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Galaxy Gunner: The Last Man Standing 3D Game 1.7.9
Day137 Global
*Thanks for 1M players that has played Galaxy Gunner* Let’s haveacrack at an alien shooting game combined with survival theme.Youare a space engineer who trapped on a distant planet with yourdog.When things couldn't get any worse, alien creatures come outfromnowhere kidnapping your four-legs friend. Now you need to standupto take back your cute pet from aggressive unknown alientsunamiand their alien bosses, with support of variety of awesomeweaponswhich can be obtained throughout the campaign by openingloot boxesor completing challenges. You, the Galaxy Gunner vs Alien– whowould be the last man standing? Survival is in your hand. Onyouradventure to rescue your pet, there are endless waves ofalienenemies and they will overwhelm you with number. However,there areover 20 different awesome guns that can help deal withthesealiens. Take your gun and shoot ‘em up! You have to fight andshootalone without anyone else’ support. You want to win? Seekeachalien’ weaknesses and shoot aliens as much as possible!GalaxyGunner will bring back first person shooting experiencewithcartoonist design which is without blood nor matureviolentelement. It is kid friendly and suitable for everyone.GalaxyGunner will feature: 1.LAST MAN STANDING SHOOTING STYLE:Useeverything that you have to defend yourself from alien enemiesandbe the last man standing for survival in the space.2.WELL-DESIGNED ALIEN ENEMIES: In both visual appeal andgameplaymechanic. Alien minions and bosses will have their ownuniquedesigns and weaknesses. 3. BIG ARSENAL: Over 20 guns andmanypower-ups that help you overcome any challenge. 4. GAMEPLAYTHATSUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: Developed with a “Easy to play, but hardtomaster” mindset. Galaxy Gunner does not require you to possessasniper shooting skill in the beginning to be able to play, butitdoes have increasing challenges throughout the campaign.Afterconquering each level, valuable rewards are waiting ahead. 5.FUNNYAND RELAXING ELEMENTS THAT BALANCE OVERALL EXPERIENCE:Inspired byDead Target but with hilarious alien enemies, weirdweapons likecrocodile gun, vacuum cleaner; these stuffs would makeyou unableto take your eyes off. 6. PUBLISHED BY AWARD WINNING GAMESTUDIO:From 2 studios that developed Dead Target – Editors’ Choicegame onGoogle Play & Robo Avenger - 1.5M installed game. GalaxyGunnerwill be the next big hit that VNG Game Studios & TofuGamesbrings to you. For any support, please feel free to contact usvia:Fan page: Important note: This app offersin-apppurchases. You may restrict in-app purchasing using yourdevicesettings.
Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shooter Pixel 1.7.2
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THE BEST ZOMBIE CAT SHOOTER GAME OF 2020! Play the bestRPGaction-packed zombie cat shooting game with the best adorableartwhere you can assemble and upgrade your cat gunners, and shootuplegion of relentless zombie cats. Challenge yourself and defythetoughest, brainless and undead pixel zombie cats bosses. Doyouhave what it takes to be the cat defender and free the CatPlanetfrom zombie invasion? 1. DEFEAT THE LEGION OF ZOMBIE CATBOSSES.It’s time to put your shooting and survival skills to thetest bydefending your cat planet and overcoming the horrendousanddreadful zombie cat boss battles with your Cat Gunners SuperForce.Confront 6 undead cat bosses per level Step into the ZombieCatApocalypse and shoot ‘em up to claim back the freedom of yourhomeplanet from the corrupted cat corpses. 2. UNLOCK PAW-SOMEADORABLESUPERCATS. Earn coins and bucks as you play to unlockmembers ofthe Cat Gunners Super Force and upgrade their stats: likepower updamage, increase health base and speed to blast offmindlesszombies. 