Denboh Apps

Planar: Build & Survive 0.99.1
Bored with the same old block Minecraft clones out there?Go. Embarkon a journey of exploration, role playing adventure, crafting andsurvival unlike any other.Go explore a living environment composedof thousands of blocks and share a habitat with a unique ecosystemof creatures and monsters that need each other for survival.Realizethe mark your survival has on the world as some creatures andmonsters disappear forever, driven to extinction by over hunting orcareless use of exploding bombs.Gather resources and create tools,build massive buildings, castles whatever you can conjure up... thecrafting and building possibilities are endless.Train your skillsand craft mighty weapons and clubs, go down into the depths offorgotten dungeons and ruins to battle fierce monsters and recoverlost treasures.See if you have what it takes to survive in Planar:Build &Survive.--------------------------FEATURES--------------------------*RPG style skill system.* Over forty different inventory items.*Food Chain. Animals need certain resources for survival or theywill go extinct.* World is different for every player.* Hiddendungeons and ruins full of monsters to battle and fight.*Leaderboard. See if you can become the highest level player!* Getfree resources, tools and animals by completing achievements.
Bug Defender - battle plants 2.3
Go defend the bugs against an endless rush of hungry plants! Go gogo !These monster plants wanna crush and devour all the bugs, tapthem as fast as you can to battle them, destroy their vines.Collect all of their seeds and be the #1 bug defender in thisunique defense game! - Endless waves of monster plants vines andlevels. - Achievements, rewards, and special abilities / skills! -4 different kinds of bugs to help battle the plants and vines andcollect seeds! - Boss monster plant that grows larger with eachlevel. - Collect seeds from defeated plants to unlock more bugs inthe Bug Store. - Plants that get faster and harder to crush witheach level. - Facebook integration. Crush some plants and shareyour scores with friends!
Balloon Ball - bounce pinball 2.3
Try to see how long you can bump float and bounce the balloon ballsin the air with the bumper in this simple fun and addictive pinballstyle game. Don't let them hit the floor! Go go go!!!------------------------------------ Infinite play and score.-Fast paced gameplay similar to pinball.- Up to 5 balloon balls atonce.- Shrinking balloon bumpers increase difficulty.- Facebookintegration! Share your scores with friends.
Builder Ball - Rolling Puzzle 2.3
Looking for something fun and somewhat good for your brain?Well,here ya go!Boost your brain power and build your puzzle shapematching skills as you tap tap tap the correct puzzle pieces andkeep the ball rolling.Be victorious in Builder Ball by tapping thecorrect pieces to fill in the path the ball is rolling on.Triumphin a fun clash of puzzle, brain power and fast paced action!Butwait there's more!Leaderboards. Smash your high score and see ifvictory is yours at the top spot on Builder Ball.
Don't Play This Game 0.93
"Is that... uh...". Yeah that's what you think it is... fallingeverywhere.Pieces, block shapes, and balls of it raining down fromthe world onto your hair.Tap tap tap with all your speedy power tokeep your hair clean and free of those pieces and balls.Check outthe leaderboard!Train your tap tap tap skills and become victoriouswith the top spot on the leaderboard, having cleaner hair thananyone else in the world.