Desert Safari Studios Apps

Halloween Grand Truck Driver 1.0.3
Halloween Grand Truck Driver gives you bothdriving simulator fun and zombieland thrill. Drive your monstertruck on the zombie highway and fire off your speed way. Destroyand crush the hostile land. Smash and crash the dead under your bigfoot. Enjoy Halloween express with thrilling drive to zombieroadkill. Feel like a real truck driver who is on a gunship battleamong the walking dead.Get behind the steering wheel of Halloween express. Smash anythingthat comes in your way. Driving the crazy monster in this infiniteworld. Drive your monster truck to crush zombie in yourenvironment. Experience unique and exciting adventurous missions.Start chasing death in deserted highway on this big foot toexperience real halloween thrill..The dead is your target in this hellfire. Fire and shoot thezombies in this infinite world. The powerful truck enables you todestroy Halloween monster. Use firegun and missile to turn thisplace into a burning hell. Set on fire on your way and unlock powerups, like gunship, front crusher, knife on wheels. Use these powerups to kill the furious and hungry monsters. Also crush differentobjects that comes in your speedway as hindrance. Be an expertdriver, keep chasing zombies, crush them and bring them to death.This is a war between you and monsters. One will escape thehellfire and one will bleed! Let’s see if it’s you who survives oryour enemy Demon...Features:Thrilling, destructive and demolishing gameplayRealistic driving controlsVarious unique missions of zombie road killWell featured speedway with horror themeExcellent 3D graphics and visuals
Air Force Army Jet Pilot 3D 1.0.1
Takeoff your gunship helicopter fromhelipad and barrage over battle zone in enemy territory. Destroyrivals bases with heavy bombardment from your fighter war jets.Play Air Force Army Jet Pilot, the hottest 3D combat action gamefor real dogfight adventures.Enemy nations are allied with terrorists to engage you in the airbattles. National airspace has been compromised; the state is incrisis and situation is similar to world war like hell. Time foryou to rise with glory and defend your country bases, airships andnaval fleet carrier. Takeoff in f22 raptor jet and carry outairstrikes in battle arena. Bomb squad is loading missiles in f18airfighter jet, get ready for air raid to stop troop’s invasion inhomeland territory. Fly comanche helicopter armed with gatlingmachine gun to shoot airport ground staff near hanger.Enemy fleet has modern aircraft like MIG 35, ac130 and gunshipharrier are parked in hangar. Hit in the air and destroy aircraftswith powerful air strike barrage before landing on military base.You played tank wars and online game, now enjoy hardcore combataction as aviator pilot in falcon fighter plane. Enjoy realisticflight of chopper air copter to fight advanced warfare fordomination.Download Air Force Army Jet Pilot 3D simulator game for real timebattle adventure.Heli Sim Features 2016:★10 intense missions full of warfield action★Free air fighter planes and comanche helicopters★Realistic warzone environment in hilly terrain★Multiple camera views including internal cockpit view★Tilt or use smooth touch controls for amazing flyingexperience★High quality 3D graphics with stunning simulation
Angry Tiger Wild Adventure 3D 1.0.1
Become tiger hunter and enter thewilderness to attack jaguar, Black Panther and cougars to satisfyyour hunger and build stamina. Play Angry Tiger Wild Adventure 3Dbecame the fiercest predator of wildest cat’s family.Play as hungry tiger famous for razor sharp claws and deadliestattacks to kill prey animals. Stray as forest tiger in night battleagainst red fox, coyote and venomous snakes. Have crazy fun withultimate animal rampage game as wild tiger hunting experience.Wildlife sniper hunter hiding in dark forest, he aims to kill youand get some rewards and trophies. It’s a survival simulator gamefor the fittest wild animal in the forest. Hunt ferocious beastslike wolf, gorilla, fox and coyote. Search the sniper hunter andkill the marksman before he shoots you with sniper rifle. Thriveagainst wildlife arctic wolf’s pack migrating in your jungleattack. Challenge the lion and enter epic battle to become king ofthe wilderness. Hunt cheetah and all wildlife animals like hippoand fox to claim your territory. Feel the wind rush while thrivingmoose chase.Enjoy running at top speed across jungle as African tiger andattack prey and hunt moose or deer and gain health. As wild tigerjump and climb to hill and get clean sight for hunting in nighttime for your target animals. Avoid stalk in wetland swamps areathe deadliest crocodiles can attack you and make you their prey.Avoid chasing monkeys they will keep teasing you and running overtrees. You played many arctic animal hunting games before. Becomeking of the jungle in Angry Tiger Wild Adventure 3D simulator game.Kill huge beasts like elephant, hippo and gorilla or arctic wolf.Run after wild tigress to chase, crouch and pounce with your razorsharp claws in mouth. Fight for your life in this tiger sim andsurvive attacks from dangerous predators while you hunt fierceanimals and search for tigress.African Tiger Rampage Simulation Features:10 extreme attacking and hunting missions in jungleDozens of savage beasts like cougars, panther and wolfRealistic animals and massive open world jungleEnjoy night life in thick rocky forest when it’s full moon inskySmooth controls for leaping and easy to pounceHigh quality 3D graphics for interactive game playDownload Angry Tiger Wild Adventure 3D hunter game for exciting andultimate adventure missions.
