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Budget Planner: Fudget 1.4.7
Danny Connell
Over 150,000 people save money hassle-freewithFudget: budget planner. Download now and start saving money!PRESS:“Fudget takes the stress out of managing your money”—Engadgethttp://is.gd/cV0v17“Good for tracking short-term budgets for the holidays,vacationor for tracking work expenses...” — Forbeshttp://is.gd/C2ZVb3“Fudget is an ideal app for anyone who wants to keep trackoftheir expenditure in a concise, simple and efficient manner,freefrom the clutter of other budgeting apps...” —148Apps.comhttp://is.gd/iePA7EFEATURES:✔ Create simple lists of every income & expense transaction-keep track of the balance in a simplified summary✔ Learn the interface in seconds✔ One-tap adding & editing✔ Easily see what’s payable and owed. Monitor every penny✔ Repeating an item on future budgets is easy - Just tap star onanincome or expense to repeat it - ideal for recurring expensesandmonthly billing like rent etc✔ No time constraints - use it monthly, weekly or however youliketo monitor your finances✔ Drag to reorder items✔ Choice of currency symbols (or choose your own)✔ Passcode lock & login - keep your personal accountantandledger secure✔ Universal app - install on phone or tablet. Planning yourcashflowhas never been so simplePRO FEATURES (require in-app purchase);✔ Themes - choose from 8 beautiful color schemes✔ Calculator - quickly calculate values (addition,subtraction,multiplication & division) and insert into yourbudget✔ Export CSV - exporting any budget to a .csv file is simple -thenjust open in your favorite spreadsheet software✔ Remove adsMORE INFOYour personal accounting summary & ledger. Monitorthebalance of your income owed & expenses payable. Planningeachpenny of cashflow is easy with recurring expenses.Your finance is simplified with this personal finance,homeaccountant and household budget app.Plan for your financial future. Start saving money todaywiththis simplified ledger!In summary, Fudget is the easiest to use budget planner,balancemonitor and accounting summary on the store!
Fudget: Budget and expense tracking app 1.8.4
Danny Connell
Join over 1 million people who manage their personal finance &save money hassle-free with Fudget. Fudget is the budget app youcan actually use. Download now for all your budget and expensetracking needs! PRESS: “Fudget takes the stress out of moneymanagement” — Engadget “Fudget is good for tracking short-termbudgets for the holidays, vacation or for tracking workexpenses...” — Forbes “Fudget is an ideal app for anyone who wantsto keep track of their expenses in a concise, simple and efficientmanner, free from the clutter of other budgeting apps ...” —148Apps.com CUSTOMER REVIEWS: "The best budget app ever!! ★★★★★Easiest way for saving money & most convenient way for me toorganise my finances & family!!" "Fab budgeting app ★★★★★ Lovethis! Have tried lots of budget app but this is the best. So simpleto use and the most accurate for budgeting. Has nice features suchas rolling over direct debits for the next month." "Brilliantexpenditure app ★★★★★ This is brilliant. I can keep my financialrecords as I go then export them to other record keepers at aconvenient time." "Amazing best budget app I ever got ★★★★★ This isthe best app I ever got if u want to budget and do it withouthassle, get this!! Works well and I can actually see what I canwork with every month" "Finally a budget planner I can save moneywith!! ★★★★★ Finally a budget app that lets you manage yourexpenses based on how you're getting paid (weekly, fortnightly ormonthly)..I like how minimalist & functional it is...keep onthe good work!" FEATURES: ✔ Much simpler than other personalfinance apps. You don't need a money management degree to use thisbudget and expense tracking app! ✔ Create simple lists of income& expenditure items - you can always see your balance at thebottom, along with your total expenses and income. Saving money hasnever been easier! ✔ Learn the interface in seconds - finally abudget and expense tracking app that's actually easy to use ✔One-tap adding & editing - a single tap to add/edit anexpenditure or income item. Much faster budgeting than other apps -save money on the go ✔ Tap star on an income or expense to repeatit on future budgets - this budget planner makes recurring expenseseffortless! ✔ No time constraints - use it monthly, weekly orhowever you like to save money - Fudget gives you flexible budgetand expense tracking ✔ Drag to reorder income and expenditureitems. Keep your budgeting organised ✔ Optional date column ✔ Markan expenditure / income item as "paid" - optionally view thebalance of only Paid items ✔ Choice of currency symbols - forbudgeting wherever you are ✔ Passcode lock & login. Keep yourpersonal finance information secure ✔ Universal app - install thisbudget planner on phone or tablet. Planning your personal finance& saving money has never been so simple PRO FEATURES (requirepurchase); ✔ Dropbox Save & Restore - easily sync/share yourbudgets with yourself across your devices or even with a loved one.Save your personal finance data securely to Dropbox and restorelater to any device. Money management from wherever you are ✔Themes - choose from 8 beautiful color schemes for personalisedbudget and expense tracking ✔ Calculator - quickly calculate values(addition, subtraction, multiplication & division) and insertinto your budget planner ✔ Export CSV - export any budget to a .csvfile and open in your spreadsheet software ✔ Remove ads -distraction-free money management MORE INFO After over half amillion downloads on iOS, Fudget is now available on Android toempower your money management - saving money without the hassle. Ithas been featured by hugely popular websites (Engadget and Forbes)and received countless 5 star customer reviews. The main thingcustomers tend to say is that this budget planner is far easier touse & save money with than other apps. It's free, so why notgive it a try? Download Fudget now and make saving money easy!
