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2048 Game - With No Advertisements 4.0.2
No Advertisements-- and full original game! The original 2048 Game.HOW TO PLAY:Swipe UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT to move the tiles. When twotiles with the same number touch, they merge into one! Based on2048 - Please Rate Us!
Number Puzzle 1.1
Move the number pieces into correct order bymoving the empty spot.Awesome sounds, reacts to all touch and plays awesome.
Spam Complain 1.0
For India Only: Lets Indian users reportSPAMtext messages (SMSes) and unwanted telemarketting telephonecallsto your service provider/Telecom Regulatory Authority ofIndia(TRAI)-- and get the telemarketeer/spammer's numbersdisconnected.For latest news/info/free-stuff; please like ourFacebookPage:http://www.facebook.com/SpamComplain
Blokstok Maths Quiz Game 1.17
Test your maths skills with this free mathquizeducational game and see how good you are!Randomly generated questions that slowly increase in difficultyasyou get better and better at playing this game.(Right now this version of app is only for Android-5 LollyPopandhigher versions - soon we will release a version for Android4ICS,Kitkat, Jellybean etc also)Tested on Samsung Galaxy Note-4, Galaxy Note-5, GalaxyS-4,Galaxy Tab, Android One (ie: AndroidOne) Lava Pixel V1,Micromaxand many other mobile phones and tablets.It works just awesome and is a must have for everyone withschoolkids or baby who cares about their child's education.
Trivial Drive V1 1.3
Trivial Drive a driving game that testsyourability to drive through various levels- getting items ofyourtaste and fuel of your choice as you drive along.(currently testing)
Box 2 Pilot 1.2
You have a box to pilot- protectcivillianspace-ships and destroy all enemies.Rise through the ranks from cadet to expert pilot to ace;andsave the world.This game supports save through google-play,leaderboards,achievements.Addictive gameplay and simple but elegant design.Check it out!!!
Bug Smash & Kill
Tap screen to crush various bugs, cockroaches & flies but sparethe honey bees, squash the insects before they reach your cake orcandy and spoil it! Unique game with 5 different hand-craftedrealistic animated insects and their unique squash animations!Featuring: 1) Beetle 2) Fly 3) Cockroach 4) Hornet 5) Honey beesAnd more.... as you reach higher and higher levels, watch out forthe surprises!!!
Blokstok Road Race 1.8
Race your car or bike, pick up coinsandmagnets and avoiding accidents!But why ? And what's the mission ?In a time, not so far away in the near future, anevilcorporation- the Blokstok Corporation- has turned your worldinto amass of Blocks, and your roads, your cars and bike all seemlikethey are made of blocks and cylinders and globes!You got to Race your car or bike, pick up coins and magnetsandavoid accidents- as you you go far along the road, youwilldiscover and unravel the dark secrets of what has happened totheworld, maybe even fix what wrong has happened to re-enter inalevel far far away into a world where your car and your roadandthe other vehicles are cars again without the blocky look!And if you get hit - and you wanna race badly enough ?Noworries, do a deal with the devil... oops the evil empire...andthe game continues - after you watch a video and continuethegame.See how high you can score and beat your friends' scoresandunlock achievements!
