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Deep Art Effects - AI Photo Filter & Art Filter 1.5.5
The ultimate art editor filter app for high quality photo filterlovers, that transforms photos and selfies into famous fine artpaintings with the help of AI. Use free art filters and arteffects. Choose from more than 50+ art styles and find yourfavourite photo art effect.Share the unique and awesome artworksyou created with hashtag #deeparteffects to the social mediaplatforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and impress yourfollowers. Become an deep artist with the help of machine learningalgorithms using artificial intelligence in combination with neuralnetworks! Draw in the style of artists such as Van Gogh, Monet,Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Raphael, Rembrandt, Daliand many others! Please note: The image rights always remain withthe user. Artworks and pictures are not passed to thirdparties.FEATURESBasic Version★ Be an artist - Create Art with AI★Fast image processing near realtime★ HD Resolution for artworks(1080px)★ More than 40 filters from famous artists★ Change stylefilter intensity★ Enhanced prisma filters★ Encrypted data transfer★Server in Europe for privacy★ No photos and artworks are saved onour servers for guests★ Use login to manage your artworks in thecloud. Delete, rename, view and organize your artworks★ Possibilityto buy a print version in ULTRA HD (3840px) without watermark★Share your artworks with the communityPremium Version★ FULL HDresolution for artworks (1920px)★ Remove watermarks★ Exclusive newstyles for premium users★ No advertisingDeep Art Effects is morethan filters and better than photo effects. It's a place wheremasterpieces happen right out of your photos. And it's you todecide what kind of art technique to base it on.For example, youmay want to convert a photo to sketch, pencil drawing or oil oncanvas. And not to some abstract, exactly you have Got This App.Well, usual photo editing apps would have probably given up here.Just create art with ai. Download now and check it out.TURN ANYPHOTO INTO ARTWORK - FOR FREEWhat if Pablo Picasso painted yourportrait? What if Vincent van Gogh painted Manhattan as starrynight? Let’s say goodbye to the dull and traditional filter app!Weuse an algorithm inspired by the human brain. It uses the stylisticelements of one image to draw the content of another. Get your ownartwork in just three steps.HOW TO GET AWESOME ARTISTICPAINTINGS1.) Upload your photo.2.) Choose the style you want totransform to.3.) Usually it is completed within a few seconds inhigh resolution! Super fast!Optional: Register to manage your deepartworkJOIN THE ART WORLDDeep Art Effects is a collaborationbetween human, machine, and our concept of art. It is an experimentto see what emerges when anyone can create a masterpiece.It is yogafor the brain. Brain for the yoga. It is a universal art machinethat paints any image in the style of any other, producingsometimes-beautiful, sometimes-disturbing, always-surprisingartworks.We encourage you to play. We can't wait to see what youmake with it!Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Anyideas? Any issues with the app? Please let us know.