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Smash League 0.1.3567
LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! Fight multiplayer battles in real timeandtake your Smasher to the end of the League Road! Features:-Afast-paced multiplayer fighting game finally on mobile-Real-timebattles against players from all over the world -Unlocknew andpowerful Smashers each with a special attack and a superability!-Customize your Smashers with unlockable weapons anditems-Multiple unique game modes to unlock and play -Battle solo orwithfriends -Climb to the top of the leaderboards in regionalrankings
Lockspin Legends 1.1.2382
Lockspin Legends is a brand new RPG, combining the excitement ofclassic games of luck with intense RPG battles. Assemble a team ofpowerful heroes and battle fearsome bosses. Spin and lock theelemental reels to charge your attacks and unleash devastatingattacks onto your enemies. It’s the perfect mix of luck andstrategy! Become a spin master! Spin and lock the reels for atactical edge over your opponent. Bolster your strategy usingelemental combos to charge up your heroes, and increase your attackor defence. The spinner decides the outcome of the battle, sochallenge the odds by locking the spinners for a tacticaladvantage. Master the elements! Guide your heroes through epicbattles with tactical use of the elements. Lock the spinners on thecorrect elements to exploit enemy weaknesses and become a master ofthe battlefield in encounters with hordes of enemies and intenseboss battles. May the luck of the elements be with you! CollectLegendary Heroes! You’re the boss of a fearsome team of legendaryRPG heroes. Recruit the best heroes for each level with the bestsynergizing power-ups to maximize your tactical battle strategy!Use the spinner to charge up your heroes and activate their skills.Feel the thrill as your heroes become more powerful with each newlevel. Embark on an Epic Adventure! Be the king of your owndestiny! Embark on a unique hero-collecting RPG adventure throughdifferent worlds, defeating waves of enemies and bosses along theway. But be warned, spin master! If you fall in battle, you need tostart all over again! Features: - The Spinner, a unique battlemechanic that allows you to try your luck and perfect your strategyfor better attack combos by locking and rerolling the spins! Becomethe king of the spinner! - Build the perfect team of legendaryheroes to crush your enemies! - Random and unique power-ups to helpyou defeat the upcoming waves of enemies. - Master elementalattacks to exploit enemy weaknesses and become the king of thebattlefield! Lockspin Legends is a free fantasy game with a uniquetake on role playing games (RPG), and tactical battlers, combiningepic turn-based boss battles and hero collection - all of thattopped with the thrill of spinners. Become a spin master and buildyour way to victory one spin at a time!------------------------------ Join the Conversation! The game iscurrently in Beta and we are extremely happy and thankful toreceive all of your feedback regarding how the game feels, what youenjoy most and what you struggle with. Discord >>https://discord.gg/9kAyK3erYc ------------------------------ Termsof Use: https://www.darkmatterplay.com/eula Privacy Policy:https://www.darkmatterplay.com/privacy/english
Matchfruit Monsters 1.17.4172
Discover a colorful world full of yummy fruit and cute monsters inthis new line-matching puzzle adventure! Solve fun puzzles with afruity twist, collect tons of cute monsters, and use their specialabilities to defend your island from the Bad Bugs! Welcome to themagical world of Matchfruit Monsters! - SOLVE FUN PUZZLES Enjoytons of levels with fun and casual line matching gameplay that iseasy to learn, but hard to master. Whether you’re a veteran of linematch games or not, it’s a blast to play! - PUZZLES WITH A FRUITYTWIST Match the candy colored fruits to hatch cute monsters. Usematch combos to supercharge your monsters and use their specialboosters to clear exciting levels to defend your islands againstthe bug invasion. - COLLECT CUTE MONSTERS Build a strong team andblast the bugs invading your island. Make sure to feed yourmonsters fruit to help them level up – it’s like candy to them! -WIN REWARDS Collect stars by blasting buggy enemies and completinglevels to win awesome rewards. - EXPLORE THE WORLD OF MATCHFRUITMONSTERS Immerse yourself in the magical world of MatchfruitMonsters and embark on a fruity puzzle adventure. - STAY TUNEDWe’re planning regular updates with new levels, cute monsters, andmany more surprises! STORY: On a remote archipelago, creatures ofall kinds have been living a quiet and peaceful life for as long asthey can remember. Each creature lives on their own perfect island,surrounded by their best friends. Every island has an ideal habitatfor their species to inhabit, where the creatures’ preferredsnacks, Monster Fruits, grow in abundance. Now, a powerful entitythreatens to disrupt the balance of this island paradise. A wickedvillain known as Queen Bee has emerged from across the ocean withan army of minions, and this queen is a royal pain. She’s got hermind set on capturing the elusive and powerful Fruit of Life. Ifthis most powerful of fruits falls into her royal bugginess QueenBee’s hands, there will be no way to stop her forces from takingover. But this won’t be like stealing candy from a baby. Our littleheroes can outsmart Queen Bee together. It’s time for these bestfriends to team up and blast her minions back into the ground!PLEASE NOTE: Matchfruit Monsters is a completely free match puzzleadventure game to download and play. JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Thegame is currently in Beta and we will be extremely happy andthankful to receive all of your feedback regarding how the gamefeels, what you enjoy most and what you struggle with. Following uson social media is the best way to join the conversation. Let’s bebest friends! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matchfruitmonstersTerms of Use: https://www.darkmatterplay.com/eula Privacy Policy:https://www.darkmatterplay.com/privacy/english