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OffTop Studio: Record, Rap & Sing over Beats 21.168
Want to record your voice over an instrumental beat? OffTop is amobile recording studio to rap and sing over beats. Explore ourlibrary of fresh instrumentals, write lyrics, record freestyle orwritten verses, and share your rap or song with the world. 1.Instrumentals Use your own private beats, or choose from ourgrowing library of rap, hip hop, R&B, electronic, or popinstrumentals. Apply to be a verified producer on OffTop to uploadyour own instrumentals for our community to use, and get paid fordownloads. 2. Recording Studio Record freestyles or written versesover instrumentals and beats. Sound quality is designed to mimic astudio and our notepad saves all of your written verses. 3. Save orShare Tracks Once you're done recording, you can save your song toreference later, send it to the producer to hear, or share it withour community of over 400,000 rap and hip hop artists forrecognition and feedback. 4. Community and Rewards Discover otherartist’s tracks from around the world and build a following of yourown fans. We host contests, release mixtapes, and more.