3. UPGRADE YOUR GUNS COLLECTION. Collect powerfulandlethal guns &(Flamethrower,Ice Beam Gun) and Gear upwithsupport items (Medkit, Grenade) to blast off undead kittensandchallenge intimidating bosses. 4. POWER UP WITH ULTIMATEMOUNTSObtain various awesome different mounts and rides to helpyour catdefenseder from the zombie invasion like Hoverboard,Motorbike andT-REX. 5. ENGAGE IN CAT-ASTROPHIC BATTLES. Step intothe stunningpixel-inspired Zombie Cat-Apocalypse and shoot downdiverse typesof Zombie Cats. Learn and improve your skills to adaptand survivefrom 3each different game modes types of undead kittens.Gamefeatures: An action-packed shooting game filled with endlessandbrainless zombie cats Beautifully designed withstunningpixel-inspired art visuals. Level up and upgrade your CatGunnersalong with many variety of deadly and destructive guns.Completemissions with 3 game modes with 6 undead cat bosses perlevel.Unlock wild and out of this world mounts like a jetpack or agiantT-Rex to help you overcome zombie cat invasion. 😺 Follow usonsocial media: -Facebook: -Instagram: -Twitter:
Space Gunner - Galaxy Shooter 0.1.12
Day137 Global
Space Gunner: Galaxy Alien Invader adds fresh elements totheclassic vertical shoot'em up genre while still honoringnostalgicfeeling of pixel retro arcade space shooting games. In thenextcentury, human kind encounters many alien species in thegalaxy. Todefend themselves against the new cosmic threats, SpaceGunnerOrganization is founded and invested with the best hi-techweapons.The Gunners will travel off-world, from outpost to outposttoeliminate any alien opposing forces. Choose from the best heroesofthe organization, equip the most powerful guns and fightforhumanity! List of Features - Galactic Campaign: explore awidevariety of planets, moons, distant star systems - UniqueGunner:each hero possesses different bullet patterns andultimateabilities for every play style. - Evolve System: empowerthe heroyou like by evolving them to the next tier. - CosmicEnemies:ranging from the weak creeps to the gigantic bosses withnightmarebullet attacks. - Easy in, easy out game play: fine-tunedleveldesign for the busy people. Take a quick break by playingSpaceGunner and free your mind. What’s next? We will regularly addnewheroes, worlds, bosses in future updates. Stay tuned! To allSpaceGunners out there, humanity needs your help. Download now andshowthe aliens who’s the superior force! If you have anyquestions,feel free to ask us anytime at: day137studio@gmail.comFacebook:@spacegunner.retro
Captain Zombie: Avenger (Shooting Game) 1.59
Day137 Global
"Captain Zombie" is shoot-em-up game. In 2020, the world facesthezombie epidemic. On Zombie World, only Captain Z from Americacandefeat them. Play as a private soldier to rescue Captain Z andsavethe world. ★★★ FEATURES ★★★ • ACTION Bring your guns andbaseballbat and shoot these zombies or future fight them till theyfall! •ZOMBIES You'll need to master your knowledge about all typesofzombie and try to deal with them with ease, but don’t worry,it’snot that hard. Have many kinds of Zombie : • DIVERSITY HEROESANDWEAPON Suit up your heroes of many champions with tons ofequipmentto battle in style and effectiveness Have 2 types ofweapon areRIFLE & HEAVY : AK-47, Machine Gun, Laze Gun... •ENDLESSADVENTURE Epic survival quests on the way! 4 missions withepicbattlefields are waiting for you. More than 60 Days to shoot emup.• ARMY RANKING Kill more zombie to up your ARMY ranking andgocontest of champions. • SURVIVAL MODE AND LEADERBOARD Boringofrunning through missions? Short on gold? There’s endlessdefensemode for you! Share you highest time with your friend andinvitethem to get sweet bonuses! ★RISE OF THE MACHINES If smallgunsaren’t enough for you, ride these awesome mechs and crumbletheenemies under your feets! ★REWARD AFTER VICTORY★ CompleteEveryMission on Day Then You Can Get Lots of Rewards for UpgradingorBuy New Weapon! • FUTURE HIGHLIGHT - World Ranking : whocansurvival longest day on battleground? - Play with yourfriend'sHero?