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Flashlight Led Tourch 1.1
Super-Bright LED Torch instantly turns your device into a brighttorch, Incredibly simple and very useful. The ultimate lightingtool takes full advantage of the LED light and it's FREE!This appuse your device's camera flash / screen as atorch.Features:★Fast★Simple★Easy★Effective★Thinny★BeautifulChristmas tree lights
Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles 1
The Best Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Game!★ ★ Holidays Christmas, An Android jigsaw puzzle with lots ofbeautiful pictures and puzzles★ ★Christmas Jigsaw puzzles game is about Christmas! The mostrealistic jigsaw experience you can get on a smart phone.It is afun jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages.
2048 cheats and tips 1.1
2048 puzzle game is an addictivemathematicsbased puzzle game, win 2048 game with Game cheats! Areyou havingtrouble on an 2048 level? You could find here free videosto helpyou become better and improve your game experiencewithcheats.This application provides a wealth of free information to"2048"players and fans.This is not the official "2048" game itcontainslarge collection of data to enhance your player experiencewithcheats, tips, guide. Enjoy it!
Life Quotes & Sayings Book 1.4
Inspire and be inspired. Motivation is the core of all action.Whether a person succeeds, fails or leads depends upon thisvariable. These Best quotes are for a variety of occasions: shedlight, help keep perspective, inspire, motivate or energize. We tryto be selective in picking quotes, including only those quotes thatare meaningful, challenging, inspiring or interesting. Thousands ofinspiring quotes organized in different categories and authors.Quotes Book is a collection of quotes that belongs to variousfamiliar personalities. All that you need to express or send thatyou feel about the quotes, you get it here. This application iseasy to handle and a quickie too. You just select the category thena list of quotes falls on your phone screen select your quote, tapon it and you will get the options to send it. Select that you wantand here you go. These are the Best Life Quotes For you.... Yes itsspecially for You :) This pro version of application is free forlimited time. Key features: * Easy to explorecategories/authors/quotes. * Browse quotes and mark quote asfavorite and quickly browse quotes through the favorites. * Quicksharing feature that enables to share quotes via sms,Facebook,Twitter and other sharing apps. * Thousands of inspirationquotes from famous personalities and authors.
Dots and Boxes / Squares 1.7
Dots and Boxes (also known as Boxes,Squares,Paddocks, Pigs in a Pen, Square-it, Dots and Dashes, Dots,SmartDots, Dot Boxing, or, simply, the Dot Game) is a pencil andpapergame for two players (or sometimes, more than two) , put awayyourpencil and paper, now you can play the classic Dot Game rightonyour smart phones. Dots Free is the highest quality Dots andBoxesgame available and we're giving it away for free.This is a classic Squares game, connect the dots tocompletesquares. Play against a friend or against the phone.The first one to place the last boundary in each squarewillcapture it and will get a bonus turn. Link the dots, closemoresquares than your opponent☆ Rules ☆1) Touch in between two dots to mark a line (verticalorhorizontal). Your goal is to complete a four side box.2) The player that completes a four side box has the opportunitytoplay one more time.3) Complete as many squares as possible4) The player that will complete the most boxes wins the game.