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Dash - Drive Smart 4.0.6
Smarter. Driving. Every Day. Dash turns any car into a 'smart car'.Connect your car to your smartphone, and unlock enhancedperformance, cost savings and social driving. No device necessary.Enjoy Dash without a device and still get the advantages of gasprice information, vehicle pricing, vehicle maintenance, enginelight alert lookup and much more. Enrich your experience with an OnBoard Diagnostic or OBD device. Dash connects your smartphone toyour car with a simple, low-cost device, which you can installyourself - simply reach under your steering wheel and plug it in!No mess, no mechanic, no problem. You can now connect your phone toyour vehicle, by pairing via Bluetooth. Ready, Set, Dash! See thelatest Dash 4.0 in action: https://youtu.be/YTMeUwywCT0 Check-outwhat others are saying about Dash: "The app offers helpful tools... The app’s design is well done - very modern and clean." -Techcrunch http://tcrn.ch/1jPM7gG "Dash may lead to a sea change inthe way that we think about our cars and how we drive." - Forbeshttp://onforb.es/1jvSkOJ "Dash turns your car, into a safer, morecost efficient, and socially connected way to get around." -Mashable http://on.mash.to/1jvSrtP "Dash uses a low-cost,easy-to-install device that analyses car and driver performance." -Automotive World http://bit.ly/19LOAbd From Team Dash - Please notethe new FAQ page - http://support.dash.by We are working hard toenhance the product and will be releasing frequent updates. If youhave feedback or questions, please reach out to us directly atsupport@dash.by Features: Driver score and insights, to helpimprove your performance Check Engine Light notifications andexplanation Find where you parked, with the car locatorMulti-vehicle support, with automatic VIN de-coding Driving Mode -real time data on MPG, as well as audio alerts Works on all carmodels since 1996 See Dash in action, as well as OBD deviceinstallation: http://vimeo.com/82016347 Buy the OBD device from theapp or see store.dash.by for more information! NOTE: Dash isoptimized for the US market, for cars models from 1996 onwards, andsome features are not currently available for international users,notably the gas price database. However, most vehicles producedworldwide will appear in either our US or EU region database.(Note: international users should check the OBD requirements intheir territory. Full feature set and localization coming soon).
Bilforsikringen fra REMA Forsikring gir gode sjåfører laverepriser. Ved hjelp av KJØR SMART-appen er det mulig å belønne allesom kjører trygt. Vi garanterer at du ikke trenger å forhandle forå få lavest mulig pris.Den eneste bilforsikringen som gjør deg tilen bedre sjåfør! KJØR SMART-appen gir deg tilbakemeldinger på egenkjøring og hjelper deg til å kjøre bedre. Dermed bidrar den ogsåtil at det blir tryggere å ferdes i trafikken.KJØR SMART-appenhjelper deg til å bruke mindre drivstoff. Det er ikke bare gunstigfor lommeboka, men også for miljøet. En vanlig bilist kan redusereCO2-utslippene med 10-20 prosent ved å kjøre smartere. Spar miljøet– spar penger!