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DailyRounds - Cases, Drug Guide, ECG for Doctors 6.11.3d
★ Drug database prepared by Physicians & Pharmacologists. Theapp contains 2000+ molecules and 10K+ brands. ★ Largest academicnetwork for Physicians, Surgeons, and Medical students. Awarded # 1app for Doctors by GSF-NDTV. Highest rated medical app ★ Share andlearn from clinical cases ★ Largest Point of care references -Guidelines and Journal updates In addition, we have coverage of Keynational and international medical events like APICON 2016, PEDICON2016, CSICON, IRIA Radiology Conference, RSNA, DERMACON etc.Interesting, challenging and peer reviewed Clinical Cases and ImageChallenges updated weekly. ECG ( EKG ) tutorials, Xray Slides,Radiology cases every week. The app is Open & Completely Free -No subscriptions, No In App purchases, No Advertisements Getuptodate information on drug list and drug interaction. We alsopublish updated from IADVL , ASOG , DERMACON 2016 * MCQs that helpyou to be come a better Doctors * Updates and Latest new in thefield of medicine. * Peer Reviewed with a strict editorial policyto make sure the content is uptodate and error free. An editorialand curation team of over 120 Doctors. Clinical Cases are the bestlearning tools for Doctors and Medical Students. Daily Roundspresents you clinical cases in a Journal like avatar. These casesare carefully curated by a team of 120 Doctors. DailyRounds hasClinical Cases that matter to your practice....Not just the rarestof the rare ones ! The cases are chosen by the Editorial team basedon five criterias : (1) The case Presents a diagnostic, ethical ormanagement challenge. (2) The case Highlights aspects of mechanismsof injury, pharmacology or histopathology that are deemed ofparticular educational value. (3) At Least 30% of cases are CommonClinical Scenarios (4) The case was managed based on latestevidence based guidelines (5) Comprehensively evaluated cases withno open or missing links. Also get recent information on drug listand drug interactions Have fun with clinical cases!
Cardiology Rounds Global
Cardiology Rounds is an app exclusively for the discerningcardiologist. Here you can, 1. Discuss ECGs, ECHOs, & patientscenarios with cardiologists from across the global. 2. Watchinterventional cardiology videos. (cath lab) 2. Get journal &guideline updates from AHA, JACC, EHS etc. 3. Acess an extensivedatabase of Drugs, Calculators & more.
Pediatric Rounds
Pediatric Rounds is a specialty focused app from the creators ofDailyRounds (The Highest rated medical app). Pediatric Rounds hasconnected and continues to connect pediatricians across the world.Pediatricians from all walks of life share interesting cases, askfor second opinions, offer suggestions and keep themselves updatedthrough the app. The app is completely free but it requires thelogin for full access. There are no advertisements, in apppurchases or subscriptions. App Features: Continuously growingdatabase of interesting pediatric cases across the world:Pediatricians from across the world contribute interesting casesthat they come across in their clinical practice. They may justwant to showcase their cases or they may additionally inviteopinions from other pediatricians. These cases promote discussionson practice relevant topics and also help pediatricians in itsmanagement. • Medical calculators: Quick checker for all indices •ECG: An elaborate ECG database with interactive ECG demonstrations• Latest News: Latest happenings in the field of pediatrics •Latest Journal Updates: Up-to-date journals • RxPlan: A managementplan for commonly encountered conditions • Drug Database: The bestand most up-to-date drug database with additional features likepractice insights, brand names, cost and pediatric dosage. •Vaccines: Latest information on vaccines • Regular Q&ASessions: To stimulate thinking and to make better doctors • Casesfrom Other Specialties: A place where doctors can access cases fromother specialties in DailyRounds • Quick References: Latestguidelines and updates • Clinical Pearls for Ward Rounds: Usefulbedside pearls for better management of patients
India Drug Index (by Doctors) 1.6di
Description:India Drug Index is a comprehensive informationresource on drugs approved for use in India. The app extensivelycovers over 3900+ drug entries, including the newly FDA-approvedsmall molecules and 61,000+ generic brands marketed and prescribedall over India.* Easy to use quick drug reference* Free drugdatabase provides complete information about the drugs and itspricing* Helps in making better treatment and decision making*Completely evidence-based with 500,000+ references* Prepared by ateam of 15 editors, which includes Top Physicians andPharmacologists* Based on the latest guidelines and PIAppFeatures:1) You can search drug molecules for the completeprescribing and pricing information in detail. The informationprovided is incorporated from standard references or PI modules. 2)Enhanced with advanced searching ability to find individual orcombination brands available in Indian markets. The latest pricingand company information is also listed side by side. You can findalternative or brand substitutes using our unique tool. 3)Updating. We update as per the new guidelines and policies on aregular day to day basis.4) The drug database has the "fulloffline” option. You can choose to download the entire libraryoffline for easy access. Once when you downloaded the app it doesperiodic updates in the background. Update Policy:Every day ourinternal search engine crawls 500+ publications to identify changesin dose, adverse effects and practice-insights. New moleculesapproved by FDA are added within 24 hours.
NEET PG Medical App - PGR 6.6pg
NEET PG exam is one of the biggestchallengesmedical students face in their career. We have teamed upwith someof best Medical teachers in India to build this NEET PGspecificmobile platform where you can discuss, share and learn fromNEETquestions.Key Features of the app are:Rounds feed - A feed of cases published by the users and editors.Acase can be in a text only or text+image format. Also NEETbasedquestions. Each case can be discussed, shared or saved.Discussionfeed with Thank option. Discussions will be sortedaccording to thenumber of ‘Thanks’ received for each discussion.Case submission -An option for the user to submit a case with orwithout images.upto 4 images can be added. Image Editor - A bitmapbased imageeditor to hide patient information or highlight somecomponentsinside the app. Library - A content repository. Profile -A fullprofile of the user with options of a First Name, LastName,Profile picture, Profession, Specialty, Hospital AffiliationsandEducation details. Daily Rounds Drug Database license fortheproject period. 23 Major medical calculators & basicclinicaldecisions support tool license from Daily Rounds for theprojectperiod.Trivia (Poll) option. Gamified long cases.It is very important to understand the basics of allmedicalsubjects for the NEET exam. Hence we are focusing moreonconceptual understanding rather that just adding a bunchofMCQs.
MIQ for NEET PG (Unreleased)
Alpha test version of the NEET PGpreparationapp by DailyRounds.