Military Helicopter War Fight 1.2
Are you ready to play intense hardcoreaction? Fly over warfield in Comanche helicopter and destroy enemyhideouts, tanks and aircrafts with bombs in Military Helicopter WarFight game. Engage military ground staff in this operation againstterrorists. Carry out air strikes in disputed territorium.Situation is fierce at international borders and city streets arefilled with chaos. Take control of your helicopter chopper and flyover battle arena and enemy base camps. Enemy has stored hugedeposits of nuclear warheads and some big army trucks, tanks andtomcat aircraft parked in hanger. As expert aviator of Comanchehelicopter, attack enemy troops and destroy their fighter jets,gunship helicopters, and other heavy artillery vehicles. Rise asexemplary heli heroes in this intense air combat.Your enemy is no ordinary commando, it is powerful modern army withmilitary helicopters, f18 fighter jets and a huge airlinerinfrastructure. Your missions include fight with armed forces,gunship helicopters, and fighter planes. Your objectives are todestroy army tanks, missile truck, oil tanker and hidden bunkerswith heavy bombardment. After a successful mission fly back to yourbase camp and land on helipad.Coolest Features:10 extremely intense and challenging warfield missionsDifferent battle zones to attack and destroy nuclear warheadAll kinds of army vehicles like missile trucks, high speedtanksAmazing open world battle arena with realistic war zoneenvironmentMultiple inner and outer camera views with awesome cockpitviewSmooth on-screen controls for amazing flying and firingexperienceExtraordinary detailed interior and real life 3D graphicsDownload Military Helicopter War Fight 3D simulator game right nowand enjoy loads of army combat action on your smartphones.
Zombie Army Killer Bus Driver 1.0.3
After a failed experiment in bio lab,Zombie apocalypse has spread in Compton city streets. Play ZombieArmy Killer Bus Driver game to kill these undead mindless creaturesbefore they assault passengers on highway road.Beware of deadly virus spreading in the city very fast. These deadwalking savages are running after human mush to satisfy hunger anddisperse plague. As smasher bus driver your mission is to run overdeadly zombies who attack passengers. Drive jumbo bus to rescuecitizens and escape from city highway killing all deadly beasts.Transport passengers to safe locations in the city for survival anddrive over zombie hordes. Rush to save innocent lives and get readyfor intense racing action. Become an expert driver and maneuverthrough streets and roads over deads debris to catch zombies.You played hill climb driving for sightseeing but this game haskiller gameplay like derby racing. Your mega vehicle is not armoredwith any weapons in arsenal for shooting zombies. Become zombiecatcher and smash them against street walls and highway traffic.Drive safe and as fast as you can to escape chasing zombies who arehungry for human flesh.Coolest Features 2016:10 challenging thriller missions to crush mindless creaturesDouble fun with free redesigned jumbo bus for transportingcitizensReal life city locations with amazing open world environmentSmooth controls for best driving and parking experienceGlaring designs and super high quality 3D graphicsDownload Zombie Army Killer Bus Driver, newest 3D simulator gamefor thriller action and ultimate fun.
Military Helicopter Rescue Ops 1.0.2
Hello Squadron! Lead the dust-off missionsto evacuate your troops stuck in enemy territory and save them fromdeath. Play Military Helicopter Rescue Ops, newest 3D game and flyover hilly battle area like Paradise Island.Take off in apache army helicopter from helipad and go beyond enemyterritory to engage in intense combat dustoff action. Blow up enemytanks, aircrafts, and naval battles by firing missiles. Destroyhideouts and kill soldiers by shooting bullets. As a rescuer inevacuation mission, fly Chinook to send relief for injured soldiersto minimize casualties. Drop rope to lift up patients and transportthem to the hospitals for first aid. Experience ultimate flying ofhelicopter ambulance to take injured on a stretcher in dust offrescue helicopter mission. Play as rescue helicopter pilot fly overthe warzone to save your fellows.Fly army helicopter and demolish f18 fighter jet , tanks andaircrafts in hanger with hellfire bombs in battle arena. Enemiesbattleship patrolling in ocean and parked on the harbor, make sureto destroy whole fleet. Enjoy flight and landing of a military helifor intense war action and rescuing missions shooting game. Enjoybest fps shooting game while bombing from your fighter heli. Youalready played 911 rescue games to fly over city and save civiliansin emergency situation. This helicopter simulator is about flyingadventure in war time. As helicopter pilot use stretcher totransport injured soldiers and shoot down enemies with your gunshiphelicopter.Heli Sim Features 2016:Play 10 extreme levels relief ops with chopper flightFire missiles and bullets from Gatling gun mounted onaircraftRealistic battle field environment over island, ocean and desertedmountainsOn-screen controls for swift flying and shooting experienceHigh quality 3D graphics and warfield soundsDownload Military Helicopter Rescue Ops simulator game to help armysoldiers in war and dust off enemy forces in action.
City Heroes Firefighter Rescue 1.0.5
Play as courageous fireman in City HeroesFirefighter Rescue 3D simulator game. Show heroic acts of extremebravery and courage in fiery emergency situations. As a firefighterfrom fire department, douse blazing flames burning buildings.911 emergency responder got a call about dangerous fire accident insuburban city area. Ambulance driver is on way to rescue victims tonearest countryside hospital. Fire rescuer get alert! Situation isextremely hazardous in modern city. Midtown subway station is onblazing fire. It is a total disaster. Helicopter is trying toextinguish fire and protect passengers in subway station.Locomotive is blazing near train warehouse. Train station is nomore functional. Smoke from fire zone is spreading, need immediatedamage control. Passengers are dying with suffocation in this fierysituation. Fight for survival of victims, douse fire and proveyourself modern city hero.You played as ambulance driver in fire truck driving and parkinggames. You don’t need to drive firetruck in heavy traffic. This isfirst person firefighter simulator game. Put on firefighting suit,wear your helmet and grab the water hose pipe to extinguish flames.Show extreme courage and bravery as exemplary rescuer.Coolest Features:◆10 full of adventure firefighting missions◆Different controllers for water hose and player movement◆Realistic subway station environment◆Smooth on-screen controls◆High Definition 3D graphicsDownload City Heroes Firefighter Rescue game for action based firefighting adventures.
