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KSL News
With the KSL News app, you can connect witheverything KSL:* Read the latest Utah news, watch relevant news video clips, andinteract with the community thinks on the comment boards.* Get the current weather conditions for over a dozen cities inUtah, and see the forecast provided by the KSL Weather team.* Watch live streams of the KSL TV newscast and local high schoolsports games.* Listen live to BYU games via the KSL Newsradio stream* Did you take pictures of an important news event? Upload thosephotos to KSL from your phone.* Receive notifications about major breaking news situations.
KSL GameCenter
KSL GameCenter is your mobile lifeline forlocal football, basketball, and soccer coverage. You can see thelatest news, game schedules, and live score updates for college andprofessional teams in Utah. Also included is live audio streamingof every BYU football game, provided by KSL Radio.