackjack My Casino is just for entertainment, youwill not lose or win money.Features:- Free Blackjack game- Casinoentertainment on phone
Coloring Game - Farm Animals 1.4
Family members and parents who can'trushcoloring books to their kids any more will find this appuseful!There are many pages and pictures to color. Kids can usemanycrayons and color with them by using their fingers on tabletorphone screen.Kids will love coloring pretty farm animals like sheep,horse,pig, chicken, cow, dog. With this kids game, they willrecognizecolors and farm animals more easily.Features:- Completely free coloring book for kids- Muted colors- Many sizeable crayons- Lovely pictures of farm animals like cows, chicks, dogs- Eraser
Coloring Book for Kids - Cars 1.4.1
There are various car models for kids to color by using theirimagination. They can color cars as they please. There are manycrayons. Kids can change the size of them as well.Parents searchingcoloring books for boys or girls can install this app and give itto kids mind at peace. There is no in app purchase.Features:-Completely free coloring book for kids- Muted colors- Many sizeablecrayons- Many car models- Eraser
Fishing Game - Kids & Toddlers 1.2.3
Parents can install Fishing Game for their kids & toddlers.There are various kind of fish in sea. This kid game is a goodchoice to improve kids concentration. They will wait for fishingline up to one of the fishes. When they tap, the fishing line willbe casted.There are many levels to enjoy fishing. Kids collectoysters and fishes. They should avoid thorny balls which can blowoff the fishing boat. This funny fishing game is for both girls andboys.Features:- Suitable for girls and boys- Simple but funny gamefor toddlers and kids- Different kinds of fishes and oysters-Obstacles like thorny balls
Animal Puzzle for Kids 1.3.1
There is the colorless picture of tropical and wild animals likegiraffe, lion, tiger, parrot, owl, snake, kangaroo, jaguar,elephant, turtle, rabbit, alligator, monkey, zebra, crocodile,squirrel, panda, leopard, and rhino. Kids try to place the colorfulpieces of the picture on the parted colorless picture. You canchoose easy puzzle for toddlers and 1-3 year kids or hard puzzlefor 3-6 year kids. Parents can install it and play this jigsawpuzzle with their preschool kids to teach them farm animals andwild animals living in jungle.There is a 9-piece jigsaw puzzleincluding farm animals like sheep, pig, horse, and chicken in theeasy mode. In hard one, the picture has been cut into manyshapeless pieces. Kids will just draw the pieces onto the picturewith their fingers. As they enjoy completing puzzles, kids willlearn farm animals and wild animals in jungle. Parents can use thispuzzle for preschool education.Features:- Jigsaw puzzle for kidsand toddlers- Two modes: easy and hard- Wild and tropical animalpictures in forest like giraffe, lion, tiger, parrot, owl, snake,kangaroo, jaguar, elephant, turtle, rabbit, alligator, monkey,zebra, crocodile, squirrel, panda, leopard, and rhino- Farm animalslike sheep, pig, horse, and chicken in a farm
Zombie Smash - Arcade Game 1.3.1
Zombies have left their graves. They are on the way to eat freshbrains of people in your city. Your mission is to defend your cityand the citizens from the bloody zombie waves. Become a carefulzombie smasher. Don't smash the people running among zombieshelplessly.At the upper levels, tricky zombies who running fast andzigzag. Don't let even one of the zombie invaders come close to thecity. Kill them all before they destroy the whole city.Features:-Zombie waves- Tricky zombies running faster and zigzag- Simple butfunny arcade game
Zombie Shooting - Wild West 1.2.1
Play as a cowboy shooting zombies in Wild West. It is so easy toplay. Just tap on the fire and jump buttons in time. As the cowboyrunning and jumping, more and more zombies confront. Don't let azombie come near you which ends the game.There are power-ups likehorse and bomb to collect in this cowboy adventure game. Get bombsto get rid of the hordes of zombies. When you have horse, you don'tneed to jump for coins or fire zombies, this power-ups gives you achance to take a short break.Features:- Simple but addictiveadventure game- American frontier setting- A cowboy character-Hordes of zombies- Coins to collect- Power-ups like horse and bomb-Fire and Jump buttons- Endless running adventure
Kids Learning Math 1.2.5
