Dellywood Times Apps

Pattern Wallpaper 1.0
Pattern Wallpaper containing basically many colored and gray typeof wallpaper. You can set these type of wallpaper on your screen.
Scientific Calculator Plus 1.1
Scientific Calculator is a very useful calculator for calculatingmathematical related calculation like:-** Sum**Subtraction**Multiply** Division** Log etc.
Quilting Calculator Plus 1.1
Quilting calculator is used for basically fabric measurement,backing and batting,piece count etc.
Area Calculator Plus 1.0
Area calculator is a very good calculator to find the area of anyshape. So you can find the area of the following shape :-triangleshapeRectangular shapeTrapezoidal shapeEllipsoid shape etc.
Encode Decode Calculator Plus 1.0
Encode decode calculator is a very useful calculator for encryptingand decrypting the data. Using this calculator you can encode thedata in many ways like :-** Affine** Bacon** BCD** Cross Total**Atbash etc
Vat n Tax Calculator Plus 1.0
Vat n Tax calculator is a very use calculator for calculating thetax.
Metal Calculator Plus 1.1
Metal calculator plus is used for metal related calculation. Inthis we can calculate all type of shapes and their weight.
Electrical Calculator Plus 1.1
Electrical calculator is used for electric calculations. There aremany formulas are given for find the exact value. you can onlyenter the value and can calculate .
Financial Calculator Plus 1.2
Financial Calculator is used to calculate the following things-**Compound Interest** Future Amount** Pay off loan basedcalculations** Tip Calculation** Percent Calculation** DiscountCalculation etc.
Fuel Calculator Plus 1.0
Fuel calculator is a very good calculator which is used forcalculating the fuel.
Chemistry Calculator Plus 1.0
Chemistry calculator is used for ph value , Thermodynamics, etccalculations. In this you can see periodic table and many otherthings related to chemistry.
Degree Calculator Plus 1.0
Degree calculator is a very useful calculator which used forconverting one degree to another degree. There are many types ofdegree conversion is given like** Radian** Minutes** Seconds**Octant** Sextant** Revolutionetc.
Physics Calculator Plus 1.1
Physics Calculator is used for many types of physics relatedcalculations like-** Velocity** Force** Work ** Torque** DensityetcSo you can calculate very easily using this calculator.
Civil Calculator Plus 1.1
Civil Calculator is a very good calculator is used for many typescalculations. There are many features in this calculator-** ElasticBeam Deflection** Cantilever Beam** Pipe Volume** Block FootingVolume etc.
4 pics 1 word Plus 1.0
4 pic 1 word is the app in which 4 images are given which showssingle purpose . So you insert the purpose and achieve the point.
Emi Calculator Plus 1.0
This calculator is used to calculate Emi.
Snakes n Ladders Plus 1.0
Snake and ladders game is a very famous & interesting indiagame which can be played by 1 or many players.It (snake and ladderandroid app game have gridded, numbered from 1 to 100.There arenumbers of snakes andladders are on the board of this game .In thisgame (snake & ladders game apps) user have to navigatepieceaccording to the dice rolls.But to start the game, user haveto get 1 number from the roll and user heveto reach to the top(100) and then come back again.In this process user dragged bysnakes or elevated by ladders.This snake and ladder android appsgame can be played in two different modes. first, single player canplay against the computersecond,multiplayer (upto 4players can beplayed single game.
Resistor Calculator Plus 1.0
Resistor calculator is used for calculating 4 bands and 5 bandsresistor.
Discount Calculator Plus 1.0
Discount Calculator Plus is used for calculate discount . In thiscalculator simply insert the amount and discount percentage andthen discount is calculated.
Nirankari Baba Wallpaper 1.0
This app containing nirankari baba wallpaper. you can set thesewallpaper on your scree.
Super Monkey Rush 1.0
Soar through the space to victory and avoid allasteroids.ab7195223e
3 Hoops Shot 2015
Dellywood Times
To play the game, you simply have to click the screen to throw aball into the hoops.You get 60 seconds to try to make as many hoopshots as possible. When you run out of time, your score will bedisplayed. Good LuckThis is the Ad Free Pro Version!6078f6a5cf
Tic Tac Toe Plus 1.0
Tic tac toe plus is very interesting puzzle . In this puzzle youcan play single or two player can play puzzle andcomplete the mission. This puzzle having cross and circle one ofthem will be your and you should be complete continuously this.
Unit Converter Plus 1.0
Unit Converter is a very useful calculator for converting one unitto another unit.
Identify the Country 1.2
Identify the country by flag containing the flags of all can increase your knowledge by guessing the flags.
Attack from the Dirt 2
Attack from the Dirt08c8402ba4
Identify the Image 1.0
Identify the images app containing many types of images. This islike a puzzle ,you only look the image and identify by insertingtheir name.