SWAT Helicopter Mission Hostil 1.0.2
Get inside army helicopter cockpit forintense war action, fly gunship helicopter over enemy territory anddestroy their bases with airstrike and heavy bombardment. Play SWATHelicopter Mission Hostile to engage war against powerfulterrorists with comanche gunship air attack.SWAT Helicopter Features:10 action based missions to annihilate terrorist groupsGunship aircraft with rotary machine gun and missile launcherRealistic aerial view of battle field with army camps andvehiclesAmazing controls for smooth flying and best FPS gameplayHigh quality 3D graphics and awesome animationsTerrorist groups are gathering illegal arms of mass destruction,lethal weapons on top of snowy mountain hideout. Weapons like longrange missile, rocket launchers and bombs to blow up our army campsand attack cities. Take off from military helipad and fly incomanche chopper. SWAT pilot is flying gunship helicopter, asgunner and aim to drop hellfire with bombs and bullets on enemiesterritory. Your co-pilot getting anti air machine guns in radaraiming at your comanche helicopter. Use gatling gun or rocketlauncher to destroy enemy war machines and army truck. Shoot tokill armed terrorist with AK-47 to save your army aircraft. Dropbombs and destroy their army hummer, arms depot, fighter aircraftsand chopper helicopters. Prepare for air combat mission and engagein airstrike with bomb explosion on enemy armed vehicles andaircrafts like hellfire. This air attack is a modern day world warto counter armed terrorists with flying gunship helicopter.Army helicopter pilot controls the chopper flight from cockpitwhile you shooting gatling machine gun to kill enemy soldiers andblow up their hideouts by heavy bombing. Silence enemy guns, firemissiles to aim rocket launcher vehicle, tanks and their armsstore. Rescue american heroes and US army troops on ground battlefield. Start shooting and firing missiles on their base camp andstyle trucks. Take out armed rebels and apc vehicle before theydestroy your fighter SWAT helicopter. If you like ww2 based gameslike battle on normandy beach destroying army supplies and parkingwars game for omaha beach. Enjoy one of the best helicopter flyingand action gameplay on your android smartphones and tablets.Download the action packed parking wars 3D game for best firstperson shooting and flying experience. SWAT Helicopter MissionHostile is a tribute to US military forces and all army heroesaround the world.
Grand City Tourist Bus Driver 1.0.1
Drive nextgen buses and get the real busdriving experience in a massive city environment. Play Grand CityTourist Bus Driver, to pick up passengers from different stops onhighway and drive them into the city streets.Jump into the big passenger bus and fasten your seatbelt. Drivenextgen big bus on beautiful asphalt roads and take tourist frombus stop to their destination like hotel or shopping mall. Tobecome a metro bus driver you need and expert driving and parkingskills following the traffic signals. Any traffic violation canresult into suspending your driving licence. Stop by gas station torefuel tank. Take jumbo vehicle to nearest garage and get carservice before automobile shop is closed. Drop the passengers ontime at city highway stops. As a pro driver, you will drive grandsize vehicles to pick and drop passengers, take tourists to theirdestinations.Drive metro buses and take tourists to explore the beautiful cityroads. Watch skyscrapers, shopping malls and hospitals in theneighbourhood. This is no ordinary bus parking game, you will steerthe grand bus into city streets to pick up travellers and dropschool kids on a schoolbus. In this bus driver simulator you willdrop the tourists to various destinations. Avoid racing madnessinto streets and road accidents by crashing into othervehicles.Modern Bus Simulator 2016 Features:10 exciting bus driving missions in grand cityDrive multiple next gen buses in heavy trafficRealistic modern city environmentSmooth touch controls for easy driving and parkingConsole quality 3D graphics with amazing detailsDownload Grand City Tourist Bus Driver simulation game and enjoythe best bus driving simulator on your android smartphones ortablets.
Warship Missile Assault Combat 1.0
Good day captain! We are indeed glad to haveyou back in the squad. Our Intel has recently reported a largeactivity of enemy warships on the waters. There has never been moreneed of a fierce counter attack team to take down the mightyartillery bearing missile warships. Your favorite warship, “TheAbomination” is all geared up with heavy duty weapons and guns toget the job done.We need a hotshot like you to take control of the missile gunnermachines in the warship to take out hordes of enemies. You will beseverely outnumbered, but it’s only you who can still get out ofthis alive. Good Luck!GameplayTake on the most advanced and brutal warship combat arena, fightingthe likes of deadly shooting warships in uncharted waters. Get holdof the impeccable missile guns system, engaging in a continuous andfierce battle against huge number of warships.Use the onscreen radar to track down enemies, navigate withonscreen controls and take aim by swiping the screen. Lock downeach warship by your missile system and launch heavy blows beforefalling victim to their numbers.Features- Free view movement engine for warship control- 5 challenging gunner objective missions- Detailed enemy AI and missile tracking system- Stunning 3d visuals and breathtaking environments
Modern Helicopter Tank War 3D 1.0
STORYLINEThe greatest threat to your country’s integrity, the notorious antigovernment force has been secretly working to expand its reign onuncharted territories across the country’s farthest regions. Aidedby an expansive artillery, armed vehicles and ammunition, it willnot be long when they build a fortress around the country tosuppress all resistance from the national army.You have been trained commando in the army for a decade now. Yourexpertise can match the killer skills of the best armyprofessionals in the world. Your core skill however, is the use ofheavy combat ready machines, and command over both aerial and landbattles. There couldn’t be a better time to cash it in.GAMEPLAYTaking advantage of these skills and a host of machines at yourdisposal, run through various locations throughout the country andtake down enemy operatives. Start off the resistance mission,navigating your gunship helicopter to clear out the desert basefrom all anti aircraft guns and tanks.Moving forward, your helicopter will come under heavy fire fromarmed bandits, tanks and armored cars. Destroy them all withextreme precision and ensure minimum self-damage.The mission will then move on to a secret valley base, where thealerted troops are planning the next set of attacks. The base willbe guarded by two helicopters and many soldiers. You will soon haveto land down as the helicopter can’t take more damage. A highlyweaponized tank will then be at your disposal. Navigate the warmachine to evade deadly attacks and clear the valley base of allland and air enemies.FEATURES- Dual simulation gameplay with air and land navigationsystems- Pilot advanced tanks and helicopters in 5 varying levels ofgameplay- Two highly detailed enemy basecamp locations- Smooth navigation and gyroscopic controls
Las Vegas Police Officer War 1.0.3
