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Trial Xtreme Free 1.31
It is an interactive game that invites you to join the engrossingmotorcycle race. Ride your motorbike and surmount the trackobstacles using the touch screen and phone accelerometer. Slakeyour thirst for speed with amazing levels of breathtakingmotorcycle adventures. Develop your biking skills: jump, climb,flip!Try to achieve the quickest time possible on each level and uploadyour result to worldwide scoreboard – thus you can become the worldchampion. PLAY, HAZARD, WIN!GAME FEATURES* Addictive gameplay* Accelerometer control* Physics-based vitual reality* Rag doll crash physicsTIPS* Cross the start line to launch the timer* To go faster drive you rear wheel only* Lean forward to climb up* Lean backward when you landHave Fun!*If you encounter any issues please contact us at beforeposting a negative review.
Trial Xtreme 2 Racing Sport 3D 2.88
Top chart - #1 Racing game in more than 30 countries!With over 50,000,000 downloads for the Trial Xtremeseries,Trial Xtreme 2 is the sequel to multi-million selling hit TrialXtreme, packed with more levels, amazing new graphics and moreblistering motorcycle stunt action than ever.Crank up the throttle, rev your engine and negotiate your wayacross 42 new action-packed levels.Trial Xtreme 2 uses the cutting edge NVIDIA® PhysX® engine to giveyou the most realistic ride of your life, demanding skill andconcentration to take to take your bike riding skills to themax!Game Features●Much anticipated sequel to the blockbuster hit Trial Xtreme -downloaded 50 million times and counting!●42 brand new levels set across 5 challenging environments●Negotiate hundreds of obstacles including ramps, jumbo tires,rocks, planks and more●Super detailed new Unity-powered graphics engine brings yourrider and the game world to life●Intuitive tilt control system using the phone’s accelerometer.Use precision control like never before●Ultra-realistic rider and bike physics built on the NVIDIA®PhysX® engine lets you feel it all as you flip, jump, bump andcrash your way to victory*If you encounter any issues please contact us at beforeposting a negative review.
Age Of Wind 2 Free 2.89
Get ready for captivating adventures in the sea full of dangers andpossibilities. Become a sailing-ship captain! Discover new islands,win nautical battles, trade exotic goods without forgetting aboutsearching for the main treasure.Notes:A large fleet cannot be conquered just with powerful weapons - it’svery important to actively maneuver, evading enemy shots.In order to make an exact shot you have to turn with your side tothe opponent and press anywhere on the screen.During the battle the ship almost always gets damaged. This isthe tough truth of life. The damages do not impact the nauticalqualities of the ship, but they can lead to the ship’s wreakage.Therefore, you have to watch to make sure the ship is alwayswell-repaired. You can repair the ship in any closest post, not forfree, of course.A good ship costs a lot. You can make enough for it using twomeans:You can rob caravans. You can sell the robbed goods at the closestisland.You can engage in peaceful trade. The price for the goods ondifferent islands is quite a lot different. That is why most of thetime peaceful trading is quite a lot more profitable thanrobberies.You start the game on the easiest ship. The ship has few cannonsand a small hold - it is bad for either trade or for war.Fortunately, there is a vast choice of more advanced ships on theisland. You can buy them all, if you have a high enough level andenough money for it. When buying a ship pay attention to the ship’sspeed, the number of cannons and the hold size.Besides, you don’t have to buy a new ship, but you can improvethe existing ship. There are three options for theimprovement:Cannons - increases the shooting range and the speed ofrechargeArmor - decreases the opponent’s chances to damage the ship’sframe.Sails - increases the speed and agility of the shipControl:- To turn the ship - tilt iphone in the right direction.- To shoot - tap anywhere on the screen.- To see a map - tap on the compass.Features include:- 17 unique ships;- 21 unique islands;- 100 unique battles;- a world full of dangers and adventures;*If you encounter any issues please contact us at beforeposting a negative review."What an awesome app!" - Editor's Pick from