Bmi Calculator Plus 1.0
Bmi Calculator Plus is used for Body Mass Index Calculations. Inthis calculator you can calculate your weight is low ,normal orhigh.
Loan Calculator Plus 1.0
Loan calculator is a very useful calculator for finding followingvalues:-** Equal Payment'** Equal Principal** Principal repaymentmaturity
Stopwatch and Countdown Timer 1.0
stopwatch and countdown timer is used for countdown time orstopwatch and there is one more facility is clock and you can useclock as digital or analogue.
Age Scanner - Lets Fun 1.0
Age Scanner is a fully touch based Prank AppHow to Scan your age:1.Open the App2. Just hold thumb on Screen, it will screenautomatically3. Get the prank resultFinally Lets Fun423f77ee51
God Wallpaper 1.1
The app containing the all god images. So you can set these imageson your screen.God wallpaper containing different religiouswallpaper ofHindu Religion like :- Ganesh Wallpaper , VishnuWallpaper, Shiv Shanker Wallpaper , Radha krishan Wallpaper , ShriRam Wallpaper, Kali Mata, Vashnu Mata, Hanuman Ji.Many Buddist nBudda Art Wallpaper Christian religious wallpapersJainismwallpapers Sikh wallpaper like Guru Nanak
Kids Name with Meaning 1.1
Kids name is an app which is used for find the name of child fromdifferent countries and from different religions. ItcontainsEnglish Names with Meaning, Hindi or Hindu Names withMeaning,Punjabi or Sikh Names with Meaning, Muslim or Arabic Nameswith Meaning,Turkish Names with Meaning, African Names withMeaning,Bengali Names with Meaning, German Names withMeaning,Italian Names with Meaning, Spanish Names withMeaning,Latin Names with Meaning, Japanese Names with Meaning,
Logo Quiz Plus 1.0
Logo quiz is one of the interesting quiz for knowledge. This quizhaving many logos and many level . you can take the hint , thehints will be purchased by the coins.
Latitude and Longitude Plus 1.1
This Calculator is used to find the following values:-** Latitude**Longitude** Speed** Accuracy** Altitude etc.
Lucky Jackpot Gold 2015
Have fun and see if you can get lucky and win the jackpot on thisfun addictive casino game.f563124737
Percentage Calculator Plus 1.2
This calculator is used for calculating percentage.
Age Calculator Plus 1.0
Everybody knows their age but it is quite difficult to find actualdays of your age.For this,age calculater app is very useful as ittells you exact age and days of your age.Now with this agecalculater app, it is very easy to find age and how many days youlived till today and how many days are remaining for your nextbirthday.Features of age calculater app- It will tell you actualage with years,months and days.- You can easily check how many daysor months are remaining for your next birthday- Through this appyou can share your age with your family and friends.- You canchoose multiple date format according to your choice.
Size Calculator Plus 1.0
Size calculator is used for calculating the size of clothes of menand women in different countries.
Indian Players 2.0.0
Indian Players let you create Multiple games and sportstournaments,matches anywhere anytime. Get the live scores andsports feed on thego.
Dellywood 5.7
Dellywood is first dedicated organised app for film and fashionfraternities. Dellywood is Venture of Dellywood Times and Organiserof two Beauty Pageant "Mr. & Miss India" & Dellywood Mrs.India. Fastest Growing venture of Film Industry. In world oftechnology we required organised and easily accessible FilmIndustry, So we invest 3 years in research and analysis of filmindustry & what the industry actually required. Many morefeatures Key Features Create Profile Search Profile in your cityInformation of Big Brands in India. Movie Reviews by Public MarkFavourite Profile Post Portfolio Brands Information UpcomingFeatures in Next Version----------------------------------------------- Part - 1----------------------------------------------- - Top ProfilesCelebrities | Top Models | Faces of Month | Public Figure | PublicFigure - Timeline - Post -- Assignment -- Audition -- Achievement-- Shooting Location -- Event -- Pets for Shoot -- ShootingEquipments -- Special Vehicles - Search Profile | Company | Post |Movies | Brands | Queries - Models Booking----------------------------------------------- Part - 2----------------------------------------------- Business Module -Create Company Page - Join as Business Coordinator - Leads &Queries ----------------------------------------------- Part 3 ------------------------------------------------ - Invite Friends -Service Plans - Report Bugs & Suggestion----------------------------------------------- Part 4----------------------------------------------- - Awards - BeautyPageant for "Mr. & Miss World" & "Mrs. World" - Send Gift----------------------------------------------- Many more to come... We request all to support this app and sorry for inconvenienceif you are facing in First Phase, we are working on all issues.Thanks Team Dellywood