After action packed episode of San Andreascasino, you are ordered to move back to West Coast area in Nevadanear state of California. Play Las Vegas Police Officer War tofight real city gangsters and destroy crime empire from the city ofangels in the newest 3D action game.Drive cops cars bring law and order to end crime business of SanAndreas. After spending five hard years in SWAT force training,time to fight with criminal underworld. Chase hardcore criminalsescaped from central prison of mojave desert. The low life scum isout of jail, crime rate in urban city has increased and gangwarfare is on high. Murders in casino slots, armed robbers lootingthe central bank, shooting at city airport. Some crooked cops arehelping underworld taking bribe in city of angels. Use your oldinfluences put up a team of honest cops. Don’t let robbers stealcars, bikes or cash from innocent citizens. Enter into crime worldwrite down your own crime stories. Play as bad cop collect moneyfrom casino slots in open world. Extreme crime simulation gamedestroy bike taxi and autopark vehicles. Driving police car andshooting casino taxi and criminals cars is tough job.Las Vegas Police Officer War is a complete action packed crime gamewith racing, shooting and killing underworld mafia members. Unlikeordinary crime simulator games, play open world multiple linearmissions for super fun. Drive police car to keep eye on streetcrimes of city gangster. Take out police wanted gangs and enemies.Engage criminals in hot pursuit car chase and arrest gang memberson spot. Get crazier and sicker racer and shooter mission. Stopthugs from stealing cars or bikes. Ride in super fast cars and raidon warehouses to capture drug packages from mafia. Help citizensliving in California to create a family environment in the streets.Secure central bank, shoot all the real gangsters on city airportwho tried to hijack airplane and took ground staff as hostages.As a Vegas City police officer, xtreme game you will struggle tohandle all the heat from the slammer of county prison. The playerin game provided with a massive sin city to take on terrorist andend rampage while it is cold in winter season.LV Police Driver War Features:10 highly challenging and intense crime control missionsDrive super police car at insane speed to catch rivalgangstersReal life EPIC crime situations to cope withRealistic city and massive open world environment to exploreIntuitive touch controls for smooth car driving and shoot tokillConsole quality 3D graphics with amazing hip hop music
Snow Dog Sledding Simulator 3D 1.0.1
Take your sleigh dogs pulled together withstrings attached to wooden cart and go ice sledding on snowyterrain. Play Snow Dog Sledding Simulator 3D game to transportfreight cargo and people on arctic frozen hilly areas.Play the winter snow racing game and enjoy extreme fun in a smallurban town with huts and fish shops. Pull together a trained dogsteam in a dog sled and start transporting cargo goods, wooden boxesand transport village people to other towns. Siberian husky aretrained to run in extreme cold weather. These dogs breed have thestrength to pull heavy weight and expert in racing on frozentracks. Move to arctic lake in winter season and start making aliving by transporting freight boxes on sled dogs. Travel toexplore frozen arctic lands and transport citizens on big woodencart.Play extreme sports and experience unique gameplay of dog sledracing on snow. Race on snowy tracks and avoid smashing differentobstacles on your way. Take good care of your siberian husky andkeep them running in town far away glacier. Visit small huts andmeat shops to deliver cargo and goods to shop owners. Dog sleddingis a famous winter sport which requires trained dogs to run on iceduring heavy snowfall.Snow Dog Simulator 2016 Features:10 challenging and adventurous transporter missionsMultiple wooden carts for transporting people and cargo boxesInteractive gameplay with obstacles on running trackReal life urban area around north pole snow mountainsRealistic physics controls for driving dog sledHigh quality 3D graphics animal simulator gameDownload Snow Dog Sledding 3D Simulator game on android smartphonesand tablets to have fun in this winter season.
Urban City: Sniper Commando 3D 1.0
WELCOME JACK!Jack Wilkinson, we have chosen you to complete a veryimportantmission. As one of the most feared snipers in the businesswe feelyou have the skills required to do this without gettingyourselfkilled. Grab your rifle and get ready to destroy thebiggestcriminal organisation in the world.URBANISED FPS COMBAT AGAINST DEADLY FOESGrab gear and try to assert authority over the mafia world bytakingdown notorious gangs and enemies in a versatile and engagingsnipercommando experience. Take on some of the most ruthless mafiaenemiesaround, as you trade blows against them in an attempt toburn theroots of this operational gang.ENTER UNCHARTED BATTLEFIELD TERRITORIESTravel from highly urbanized cities to abandoned desertbases,engaging in a sniper shooting battled against the dominatingmafia.Play in 5 extremely daunting missions, with preciselydefinedobjectives to take out the mob leaders and their thugs toclear theterritory of an imminent threat.Taking cover and maintaining a precise aim will be essence,asthe narrowest of time frames and limited ammo availabilitywillmake life difficult, even for the best sniper commando.GAME FEATURES:• 4 Detailed Battle Locations- Urban City- Airport- Abandoned Desert- Power Grid Station• Intense FPS sniper gameplay through 5 objectivebasedmissions• Well defined in-game upgrade system. Earn reward pointstoupgrade- Armor- Weapons- Energy Levels
Winter Traffic Snow Driving 1.0.3
Roll up sleeves and get back to work assnow transporter driver; this winter season 2016. Grab the steeringwheel of your favorite vehicles and get ready for the best cardriving mania with speed racing game. Play Winter Traffic SnowDriving for extreme racing fun and adventures on city highway.Drive 4x4 offroad jeep, cargo truck and grand city bus to transportpassengers and heavy freight across city areas. Car driving maniais adrenaline filled 3D simulator game. Take multiple jobs likecrane operator, truck driver and car racer in different missions.Load cargo containers on a long trailer truck using tower crane,then drive it through the snowy roads like a true roadster inRussian city. Due to heavy snow the curvy road is slippery anddangerous. Use pro driving and parking skills to drive in the lineand avoid crashing into traffic rush. As a crazy bus driver burnoutnear sharp turns using powerful turbospeed engine. You don’t needdriving lessons from a parking school. Pick and drop passengers athill station in quickest time.Show pro driving skills and drive oil truck with full precision totransport gasoline at refuelling station. Follow traffic law whiledriving 4x4 offroad suv and super cars in rush hours on blockyroads. Honk the airhorn and get away from traffic while climbing uptowards hill station. Prove yourself a worthy hill climb driver anda construction engineer in latest truck simulator game. Make yourwinter holidays more exciting with big truck transporter game toenjoy extreme car driving.Winter Car Driving Mania 2016 Features:30 adrenaline filled and challenging transporter missions on cityhighwayMultiple vehicles like heavy loader trucks, school bus, sports carsand 4x4 SUV jeepsMassive city environment with snowy mountains and curvy roadsRealistic physics controls for easy handling and parkingvehiclesImmersive 3D graphics and amazing cockpit viewDownload Winter Traffic Snow Driving for extreme adventures onsnowy road and hill climb racing simulator fun during holidays.
