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Safe Keys - Password Manager 1.2
Keeps track of passwords, PIN codes, logins, and other personalinfo in a single and secure password manager. You have to memorizeonly a single Master Key.Recycling one password for differentservices poses a risk to your safety. Safe Keys generates uniqueand strong passwords to help you. You must not worry about keepingtrack of them, Safe Keys do it for you.Password Manager• Keeps allyour passwords, access data, email addresses, PINs and othercredentials in total security.Password Generator• Build strong,secure and random passwords for your services andaccount.Encryption Algorithm• Advanced encryption protects all yourdata with AES 256-bit algorithm. Even Safe Keys can't accessit.Simplified web browsing• You can use your stored data with twosimple tap, independently of browser you use.Password Cloud•Perform automatically security backups in your private and securespace on Google servers.Password Share
• Use Safe Keys fromanywhere, on any device, with the same Master Key, keeping all yourdata synced.Other features• Self-destruction of your local databaseafter a maximum number of login attempts.• Cleaning clipboard basedto the time you set.• Safe Keys will notify you when it is time tochange your passwords, for your safety.Don't forget your MasterKey! Using advanced encryption algorithms, even Safe Keys will nothelp you to recover it!Send your feedback via email toneneabc1@gmail.com.
Safe Keys Unlocked 1.0
Daniele Favaro
Are you tired of forgetting your login detailsfor hundreds of services, applications, and more?Safe Keys is your solution! Stores and manages all your datasafely with AES Encryption algorithm at 256-bit.You'll have a safe copy of your data, having to remember onlyone main Master Key, which is encrypted with MD5 algorithm.Safe Keys main's functions:• Safely storing your password, your login data andwhatever• Create random, strong and secure passwords• Backup and restore your database with Google Drive• Total delete of your entered data• Master Key encrypted with MD5 algorithm• Personal data encrypted with 256-bit AES algorithm• Self-Destruction of your local database and Safe Keysreset• Clear clipboard by timeout• Access your data whenever you need it with two simpletapFor info, bugs report, tips, translations and whatever,write to neneabc1@gmail.com
Phone Locator Ads Version 1.2
Have you forgotten or lost your phone?DeviceLocator locates your lost device and allows you to safeguarddatain it safely.Functionality:● Make your lost phone ring● Make your lost phone vibrate● Receive SMS the GPS coordinates of the lost phone● Facts recall from your lost phone● Switch Sim card alert (return via Sms the serial number of thenewSim card)● Wipe internal memory● Hide app icon from drawer● Lock your phone remotely with random password (the new passwordissent back you via sms)● Lock your phone remotely with preset password (the passwordissent back you via sms)● Updating (if you need other functions, please email me!)Limitations due to Google API:-If turned off, the GPS will automatically be enabled onlyonAndroid <2.3.7, while on Android> 4.x root users canuseTitanium Backup to convert Device Locator in a System App.-AbortReceiver (), which causes sms with the codes used fortheremote control to be automatically deleted, only works onAndroid<4.4.Download and rate!******************************************************* For problems please contact me by email.* Don't leave bad feedback.* Thanks.******************************************************