Blokstok Bow Rescue Archery
Rescue the hostages with your bow and arrow - but be careful - it'san archery game with a twist, and a small mistake can cost yourpoor friends bad! The pull and aim gameplay mechanic is familiarand easy to learn and hard to master. Call this game a clone of agame with birds that are angry, a copy and a borrowed idea, a copyor a steal- but after you play this once, you will want to play itforever and never feel like playing any birds, sniper or hostagegame again! Play 35 Amazing awesome hand-crafted levels. 100+Achievements. Google Play Leaderboards - beat your friendshigh-scores! Please mail us on support@darksun.biz if you have anycomments, suggestions or complaints OR if you find some leveldifficult or impossible! If you like our app- please do leave us areview and a star-rating. Also, please pay to remove ads-- becausewe are a hard-working team... and we need money to eat!!! 5-starratings you leave for usmake us happy and motivate us to delivermore and more free stuff to you! The Story: The evil Blokstokcorporation has done it again! It has kidnapped and put on gallowsthe best and brightest of humanity - from accross the world - andinspite of humanity's best efforts to fight back - it's somehowdoing this again and again and again - in a variety of innovativelyevil ways... You play as one of humanity's elite archers - asMalcolm or as Annika who as part of a force to save humanity - hasto shoot arrows and cut the ropes that threaten to suffocate eachcaptive and thus put an end to Blokstok corp's evil plans. Your ownheroic efforts to save humanity from being cowed down apart - youare not alone. Humanity and even aliens that care about the fate ofthe earth have infiltrated the evil Blokstok corp - and though ithasn't been able to totally foil its evil designs - the spies haveindeed planted various devices, gadgets and even what some wouldsee as gimmicks to foil these evil plans. The gadgets and gimmicksyou may see to help you include - but are not limited to: 1. Cosmicdeflecto-reflectors - to deflect and reflect arrows into theirtargets. 2. Teleporters - to shoot arrows into targets that have noline of sight to the targets. 3. Suicidal sheep - that are sheeploaded with barrels of explosive - to topple the boxes blockingarrows from targets. And many more... But you gotta be careful notto hit the innocents - because once they are hit - their life islimited and they would either suffocate or die from the arrowwounds... So go for it... Earn achievements and do what you can tosave the world!!! Released and loved by 60,000+ players on SamsungTizen Store and now on Android and ios. Please show us some love& like / follow us: www.youtube.com/blokstokhttp://www.facebook.com/blokstokhttp://www.facebook.com/blokstokappshttp://www.facebook.com/DarksunTech To subscribe email updatesabout this and other games & free stuff & access tounreleased games from us, click this: http://eepurl.com/ctqZCn
Blokstok SFM2 MP -Street Fight Madness Multiplayer
Fight friends in 2-Player Bluetooth Multiplayer Fights. Be #1onleaderboards! Special Feature: Have 2 player pvp fightsagainstyour friends, with you on one phone, friend on one phoneinbluetooth multi-player mode. Blokstok Street Fight Madness -letsyou fight in famous places accross the world, playing as afighterof your choice. BlokStok corporation wants to control theworld...and it has injected the minds of the most clean heartedanddedicated people in the world with a nano-virus- which drivesthemmad, and not just mad but makes them want to fight others inplacesand locations that they dream of and love. Each fighter hasadifferent and unique look and backstory and his own movesandspecial moves- and you battle for the title of best fighter...asthe evil plot unfolds with each stage you win, and you fighttryingto win against all, and ultimately when you have won againstall-you will try to free the world from the evil ofBlokStokCorporation's evil plans. - A little more for those whowanna knowit all... Blokstok Street Fight Madness - A StreetFighting Gamewith a difference. It has realistic characters fromdifferentcountries and cities and locations based on actual citiesandplaces. We tried to make the characters the way we like tobeinstead of making them funny or comical. Characters include:Naren- A typical punjabi guy from New Delhi, India Aamer Khan -Haslived in different parts of the world and is ofmixedAfghan-Iranian-Uzbek Parentage SM Wozniacki- From California,USAbut of Polish heritage Sophia - A fair skinned and orangehairedlady who is actually an Albino from India Kang - From NewYork, NewYork, USA - is of Korean-American heritage - an goodstudentthroughout his childhood and the son of humbleworking-classparents who value education above all else. He firsttravelled toKorea in his early twenties on scholarship to studyKorean culture,food habits and language. Godwin Chukwa - Ahair-stylist andmusician of mixed Nigerian-Congolese heritage whogrew up in Abujaand has lived and worked in various cities of theworld and lovesseeing new countries. Cities Godwin has lived orworked includeJohanesburg, New Delhi, Dubai, Bangkok and variousothers.Locations- The first location is Mission 16th BART Station -in SanFrancisco, California, USA - and that is the place people getdownto visit Dolores Park. Locations we have worked on and upcominginupdates include: Bengalurru earlier known as Bangalore, IndiaNewDelhi, India Gateway of India, Mumbai, India Burj Al Arab,Dubai,UAE Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany Suggestion- due toadvancedgraphics this game uses- make sure there is enough memory.Ifpossible close all applications before playing this gameandpreferably reboot before playing this game. A Request - If youfindany bug click the Email-Us button and tell us through emailofproblem you faced. In coming days we will upload improvedversionsof the game- with more characters and improved game-play.Also- ifyou want to encourage and motivate us to make better andnew games-give us a 5-star rating. 5-star rating makes us happy andmotivatesus to do even better and make new and better games foryou!