Russian Speed Robbery Car Rush 1.0.2
Get straight outta driving school to becomea road driver and escape via highways. Driving lessons are likefree ride, it doesn’t teach you furious racing in drift mania.Drive bulletproof blaze cars & use throttle like a real drifterin this car dash game. Use thumbs to turn sideways.Take the car driver job in mad city and enjoy another masterpiecefrom Russian mafia crime stories. Play Russian Speed Robbery CarRush and drive racing cars or 4x4 trucks on city highway and vanishinto forest off roads. Pick up favorite mechanized vehicles fromgarage and start your mission of transporting gold to safelocation.Gangsters and street thugs are ruling the Vegas city. Police forcehas absolutely no control on city crime situation. Your task is tosafeguard casino gold from rival mafia robbers and transport it tosafe house in forest. Embrace your duties and start driving in madcity. Beware of deadly motorbike riders and burglars. After majorbank robbery and back to back heists, drive fast and vanish withyour gold. Get away from intercity car chase. Avoid crashing intoheavy traffic coming from opposite side. If robbers grab your goldyou have to chase them and steal it back by whacking cars. Enjoythe realistic car chase situations and fast driving on highway oroffroad tracks.Speed Car Rush Automania Features:Challenging robbery missions and exciting driving in multiplelocations4 vehicles including 4x4 SUV truck and speed racer sportscarsAbsolutely realistic city escape missions into forestOn-screen touch controls for smooth steering and truckhandlingMassive open world environment with highly detailed 3D graphicsDownload Russian Speed Robbery Car Rush, the latest 3D simulatorgame for endless racing fun.
Extreme Stunts Snow Car Race 1.0.2
Get ready for real racing stunts in yourspeed car and become the best stuntman driver & deadpool racer.Play Extreme Stunts Snow Car Race for offroad driving challenges incity sports. Drive in 4x4 monster truck and enjoy the best off-roaddriving game and city car stunts.Enter in a mechanized stunt arena to perform death defying stunts.Do long range jumps over hurdles to accomplish airborne dream.Drive SUVs fast to perform extreme car stunts on 360 degree ramps.Drive 4x4 offroad cars and monster truck with top speed avoidingdream car demolition. Enjoy racing in modern stunt park doing crazyhoop over obstacles and complete notorious 360 degree loops. Smoothcontrols for moving forward and backward in the stuntmania game.Push accelerator to max and propeller to gain top speed. Accomplishall hurdles, escape the city dead pool arena to collect maximumpoints and become a champion car driver in automania.Get a hold of your adrenaline pumping nerves and act airborne withlong range jumps in high performance super sports cars. Enjoy theadrenaline filled vibes with real stunt racing experience in snowmountains. Escape the utmost dangerous corkscrew stunts in a fullymechanized stunt arena. Become a master truck driver withsuccessive achievements. Race with fire spitting vehicles and avoidcrushing and smashing dead road robots. Play the most realisticracing challenge of sports car rush games in this dangerous drivingadventure.Extreme Stunt Car Mania Features:10 challenging and adrenaline filled racing missions for stuntmanMultiple race cars, off road SUVs and 4x4 monster trucksRealistic stunt park and snowy mountains for speed racerSmooth controls for easy handling, skit and stunt man cardrivingMassive open world environment, dashboard view with bonnetConsole quality 3D graphics with amazingly detailed interiorDownload Extreme Stunts Snow Car Race, newest 3D simulator game forendless amazing adventures and winter car racing challenges.
