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Spartalien Runner 1.1
Spartalien is a game you must survive as long as possible, dodgingenemies and obstacles that stand between you and your survival.*Menu of the game.- Just open the game will have "Play" button toplay, "Stats" button to see our stats in the game, "Medals" buttonto see won or blocked medals and a button to log into Facebook.*How to play?The controls are simple, just have to touch the screento jump and if you jumped from a platform can take a second jump.*What happens if you come in contact with an opponent?- You aredead! However you will have at your disposal three types ofequipment that will be displayed as swords.* What is a sword?- Itis a powerups that allow you to kill your enemies on contactinstantly with our alien, but it can BREAK!- Depending on the swordthey have a number of use and these are represented in hearts inthe upper left area of ​​the screen, so if we lose all "lives" thesword will break and we will be defenseless against the enemy.-Sword Bronze: 1 heart.- Silver Sword 2 heart.- Golden Sword: 3heart.* What happens if I take another sword while I´m having one?-Our alien, change the sword by new.* Hey skull, Can you give me akiss?- Watch out for the skulls, if our alien hit a skull, nomatter if you have a gun, instantly enemy will kill us.* There is acoin! Is it chocolate?- No, but it will help you get betterscores.* Scores on the game.- Bronze coin: 1 point.- Silver coin: 3points.- Golden coin: 5 points.- Bronze sword: 1 point.- SilverSword 2 points.- Golden sword: 3 points.- Kill a bat, an insect oran alien: 10 points.- Falling on a platform: 1 point.Why I useFacebook?- If you use your Facebook account you can challenge yourfriends using your high score (challenge button) or you can shareyour score also when our alien dies and display "Game Over" displayusing the "Share" button.Music used in the game created by:Nightdriver http://nightdriver.bandcamp.com/