Blokstok Cricket 1.999
Blokstok Cricket has one-touch + swipe based gameplay which iseasyto learn but hard to master. In a time when cricket gamesarebecoming more detailed and complex and harder to learn-BlokstokCricket is an addictive game because like many old classicgames,anybody can pick-up and start playing this game and learn italmostinstantly. Blokstok Cricket gives the real feeling ofcricket- ofbeing behind the crease and patiently batting and whilekeeping theeye on the ball one needs to take snap-decisions andhave greathand-to-eye coordination to be sure that one's shotplacement andbatting makes one overcome challenges and winmatches-- becausewhether one loses due to bad-luck or lackingskills ordistraction... Cricket is a game which happens by chanceand thisgame gives that feeling of cricket... without degeneratingintorandomness! Come on guys, stop searching to download 10minutevideo of Ankita Dave and her brother and try to playcricketinstead! Unique Feature: Capture up to 10 screen-shots ofyourgameplay and keep them as saved screenshots to share onsocialmedia like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.
Tank Shoot
Now... updated to 3d! Tank Shoot is now 3D, check it out and telluswhat you think! A tank game- with 47 levels and smartenemies.Enemies understand the map and attack intelligently insteadof justrandomly increasing in speed. Re-live your childhood as TankShootwith it's simple but addictive gameplay, intelligent opponentsandretro graphics- takes you back to the time of addictive8-bitgames... but with a new and modern 3D twist!!! That makesitawesome to micro-task whenever you have a few moments to playonmobile! Game Objectives: 1. Kill all enemies - kill theredenemies! 2. kill the blue enemies! 3. kill the black enemies!4.kill the orange enemies! 5. kill the brown enemies thatfiremultiple bullets in one shot! 6. kill the mine-layer enemies -thatlay our mines which will blow up when you go over them! Linkstogoogle play leaderboards and has many, many, many achievementsandsecrets to discover and goals to complete! The best joystickandfire controls which make this the best tank action gameonmobiles... Download Now!!! NOTE: We allow continue game byshowingyou a video and after that continuing that level-- itdepends onwhether ad network has a video to show-- if videos arenotavailable in your country (ie: pressing continue button doesntshowa video, infact doesnt do anything)-- then use the "email us"linkin game to tell us-- and tell us your city, country andalsodevice/model you are using-- we will either try to fix problemORwe will try to get you a version that works for you- even ifwedont earn from ads- we are happy to hear from you with yourideas,suggestions, comments and problems and we will try to replyeachemail we get! Like us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/TankShoot --> special offers;freelevels; and t-shirts and game-toys for people who postinterestingstuff on our facebook page... If any problem OR commentsOR gamedoes not run properly, email us at: support@tankshoot.com Wewillquickly reply and solve your problem
Tank Shoot 2D
Protect your flag - and shoot your enemies - a new twist ontheclassic game! Battle your enemies to protect your flag &city-A new twist on the classic game the tanks are so modern. PlayonAndroid TV or on phone - we have'nt had this spirit since weplayedTV Games in 1990!
Unity Minimal Tst dstech 1.0
Unity Minimal Tst dstechUnity Minimal Tst dstechUnity MinimalTstdstechUnity Minimal Tst dstechUnity Minimal Tst dstechUnityMinimalTst dstechUnity Minimal Tst dstechUnity Minimal Tst dstech