Moto Bike Rider Death Racing 1.0.2
Armored Moto Bike Rider Death Racing is oneof the best traffic racer game to crazy crash your gatlingmotorcycle kick .. Have fun dodging motorcycle, super fast cars andcourse trucks while you speed up to the offroad limit. Take yourarmored heavy bike and race in different missions.Enjoy craziest kick up biking experience with your superb ridingfever and dodging offroad over gatling course skills. Select bestarmored motocross bike and compete to beat everyone in this amazingarmored moto racing mania. Not hard earned money or gems to getyour ride armored. Ride ordinary indestructible gatling bikethrough streets packed with real life traffic armored cars, truckand thematic vehicles. Avoid fire trucks, blazing cars, cementcourse trucks, and even police road blocks!Know no limits to speedand play it day and night on your android smartphone and tablets!You played boring offroad bike racing but this game has variousmotocross gatling bikes to ride, no need to purchase or upgradeyour ordinary ride.All the deadly checkpoints,bounty and skillfulmissiles are a part of ruthless racing season.What are you waiting for? Download Moto Bike Rider Death feverRacing now!Killer kick Features 2016:•10 breathtaking racing fever levels to become ultimate coursechampion•Various model of bikes to ride on and shoot enemies•Artificial Intelligence real life traffic systems•Moving and static obstacles•Awesome music with great 3D graphics•Endless fun for shooting missile and bullets using gatlingguns
Helicopter Rescue Snow Storm 1.0.3
As paramedic ambulance pilot, takeoff fromhelipad and fly rescue helicopter to save civilians and mountaineerfrom snowy hills. Play Helicopter Rescue Snow Storm, the newest 3Dsimulator game. Enjoy adrenaline filled emergency rescuer missionsover snow mountains.Some tourist camping on alpine hill station are disrupted inwilderness due to ice storm. Weather condition on hill top isfreezing with snow falling and strong wind blowing like blizzard.Air control tower has cancelled flight operation due to extremehurricane and no visibility in skies. Snow plow truck and snowblower are on patrol to clear the slippery roads. Mountain climberneed immediate help in emergency alert. As sky master take on thehelicopter flying challenge for rescue mission over mountain peaks.Get in cockpit of chopper rescue helicopter and fly over skytouching mountains to show pro flight pilot skills. Paramedicground staff is on way for evacuation of survivors. Get ready forcourageous challenge to complete medevac relief operation withoutcasualties like an emergency pilot.Fly over to emergency situation to drop food boxes and enjoyairdrop missions in helicopter flying simulator game. It isimpossible to land helicopter in extreme snowstorm, so drop downrope for civilians to catch and climb up to save mountaineerslives. Control the aircraft flight which is operating with rotarywhirling in steady motion. In helicopter mission you will explorealpine hills to locate survivors and rescue mountain rangeclimbers. Face extreme crisis situation after snow blizzard andoutwit deadly challenge of flying ambulance helicopter. Become asavior and join heroes club.You can buy in-game cash or unlock helicopters through in-apppurchase.Chopper Rescue Flying Simulator Features:10 challenging adrenaline filled emergency relief missionsFlying multiple helicopters and air ambulance in baddestconditionsMassive open world 3D environment and snowy curvy hillsRealistic physics controls for smooth flight operationImmersive 3D graphics and winter snowfall effectDownload Helicopter Rescue Snow Storm 3D simulator game and enjoythrilling rescuer missions full of adventures to fly aboveskies.
VIP Limo Taxi Driver City Rush 1.0.3
Enjoy driving crazy most luxuriouslimousine cab to transport passengers. Play VIP Limo Taxi DriverCity Rush; to pick up celebrities from their home and drop them tothe parties. Race these high speed luxury limo cars in Americancity but avoid violating the traffic rules.Drive your favorite stretch car with VIP Limo Taxi Driver CityRush. Experience the best city car parking simulator with thisextreme limousine simulator. Driving crazy NYC car; follow thetraffic signals otherwise traffic cop will charge fine. Sit behindthe steering wheel of cabby; rush on roads in enormous limousine tosupermarket. Taxi meter is running; don’t get late and transportVIP passengers at final destination within time limit. Parking bigauto is a real challenge with enough wider seats. Park city cablike a pro crazy driver; avoid hitting other cars on road side andtry to safely park limo. Get ready for rage racing adventureagainst time so hop on the quaint limousine car. ProvidingLimousines cabby service in crowded town is very challenging.Passengers are in a hurry so rush limousine through the New Yorktraffic to pick passenger on time.Quit the job of yellow cab driver in urban town and steer luxurylimousine on asphalt roads. Cruising limousine, pick up celebritiesand drive them to celebrity parties. Drive limo with uniquepassenger transport missions in this parking 3D sim. Dodge othercars & heavy vehicles on road and rush through massive trafficto reach destination on time. Go insane riding as real limousinedriver simulation. Enjoy real car simulator game follow the rulesand avoid traffic violation on ridge. Show driving school skills onloop tracks in brand new drive 3D sim.Limo 3D Simulation Features:Wider 3D environment & realistic graphicsEnormous Luxury City limousine CabPerform duty of elite limousine driverSmooth limousine driving with realistic car physicsReal cab sound effects
Traffic Cop Bike Prison Escape 1.0.2
Ten years is a long time to spend in a jailfor paying the price of sins you never committed. Play Traffic CopBike Prison Escape to plan a jail breakout with your cell inmates& runaway from crazy police car driver. Fulfill your wildeststunt driving dreams and race with stolen heavy bikes. These policeracing bikes are equipped with missile launcher and machine gun forshooting cops car.A free bird is never meant to be caged in a lockup forever.Challenge destiny and change your fate with strength & strongwill. Use iron fist to beat up California city police cops and grabthe master key from prison warden. After prison breakout leave nounfinished business behind that may result in your arrest. Breakingthe jail might be easy for you but escaping the crazy rottweilerpolice dog chase is tricky. Use traffic rider skills to ride superfast motorbikes after escaping from prison. Plan untouch escapemission, beware of detective cops and sniffing rottweiler dogs.Police sirens and lights are looking for suspicious criminals orserious offenders. Police helicopter is flying over suburbanbusytown to spot escaping prisoners and bad guys. Enjoy wildestescaping missions in cop chase simulator game.Police officers are chasing you in super cars. Ride fastest getaway from moto police bike chase. Driving in California citytraffic is challenging with cops vehicles on tail and policehelicopter over your moto bike. You gotta keep running for lifeelse you will be busted. Once you get out of country, seek asylumin secure state. Do crazy stunts in streets like skid around turns,jump over the loop or wheelie on open roads. Bang cars and showbravest bike riding skills. Thrash cliche vehicles by firingmissile and shooting guns in this extreme moto bike simulator game.Leave innocent citizens untouched. Epic police pursuit adventureslies ahead of you to explore.Police Escape Mission 2016 Features:10 epic prison escape missions out of county jailMultiple super bikes including trail motorbikes for offroaddrivingUnlock police sportsbike with in-app currencyRealistic open world city & interactive gameplayImmersive 3D graphics & thrilling background soundsSmash police parking cars ride wrong way and run away. Beat upcadet to make crime news. Download right now, Traffic Cop BikePrison Escape to enjoy unending police car chase adventure. Allmissions filled with unlimited action and thrill.
