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Choose a character and move through on stages and destroyenemiesusing different guns. Fight with cruel bosses to advance inthishard battle. Unlock the secret characters and fight withhisspecial skills in this great action adventure. remember youmustdestroy enemies to fight with bosses!. Features: -Differentcharacters to choose. - Amazing guns. - Random stages. -Lots ofenemies to destroy. - Vehicles. - Unlockables. Elige unpersonaje,muévete por los escenarios y destruye a los enemigosutilizandodistintos tipos de armas. Lucha con crueles jefes paraavanzar enesta difícil batalla. Desbloquea personajes secretos ylucha consus habilidades especiales en esta gran aventura deacción.Recuerda, debes destruir a tus enemigos para luchar contralosjefes!. Características: - Distintos personajes. -Asombrosasarmas. - Escenarios generados aleatoriamente. - Muchostipos deenemigos para destruir. - Vehículos - Desbloqueables.
Fist of blood: Fight for justice 1.0
Dayham Games
Choose a fighter and use your skills to defeat all your enemies inthis great fighting game. - Battle Mode: Choose a tower and fightto beat all fighters in your way and defeat the evil final boss. -Survival Mode: Fight and defeat all enemies you can on combat!. -Practice Mode: train your moves, special moves and combos. Story:An evil president is taking a lot of bad decisions for his people.This nation is a chaos, where just some people can resist theinjustices... Only wealthy people have privileges and they can livein peace. But everyone else just have suffer about all presidentnegligences.
The Clash of Fighters 0.3
Dayham Games
Fight using a lot of moves and defeat all your enemies inthisamazing fighting game. - Battle Mode: Choose a tower and fighttobeat all fighters in your way, but be careful because therearebosses awaiting to destroy you. - Survival Mode: Fight anddefeatall enemies you can!. - Practice Mode: train your moves,specialmoves and combos.
The Super Warriors 0.0.7
Dayham Games
Become into a super warrior in this amazing videogame. This isanaction game with 3 main game modes and extra content. BattleMode.-Single player: Choose a tower and fight to beat all warriorsinyour way and defeat the final bosses. Adventure Mode: Chooseawarrior to defeat a lot of enemies in dangerous missions (beatemup game mixed with platforms) and use your energy toperformamazing super powers. But be careful, becouse bossesawaiting todestroy you... Survival Mode: Fight and defeat allenemies you canand show them all who is the best.