Speed Distance Time Calculator 1.7.2
Danny Connell
Calculate either speed, distance or time by entering the othertwomeasurements.► EASY TO USE - Tap the name of the measurementyouwant to calculate (Speed, Distance or Time), then enter yourvaluesby tapping the empty fields. Your result is updated wheneveryoumake a change.► SPEED UNITS GALORE - Many speed units aresupportedand you can quickly switch between them: mph, km/h,min/mile,min/km, m/s, cm/s, m/min, feet/m, feet/s, inch/min,inch/s,furlongs/minute, leagues per day, knots and mach!► DISTANCEUNITSGALORE - Likewise, many distance units are supported: miles,km,meters, cm, mm, feet, inches, yards, furlongs, nautical milesandleagues!► STOPWATCH - Easily record your time values directlyintothe app using this highly accurate stopwatch."How long will ittakeme to get there?" "What was my average speed on that journey?""Howfar can I travel in an hour?" Find out quickly and easily withthisapp.CUSTOMER REVIEWS***** Great app for anyone that needsatime/distance/speed calculator"App is excellent and very easytouse. Love that I can easily switch between ratesofspeed."Mdelesd1, United States***** Great App!!!!"Amazing appthisis exactly what I was looking for. Helps You avoid a lotofcalculation!!! Good job"05kub@, UK***** Very Helpful "Easy to use-all the info in 2 clicks"Travelworks4me, United States*****Greatapp !!!"Essential for any sailor too tired and wet to dosimplemath! Highly recommended!"William16538, United States*****Greatfor Running"Had this app for 5 or 6 months. Great for walkingandrunning. Very handy"Local celeb drummer, United States*****Musthave for all travel situations"In short, this app is worththemoney in gas and time saved!"Tonebg, United States*****LawEnforcement Applications"Most recently I have taken alawenforcement radar class at which point we are required tocalculatea persons speed over a specified distance and thisapplication isperfect! Big props to the "developer.Aub'r Dean!,UnitedStates***** Brilliant!"With the inclusion of the in app timerit'seven better. A must have app!!" - Yorky Mike, UK*****Thanks"GreatappI'm using this for long journeys with the car andtime trialsfor my bike.does what it says on the box :)" -ipodalong, UK*****Does what I need, and does it well "I use thisfor flight, andflight simulation purposes among other things.Having units such asMach, knots and nautical miles means that it isperfect for what Ineed and it can be used for many things. Thanksto the developer,great having this on an iPhone" - Donald Webb, UK
Movie Scores: Find great movies - Metacritic, IMDb 1.0.2
Danny Connell
Thinking of watching a movie, but not sure if it's any good?MovieScores is the answer. Just type in the name of the movieandinstantly see the Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb scores-beautifully presented and color-coded. Want a more balancedrating?The "Movie Score" is the average of all three. Need to seethe user/ audience scores too? Just tap the "Get Score" button. Soyou'vefound a movie with good ratings, but you're still not sure?Justclick the Trailer button to see a trailer. FEATURES - Find outif amovie is any good, instantly. Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes&IMDb ratings in one place - Quick access to user &audiencescores. See what other people think on Metacritic &RottenTomatoes - Watch trailers for any movie - Do a "random"search -find interesting movies you've never heard of - Also searchfor aTV show and get the IMDb rating. Then just click to gettheMetacritic rating Download Movie Scores now and never sitthrough abad movie again!