Spear Fishing Scuba Deep Dive 1.0.3
Enjoy epic fishing challenge and explorethe underwater sea life at paradise island. Play Spear FishingScuba Deep Dive, the amusing water hunter game for spearfishinglovers. Become a scuba diver and shoot harpoon with speargun tocatch wild shark in underwater fishing game.Dive deep into Blue Ocean and play as underwater hunter. Ocean lifeis full of amusing inhabitants like white shark, clownfish andstarfish. Ace Scuba divers and fish hunter are out on seaadventure. Beware of wild shark attacks while fishing in ParadiseIsland. Grab your sniper rifle and go around for catching whale& goldfish. Put on the scuba diving suite and take your fishinggear from fisherman. Sail boat and make bait for angry sharks.Fisherman chase lionfish and starfish while sailing in fishingboat. Fire harpoon from your spear gun before the killer shark killyou with its razor sharp jaws. Become ace shooter enjoying anglingwith your rifle in lake with seamless cozy water. Find redemptionkilling sharks with guns.Get ready for the most exciting fish hunt game in 3D. Experiencefishing with harpoon as well as with bow arrow and forget theordinary angling. In Spear Fishing Scuba Deep Dive; take a breakfrom being ordinary anglers. Here you are an ace diver &swimmer breaking into the fishing world. Catch fish underwater withspear gun without angling rod. There is nothing more thrilling thanhunting fish with a rifle. To hunt dolphins peeking above water usebow arrow. Throw spear like an expert fisherman for harpooning.Dive deep in Blue Ocean and swim around to explore big fish liveaquarium with eels and squids. Feeling fishy get rid of angling rodand tension gauge jump in freshwater swim towards fish horde reducedistance. Take aim striking pin avoid damage fish and catcheshooked fish with spear.Spear Fishing 2016 Features:10 amazingly challenging hunting and shooting missionsSail fishing boat and scuba dive into Blue Ocean forspearfishingExplore the realistic sea life with dolphins, whales andSharksHigh quality 3D graphics and underwater environmentGet rid of ridiculous fishing ways with hook and bait, who lovewaiting for fishing hook all day long. Download Spear Fishing ScubaDeep game in android phone and tablets for thrilling adventure morethan bird hunting and animal hunter.
Highway Police Vs Auto Theft 1.0.3
Play Highway Police vs Auto Theft actionbasedthrilling game as a vigilant traffic cop officer, chase andsmashmafia gangster cars. In this mad exhilarating policethiefsimulator, stop open outgoing acts of violence and criminalitybyprecision driving to arrest and shoot criminal fast paced cars.Become Police Driver Chase and Arrest Criminal CarsCalifornia crime rate is continuously increasing with criminalcaselike auto theft, bank robbery and stealing moneycriminalactivities. Hispanic gangsters have taken complete rule ofurbancity. Become police officer to take revenge from Andreasbanditsand take down Mafia Empire. Get into police car and rush,chase& crush criminal cars on highway. In this police &thieffighting game simulator, chase down most wanted thugs and riseascop hero to the crime city. Police car chase criminals who poseathreat to city life. Highway Police vs Auto Theft is best blendofmost challenging police games and to chase criminal cars.Hitcriminal squad with racing cars but don’t kill anyinnocentpedestrian walking on footpath. Press acceleration pedaltoincrease police car speed and arrest badass gangster thugs. Asanhonest law enforcement officer, spear no mercy onruthlesscriminals involved in street crimes but beware of counterattack ofmafia saints who will take every action to destroy policechasingcars. Drive fast paced racer car to showoff precisiondriving incop smashing criminal cars. Highway police department hasstrongexpectations from you, cop chase & lockdown gangstersquadbefore they manage to escape in superfast auto theftmotorvehicles.Drive Criminal Car to Outrun Traffic Cop CarsPlayed police officer in this cop car driving simulator game,nowswitch role with thug life and become extreme mafia drivertryevading cops vehicle and spreading crime in California. Outruncopcars to become top of line criminals, keep running to escapefrominescapable police chase. As a notorious grand criminal,dodgepolice car by drifting & racing to perform auto stunts.Getready for best car racing of 2016, smash cop cars as askilledrobber and criminal escape in this hot pursuit game. Breaklaws andviolates traffic rules and escape, run, fight & shootcop cars.Take wild turns in fast speed and drift criminal car tododgepolice driver. Shoot at crooked police cars and execute theftwhiledriving superfast sports car. In this real criminalthrillingadventure, don’t get arrested by SWAT police squadotherwise youwill put behind bars in prison.Features:10 exciting missions of police vs thief simulation game.Two different modes of police officer and best mafia gangstarDrive police cars on highway to chase & arrest escapingcriminalcarsDrive criminal cars to outrun cop carIntuitive controls on steering, brake & accelerationOutstanding highway & city environmentAmazing HD graphics & sound effectsDownload Highway Police vs Auto Theft simulator game right nowtoplay role of best police driver & extreme fast paced mafiacardriver.
City Moto Bike Rider Racing 17 1.0.1
Play City Moto Bike Rider Racing 17 toperformdangerous motorcycle stunts with ground breaking motocrossphysics.Be ready to conquer highway city roads in extreme trafficand winfirst prize medal of world championship.Emerge as an ultimate bike rider racing through traffic hoursonurban risky roads. Forget all air stunts of flying bikesimulatorand hill climb highway racing game as now you have enteredintolatest mad rivals moto race. In this easy to play and hardtomaster bike racing simulator, show off some real moto riderskillsperforming highway motor racing stunts like never before.Justglide, swerve and chase rival bike riders in extremely fastandfurious action. Go bumper to bumper in epic motorbike racingmaniasim and become outstanding dirt master. Unlock variety ofsuperbikeand dirt bike at every new racing simulator mission.Polish yourbike driving simulator skills in epic moto racing whilestuntingaround city highways. As an ultimate bike rider, takefastest lanein city traffic rider and overtake fastest cars.Features:10 challenging motorcycle racing levels to become realrider2016.Unlock different racing motorbike to complete all bike racinggamemissions.Addictive bike trial driving game for moto racing lovers.Perform awesome bike stunts while moving furiously in citytrafficrider.Dynamic chance to become winner of bike racing mania.Download newest City Moto Bike Rider Racing 17 right now andenjoyadventurous racing bike game with maniac guts to winmotochampionship.
