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Quick Swap 21.0
Depad Studio
Can you unlock all of the colors are reach100points?A fast paced and addicting game that will put your reactionstothe test!Just tap the screen to swap the positions of the circles.Redmust hit red, and blue must hit blue. Get the best high scoretoreach the top of the leaderboard!
Word Puzzle - Fun Brain Game 2.5
Depad Studio
Want a faster brain? Word Puzzle is a brand new and FREE game tochallenge your brain! Simply connect the letters by swiping tobuild words. As you progress, the puzzles get harder. Start of easyand work your way up to the impossible (only 5% of players cancomplete these). The best way to sharpen your mind is through wordpuzzles. Our free word game has been designed by experts toexercise strengthen your mind and improve your vocabulary. Braintraining is super fun and you'll find yourself with a faster brainin no time. It truly is the best word game for 2020! What makesWord Puzzle so awesome? - It's a free word game! Just download andstart playing instantly. - Over 500 word puzzles made by experts,ranging from easy to impossible. - Smooth and easy gameplay. Justswipe to match letters and find words. Everything is super fasttoo. - Hints to help if you get stuck. Just tap the hint icon andit will give you a letter as a clue. This helps you to complete theword connect much faster. - This is a brain training app, so is agreat source of brain exercises. Both adults and children will findit a challenge. Test how smart you really are! - Play offline - noWiFi required. - Challenge your IQ and see how smart you reallyare. All of the puzzles are in English. - Improve your Englishvocabulary. There are over 5000 word combinations to discover, soyou'll definitely be learning some extra words. - No annoying ads.We want to be sure you have the most enjoyable time possible.There's no ads in the game unless you want to receive hint rewards.For this, you can watch a reward video. What can you expect fromusing the Word Puzzle app? Training your brain is a great way toremember more information for longer, as well as calculate andprocess information much faster. You should be improving yourmemory and brain speed too. Can you reach the final level? Go on,give yourself a brain challenge. Download the Word Puzzle Game andbecome a word master. We'd love to hear your feedback on the game.Let us know how far you got or if you'd like any new features addedat