Dailymotion Apps

Dailymotion Games 1.2.1
The utlimate live-centric app built by gamersfor gamers. Browse your favorite games, optimize your streamquality wherever you are with the quality switch and an unbeatablenative viewing experience on the go.Main Features :- Browse by Live- Browse by Games- Native Dailymotion player- Multiple quality switch- Source quality- Unlimited suggested contentBe sure to try out the web version, too, at http://games.dailymotion.com. It's a great wayto enjoy gaming Live from your computer and chat with viewers.Do you have any questions for us?Twitter: @dgamesFacebook: http://facebook.com/dailymotiongamesEmail: [email protected]
Dailymotion: Explore and watch videos 1.31.69
There’s nothing better than finding a video that feels like it wasmade just for you. Our goal is to connect people to the videos thatmatter, to guide them to experiences we think they’ll love and letthem indulge in their personal home of entertainment. Withdailymotion: •Dive into an endless, immersive, and personal viewingexperience. •Find new videos to love and channels to follow withcurated recommendations tailored to your tastes. •Cast videos on abig screen. •Download videos and continue watching even when yourinternet connection is misbehaving. •Create playlists to watchvideos your way. •Build your library to keep track of videos youlove. •Watch live videos from any device.
Dailymotion Partner 1.32.04
dailymotion Partner is available to Partners with averificationbadge. Upload and publish your videos anywhere from thepalm ofyour hand. Dailymotion Partner makes it easy for contentmanagers,producers and creators to post content quickly and easilyondailymotion and across connected social platforms in onesinglestep. Key features: - Upload videos from your phone libraryto yourdailymotion channel - Publish videos to your social channels- Editvideo details from within the app - Preview videos in theappbefore publishing - Create a share link to send to internalmembersor external audiences - Browse recent uploads