Parents can install this educational math game for theirkindergarten kids and first grade students. There are 39 levels intotal. 1-10 levels are to teach kids addition. At the 10-20 levels,kids subtract the numbers. From the 21st to the 30th level, thereare subtractions and additions to find the subtrahend or theaddend. After the 30th level, kids will compare and find the largeror smaller numbers.If parents can help the kid, this educationalgame can be used for preschool education, too. We've prepared itespecially for the first grade students. They can develop theirmathematical ability by practicing on this math game.Features:-Mathematical operations for the 1st grade students- Educationalgame for preschoolers, kindergarten kids and primary school kids-39 levels in total- Addition, subtraction, and smaller & biggernumbers- Exercises to find the subtrahend or the addend- Cuteimages and amusing sounds for kids
Make Me Unblock 1.2.1
Make Me Unblock is one of the newest puzzle games. Further levelsare more and more difficult. Your aim is to slide the green block.For this, you should move the brown blocks which prevents you fromunblocking the green block. Play strategically and complete thelevel in a shortest time.Make Me Unblock is what family memberssearch for their kids. Kids can play this brain training game. Forall ages, it is an addictive and amusing puzzle game.Features:-Brain teasing puzzle game- Suitable to kids and adults- Blocksdifferent in size- Many puzzle levels
Stunt Soccer Player 1.3.1
Show off your skills at football. Stunt Soccer Player is a simplesport game suitable to kids and adults. Have fun of soccer on yourmobile devices. Tap the screen to bounce the ball like a boss! Innormal mode, the aim is to get the highest score by kicking theball without falling it. In the challenge mode, the aim is to kickthe ball at the highest point.Features:- New sport game- Normal andChallenge modes- Football ground atmosphere with publicdemonstrations
Pig Dash 1.3.1
Pig Dash is a simple but amusing game suitable to kids and adults.The aim is to go as far as you can. The distance is your score.Keep jumping to avoid falling. You see many platforms in differentheights and lengths and movable boxes. Make the piggy jump overthem incessantly.Features:- Funny game for whole family- Platformsand boxes in different heights and lengths
Warrior Princess 1.1.1
Princess Goldblade sets off to protect her sweet and peacefulcountry from monsters. Don't expect a fragile and vulnerable sillyprincess. There is a very strong and courageous heroine. Join heradventures and fight against hordes of monsters and also againstthe gigantic ones.In this platform game, you will run, jump, andcollect continuously. There are various levels like land of trinks,land of monsters, the feral bulls, a fall in the void and more.Ease the pains of the lovely rabbits, collect the coins, and blastthe bubble monsters throughout this amusing platform game.Features:- Adventurous platform game- Game for girls and boys-Suitable to kids- Bubble monsters- Cute graphics- Many stages
Cross Over The Road 1.3.1
Cross Over the Road is a different puzzle game for kids and adults.As playing this traffic puzzle game, you should be quick andcareful. Tap the screen to jump the pedestrian lane by lane. He orshe must cross the road without to be crashed by cars and trucksduring the rush hour.Cars and trucks are passing the roadleft-right and in different speeds. It is very difficult to crossthe roads even in this toy block city. Don't let the cars crash thepedestrian.Features:- Endless crossing road game- Puzzle game forkids and adults- Toy block city, vehicles and the pedestrian-Two-way traffic in rush hour
Mini Car Racing 1.1.1
Kids as well as adults will love this Mini Car Racing game. The aimis simple: Don't let the crazy car drivers crash. The mini carsturn around on the same band. Tap the game screen in time to changethe band.Mini Car Racing Game is a score based racing game forkids. Get the highest score by avoiding the toy like rc cars fromcrashing. Be quick because speed of the cars is higher andhigher.Features:- Score based racing game- Toy like mini cars-Suitable to kids- Simple but addictive gameplay
Kids Memory Game - Animals 1.2.1
There are three stage: easy, medium and hard. In easy mode thereare 6 memory cards, in medium, 8 cards and in hard 10 cards. Theaim is to match the two same animals by tapping on cards. Toddlersand preschool kids can play this simple and funny puzzle game.There are cute images of wild and tropical animals like lion,zebra, giraffe, hippopotamus, elephant.We recommend this mnemonicmatching game to parents. They teach animals to their kids andtoddlers with the cute animal pictures. Moreover, this puzzle gamehelps kids and toddlers improve memory.Features:- Free puzzle gamefor kids and toddlers- Three stages: easy, medium, hard- Suitableto preschool kids- Memory cards to improve memory- Cute animalpictures like lion, zebra, giraffe, hippopotamus, elephant