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What to eat today 1.0
1. Enter the store name 2. Enter the name of a meal 3. NewInformation: The information is added the mobile project 4. ModifyProfile: Select the item and modify Changes 5. Delete Profile:delete selected items 6. What to eat today:? Randomly selected fromwithin the project of a store meals, show pop-up window
mathematics 1.3
1. Set the first digit and the second digit 2. Set the operatorandthe number of topics 3. Generate or update a topic 4. Youcanbrowse the topics or browse the answers 5. Can be sent by Email6.Set the number of e-mail and leave the save
CP value calculation 1.7
1. Enter the number of units, capacity, weight, and number ofsheetsof content per bottle or package. 2. The number of bottlespurchasedor the number of packages, the default is 1 3. Enter theamount 4.Confirm input, camera: the items photographed, easy tojudge theappearance of goods appearance 5. Calculation results =numberbehind the larger number of units that buy the more themorecost-effective 6. Quality is still the first option to buy, canbuythe number of units is only a reference
分數比較器 1.0
比較 2 個分數的大小