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Nintedroid 3.6
Denis Karasev
Nintedroid is the best free SNES & NES emulator on google play!Relive the SNES and NES nintendo classic gaming with Nintedroid.Sojust download your favourite games with .nes extension andemulator's file managerwill launch what you want to play. You cantransfer nes files to any folder exept the system one!Nintedroidfor your Android! Boost your phone up! Play favourite games whilebored or waiting for something.FEATURES!★ 8-bit inspired art★Intuitive touch controls★Old School platforming action usingswipes and taps (joystick\keypad)★Vertical and horizontalorientation★Turn on/off music★Turn on/off vibrationDid you enjoyplaying Duck Stories, Chip & Dale, Mortal Combat?So play thosedandy games straight on your phone.Please, rate ouremulator!Contact e-mail is:vanminhsurelisa@gmail.comDisclaimer: Thegames shown in action belong to their respective owners; theseimages just prove the functionality of the emulator, but do notbelong to Genesis Emulator.
Aliens Burst 0.0.3
Denis Karasev
Aliens are here!They came to take over an Earth.The few AlienSpaceships have crept into earth's orbit with no warning.- Travelby very fast and furious sky rocket- Smash everything in thiscrazy, chaotic, simple but challenging game!- Compare scores andachievements with your friends- Match colors in order to smashweird extra-terrestrials- Get as many keys as possible so you canfight them even better - Complete levels and see you high scores,gold possessions, lives in a colorful way- A lot of levels withincreasing difficultyEnjoy all vast variety of aliens to shot:- Oneeyed Cyclops-like monster- Multi eyed violet behemoth- Smileyclockwork orange-like extra terrestrial - Sun-like yellow alien-Other onesAliens burst is a classicbubble shooter game with cosmictwist.Make combinations of 3 or more aliens to make them disappearand score points. More bubbles you shoot at once, more points youget!Collect keys and coins to score the highest possibleresult.Remember though! It’s up to you to save your planet or letit be burst by aliens!You are always welcome to write us
Soccer game: Winner's ball 1.0
Denis Karasev
Imagine yourself a real football star! Hear cries of admiration andloud cheers when the ball is in the gate. Do you want to feel as areal soccer player? Then play this one of the absorbing footballgames 2017! Engaging gameplay and striving to win will give youultimate experience of the football games free. Looking for anexciting fifa games 2017 free entertainment in your hands? Thendon’t waste time and amuse yourself with Soccer game: Winner'sball. The rules of the football are simple. We made them as easy asABC in soccer football. This one of the soccer games requires yourstriker abilities: score as many goals as you can. Soccer trainingis like this: you’ve got 5 trials to kick the goal. Hit the target– get points. Hit the center of the target – get more! Be asprecise as you can in soccer dream 2017. Get 50 points and earncoins! Open new balls and improve your accuracy and strategy. Thisone of the soccer games requires your striker abilities: score asmany goals as you can. Who will be the first to collect all balls?Compete with friends and hold championship to find out. Footballgames free are the great way for kids to spend time. Simple rulesand no time limits that’s what attract toddlers in the soccer ballgames for little kids. If your kids like soccer games for free,enjoy to collect things and excited to score then such soccer ballgame suits them best of all. Get reward for every goal and unlockballs to make your fifa games football unique. Soccer game:Winner's ball features: - Simple but fun mechanics in one of thesoccer ball games!- Smooth and responsive gameplay and control ofsoccer games free- Lot’s of trophies to collect and become the newsoccer star champion Football fans are in expectation of worldsoccer championship 2018. Are you among them? Then it’s time totrain your own striker skills! Dare to accept the challenge one ofthe fascinating sports games!
Fidget Spinner: tap to win 1.0.1
Denis Karasev
Follow the modern trends? Are always on a roll? Then you obviouslylike one of the best fidget spinner games - Fidget Spinner: tap towin. The fidget spinner app offers the most addictive gameplay ofspinner games offline and real-life graphics! Look for sometimekiller games? Time flies flash-like with the fidget spinner appgame! SPINNER GAME IS ONE OF THE STRESS RELIEF GAMES If you aretired and search for some stress relief apps, the mode Relax inFidget Spinner: tap to win is specially designed for you! Take yourmind off of everyday routine and spin your fidget spinner as longas you want. Fidget spinner free is the great mean to spend timecomfortably wherever you are. Fidget spinner new’s always at hand:at home, at work or at traffic jam. COMPETE WITH FRIENDS WITH THEFIDGET SPINNER GAME Look for some challenge in 2 player fidgetspinner games? Fidget spinner games online is the best way tocompete with friends and find out whose spinner is the best! What’smore fidget spinner games for kids are addictive as well as foradults! Find lot’s of free time and start your fidget spinnerbattle game! Just 3 rounds in spinner games online to check who themaster of fidget spinner games for 2 players is. GET MORE THEN JUSTA TIMEKILLER If you’d like to improve or modify your spinner –you’re lucky! Our fidget spinner 2017 play mode gives you thechance. Spin it as quickly as you can and get coins for successfultrial. Use the chance to own the best fidget spinner ever!Features:- Realistic fidget spinner simulator with spin rotationphysics!- 3 different modes to choose from- practise your fidgetspinning tactics - such spinner games not only for the adrenalinejunkies but also for relax lovers Spinner games free are addictiveand challenging. Just try once and you won’t stop! Discover FidgetSpinner: tap to win and you give up the idea to find new one amongspinner all games.