Department of school education, Punjab (India) Apps

ePunjab Staff Login 4.1.9
This application is developed by the Mis Wing to facilitate easyand user friendly access to employee information for the PunjabEducation Deptt. employees. The application enables employees toview their general details,professional details, promotion details,leave applications, grievance applications, attendance as per thedepartment records. It also enables users to apply leaves,grievances and submit mid day meal report, civil works progressreport of the school. The application works both in online as wellas offline mode. Once a user logs into the application in onlinemode, he can view his details from the application even when he isnot connected to the internet. User suggestions and bugs can bereported to the MIS Wing by email at
ePunjabSchoolLogin 15.9
The application is developed to enable easy and user friendly loginaccess for schools to Epunjab from android devices. This is aschool login application that enables schools to view schooldetails staff details, student details as per uploaded on ePunjaband enables schools to mark the staff and student attendance, viewattendance, submit and view MDM related reports and cleanlinessreports. Every school of Punjab Government Education Departmentundertaking should submit daily MDM and cleanliness reports throughthis app. User suggestions and bugs can be reported to the MIS Wingby email at
LocateSchool 4.6.0
This app is an information retreival system to access informationabout the schools located in Punjab(India). Send your feedback todeptt. of school education, Punjab (India) at
ePunjab Directory 2.7.0
This application is an endeavour by the MIS Wing to facilitate theprofessional communication for Punjab Education Department. Usersuggestions and bugs can be reported through email
ePunjabStudentAttendance 2.1
This application enables theauthenticatedusers to mark attendance of their respectiveschools.On the markattendance screen, selected students will bemarked as absenteesand an SMS regarding their absent will besent to the registered mobile number of their parents. Thoseleftunselected on the mark attendance screen will be markedaspresent.Users can update the mobile number of the students aswellas view student attendance and his/her general profile.Usersuggestions and bugs can be reported to the MIS Wing by
Mis Punjab 3.2
This application is developed by MIS wing for easy management ofMIS information by MIS co-ordinators through their android deviceswhen they are actually mobile. The idea is to speed up the MISmanagement process. Any suggestions or grievances can be emailed
This app enables you to view and save the letters uploaded onthewebsite through your android devices at asingleclick. In case the page doesn't load, click on refresh buttontoreload the page and the file can be downloaded by clickingondownload button. Downloaded file will be saved onto your deviceinthe downloads folder. For any queries and suggestions,
PunjabEducare 1.2
Punjab Educare – This is an educational app. It provides freeaccessto all the study material, prepared by the team ofDepartment ofEducation, Punjab. Punjab School Education Departmenthas come upwith this amazing tool especially for the students andteachers ofgovernment schools in Punjab. This app is a one stopsolution to theproblem of accessibility of the study material,emerged during thelockdown. The dedicated team of EducationDepartment addressed thisproblem through this app. The appprovides all educational materialincluding text books, videolessons, daily assignments and muchmore. Features of this app:User friendly interface: All the studymaterial of Punjabi,English, Hindi, Math, Science and SocialScience ofclass 6-10 hasbeen arranged very systematically whichmakes navigation on thisapp very convenient. Updation on dailybasis :The app puts an endto the worry of losing useful studymaterial that is provided dailyby the education department. Thisapp is updated on daily basis.Saves time :Easy and free access tothe systematically arrangedstudy material saves time. It not onlyimproves the efficacy of theteachers but keep the parents alsoupdated with their child’scurriculums Involvement of teachers: Theapp has been developed bythe teachers of the department, updated ondaily basis by theteachers of the department and suggestions alsocome from theteachers. Who understands the need of the studentsbetter thantheir teachers?
ePunjab Staff Attendance 5.4
This app is developed by Mis Wing, Department OfSchoolEducation(Punjab) to bring transparency and digitalisetheattendance system. The app allows the user to marktheirattendance. The app also enables the user to view theirattendancereports in the reports section of the app. Any grievancesorsuggestions regarding the app can be
ePunjabLeaveManagement 1.6
This app is developed by MIS wing, Department Of School Education(Punjab) to speed up the leave application process. Any grievancesor suggestions can be emailed to
PadhoPunjab 1.1
This is an application to facilitate in conducting inspectionofprimary schools under department of school education, punjab bytheteams of padho punjab . It enables the user to submit, viewandprint the inspection reports. Any views or grievances can bemailedto
ePunjab School Sudhaar 1.2
Application for school checking teams of SchoolEducationDepartment, Govt Of Punjab (India)
Fit Guru 1.0.1
App to encourage and motivate teachers to keep themselvesphysicallyfit by regularly performing small fitness drills.
Biometric Attendance (Morpho) 2
An attendance app for employees of School EducationDepartment,Govt. Of Punjab