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Free WiFi Passwords and Hotspot map by Instabridge
The Wifi Hunt is over! We’ve all been there: you’re in a rush ornot sure which place has free wifi and you don’t want to go on ascavenger hunt throughout the city every time you need to connect!Instabridge is here to save you the hassle of asking for the wifipassword everywhere you go. The offline map makes it the perfecttravel app. With over 2 million passwords and hotspots added to ourdatabase, Instabridge is like a master key that can help youconnect when and where you want. Instabridge is a worldwidecommunity of people who share WiFi passwords. We’ve collected over2 million passwords and hotspots, and this number is growing everyday! It’s totally free, saves you money on data usage, and helpsothers who can’t afford wifi connect when they need to. The morepeople that add WiFi, the closer we are to making WiFi free andaccessible for everyone! Just download the app >>Automatically connect to WiFi >> Join our community Withmillions of secure, up-to-date WiFi hotspots, Instabridge is thesimplest way to surf the Internet for free. Instabridge's Wififinder knows which Wi-Fi networks work and automatically keeps youoff those that don't. No setup required. It just works! With ourbeautifully integrated travel map and detailed statistics on everynetwork in our database, you won’t ever have to worry about how andwhere you can connect. FEATURES • Get free Wi-Fi connections in allmajor cities • No data limitation, no cost • Auto-connect to Wi Fias soon as it’s available (perfect on airports). • Useful stats(like speed, popularity and data usage) on any password or hotspotin our database. • Offline maps included so you can find hotspotseven when you’re roaming or low on data! The perfect app whentraveling! • Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA3. • Easier to use thanWPS. Help us make WiFi accessible to everyone! When you join ourcommunity, you’re paving the way for the millions of peopleworldwide who can’t afford WiFi at home. What others are sayingabout Instabridge: "Instabridge is a Swedish company that’sinvented something so simple, and so awesome, that you’ve got towonder what took this industry so long!" Android Authority “Today’sapplication is, simply, exceptional. It's a brilliant idea, anexcellent solution and executed perfectly. I'm in love.” El AndroidLibre "Instabridge is an elegant solution" Lifehacker "A simpleinterface allows friends to get access without having to type in aconvoluted string of numbers and letters from a scrap of paper."The Economist ***** Important: Note that Instabridge is not forWi-Fi tethering nor is it a Wi-Fi hacker tool and cannot be usedfor Wi Fi hacking in any way. Instabridge syncs wifi passwordsbetween your own devices and to people you have chosen to trust.***** Questions or improvement suggestions? Please Connect with Instabridge Free WiFi on:Twitter @ Facebook @ Extra Resources: Help Center Instabridge Lite
100 GB Free Cloud Drive by Degoo
100 GB free cloud drive! Back up your data directly from yourdevice. Choose what you want to backup, like your photos or docsand we store it all securely in Degoo's cloud drive. Degoo allowsyou to bring all your photos, videos, music and documents anywhere.Store and share your files free forever with Degoo, the ultimatecloud drive for your mobile phone or tablet. WHY USE DEGOO -FEATURES MY FEED: Get your own personalized feed with all thememories from your past. We use artificial intelligence to selectthe photos that matter the most to you. Whenever you open it youwill find new photos you have not seen in a while. A gateway torecharging your digital life! ZERO KNOWLEDGE ENCRYPTION: Our TopSecret feature uploads your files using zero knowledge encryptionand spreads it across multiple continents (requires pro account).This military grade encryption ensures that no one else can accessyour data and that it is stored with maximum privacy and security.AUTOMATIC: We detect when you snap a new photo with your camera oradd some files and make sure your backup is always up to date.Never think about backup again! We backup, store and sync all yourdata for you automatically directly from your mobile phone ortablet. RELIABLE: At Degoo we store triple copies of each file toensure they are always there when you need them. Just upload theminto our mega secure storage explorer and access them whenever youlike. STREAMING SUPPORT: With our easy to use full screen streamplayer you can access all your videos and music streams in realtimewithout having to wait for the download to finish. EARN EXTRA FREEGB: You can easily get more space by either watching an optionalsponsored video or by upgrading to our pro account. REMOTE ONLINEACCESS: Keep all your data in the cloud and quickly access it fromall your devices. Get instant access to all your office documents,like text docs, pdf, zip archives and notes wherever you are,within minutes. Degoo lets you restore your files from your onlinestorage space to any device in the world, all around the clock.SIMPLE FILE EXPLORER: In My Files you can quickly list all yourfiles in our explorer and use our easy file viewer to access andshare your files and folders directly in the app. Keep all yourinformation at your fingertips, store everything in your ownfolders and sync any time you want to fully back up your data.SUPER EFFICIENT AND FAST: The app is very light-weight and usesminimum RAM, battery and CPU. Keep your memory space and powerusage to more important work tasks and enjoy mega fast uploads.AUTOMATIC LOGIN: Let our smart sign in assistant help you login toall your devices without having to use your keyboard or rememberany password. UNLIMITED DATA TRANSFER: Quickly send all yourcontent across the Internet with our send file plugin, using thesame military grade security as when storing your files. You canshare as many files as you like to help you stay connected withyour friends and colleagues and you will get a creativecollaboration space of all the files you have sent from your phone.The files can be shared with all apps that support https URLs. EASYTO USE: We have recently recreated our file manager from scratch.This new version has led to a much cleaner interface with abeautiful chrome finish and easier design, which makes it supereasy to stay on top of your work tasks. Just drop all your filesinto Degoo and let us take care of the rest. FIT 10 TIMES MOREPHOTOS (requires pro): Our photo storage maximizer mode enables youto fit up to 10 times more photos on your phone. Just enable thephoto storage maximizer and the Degoo app automatically gives youmore space on your SD card. If you need more than 100 GB you canupgrade to our affordable pro accounts. Need help? Contact oursupport via email: or visit We will do everything to keep yousatisfied.
Free Photo Editor by Degoo
Free Photo Editor with over 35 delightful filters to help youcreate truly stunning photos!Features* More than 35 free beautifulfilters* Amazing overlays to create stunning visual effects* Asuper easy to user text editor to allow you to add text to all yourphotos* Fun stickers to make those fun photos that will give youextra social media likes* A nice brush engine that allows you topaint anything you like on your photos.
Degoo Lockscreen Cloud Storage Rewards 1.1.9
Features: — Get rewarded with 500 MB free extra Degoo cloud storageevery 10 hours your Degoo Lockscreen Rewards is running. There’s nolimit on how much cloud storage you can earn! Use it to store allyour photos, videos and important documents! — Access interestingand fun content directly on your lockscreen. See curated primecontent from around the world by swiping to read or watch. · Swiperight to simply unlock your phone. · Swipe left to engage with thecontent. · Swipe up to access more trending news. — Access thecamera right from your lockscreen. — Single tap sign in.