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StickMan Escape - Run 3 1.5
Dani Dev
Stickman need to star overcome danger .Over the years, the experience of StickMan Escape - Run 3 hasalwayslived on screen and in our imaginations.The characters, worlds, and adventures have become anunforgettablepart of our lives, it is now possible to bring a newpart ofStickMan Escape - Run 3 into your a free game in anincrediblyauthentic way. For the first time, Stickman is finallymaking itsway into your world.Stickman is playful, personable, and true to the StickMan Escape-Run 3. His unique traits begin to shine the second he isawakened.Based on your interactions, StickMan will show a rangeofexpressions in the game. It’s now possible to explore thegalaxywith your own trusty Astromech Droid by your side. StickManEscapeis more than a game - it’s your companion.Game Features• Rhythm-based Levels!• Varied your characters,no need unlock!• Phone and Tablet support• Clean and colorful graphics• Bouncy music• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!• Totally Free Game!BE THE FIRST TO END THE GAME ( StickMan Escape - Run 3) INEXCITINGLEVELS !