Flying Police Squad Crime City 1.0.1
Live life of honest police officer your dutyis to restore city peace and control crime rate in Flying PoliceSquad Crime City. Drive and fly police car and sheriff moto bike tochase gangster cars before safe escape. Chase, arrest and shootdown underworld criminals who violate city laws and involveinextreme auto theft.The city of Miami is suffering from mad street crimes. Be ready toplay as best police officer, people needs a COP HERO who will smashand catch criminals within no time. Start police chase game eitherby driving cop vehicle or sheriff bike to lock down gangsters inhigh speed cars. Drive cop car patrol around urban town to find outMiami gangster chase cars and once you find them SPARE NO MERCY onruthless mafia gangs. Take off cops car like real police helicopterbut be very careful while flying police car to chase & hitcriminal cars for extreme vendetta action. As a heroic police bikerider, bang into criminal autos before severe car accident andarrest reckless crooks. Bring prison escape criminals to Alcatrazjail by shooting and smashing most wanted thug cars. In this epicshooting simulator, drive officer car simulator and ride cop motoinstalled with machine guns & missile launcher to destroy bankrobbers vehicles. Become outstanding car driver and bike rider,turn on police sirens and move your auto left & right to avoidcounter terrorist attacks.This newest action game is best blend of mafia vs police racingsimulator. You have played well as a cop officer, now become grandgangster to steal money, involved in bank robbery master and theftauto missions. Violate city laws, shoot innocent citizens and makehostages to demand money and takerevenge from cop squad by making sneaky moves for violence &chaos. Beware of cops patrol around town to enforce law and orderin Miami city against grand heist. Show amazing city car drivingskills & race through highway traffic to avoid being caught bySWAT police. Fly gangster autos like a real helicopter pilot toprison escape from cop car driving, shoot down speeding cop carsand tell Miami who is the REAL BOSS of sin city. Don’t let copofficers arrest you in combat shooting simulator and extremetraffic accident. Make fast criminal escape while riding ongangster bike in exciting mafia driving game. Turn on thug carslights and become outstanding mafia car driver in hot pursuitagainst legendary cops. Forget ordinary driving simulator andracing games to enjoy epic mixture of thrill and adventure in citypolice vs mafia game.Features:10 challenging missions of police car chase criminal autos.10 amazing missions of cruel gangster escape from city cops.Enjoy both tiny copter flying and land car driving gamelevels.Epic motorbike driving adventure as real cop and grandgangster.Thrilling combat shooting simulator action.Realistic city environment with highway traffic rush on streetroads.Download Flying Police Squad Crime City game right now and enjoyboth cop and gangster modes.
Hill Bridge Construction Crane 1.4.1
Drive gigantic trucks and construction vehicles in best citybuilding game of 2016. Play the role of bridge builder on uphillcurvy roads in Hill Bridge Construction Crane. Live the life ofconstruction worker and pack your lunchbox to start your shift.Drive big construction vehicles and operate heavy duty cranes inone of best city builder. Drive dump truck to transport sand androcks on offroad bumpy terrain. Operate excavator crane to loadstones on transport truck. Use bull dozer and steam roller and liveas road builder in construction game. Operate tower crane and liftheavy loads in crane driver simulation. This city construction gameis a mixture of excavator simulator, 4x4 heavy truck and big cranegames. Drive on risky roads and show extreme driving skills toexperience thrilling cross country terrain. These heavy dutyconstruction vehicles are difficult to maneuver on climb steeproads. You have played mall building and forklift simulator games,now play road construction game 2017. As offroad truck driver,transport cement and rocks to building construction site. As citybuilder drive super construction vehicles and complete cranemissions on steep hills. Use sand excavator as lifter in tractordigger job in the county. As crane operator use bulldozer to cleanconstruction site and become king of the hill in driving mania.Hill Bridge Construction Crane Features: 10 challenging citybuilder missions as bridge constructor 6 epic construction vehicleslike excavator, driller and dumper truck Beautiful hillside offroad environment Immersive 3D graphics and realistic soundsIntuitive controls for big construction trucks driving and bridgebuilder Download Hill Bridge Construction Crane now to play thebest construction game and experience ultimate city buildingadventure.
Russian Navy Destroyer Ship 3D 1.0.2
Take the mighty warship to deep sea battleand fight water war against enemy’s naval fleet. Play Russian NavyDestroyer Ship, latest 3D simulator game and attack enemy base todestroy whole fleet, water boats and navy helicopter.Hello Admiral! Your submarine crew spotted suspicious activityunder deep sea waters, now epic water war has started. Lead thenavy battleship into enemy territory and cause total destruction.Blow up the whole enemy fleet, boats and aircrafts carrier. YourRussian destroyer ship is equipped with latest gunship and rocketlauncher to target naval fleet submarine of terrorist forces.Strong wind is causing hurdles to advance forward and attack enemybase. Take charge of war ship and drive it to enemy submarine fleetin pacific. Feel the furious thrill of incoming missile attacks andheavy firing on navy warship. Crush small water boats with a hitand fire missile and bullets at mighty navy carrier to eliminateenemy forces. Do not crash navy battleship into mighty cruise shipor both ships will explode.Prepare for deadly sea battle and maneuver warships to fightagainst submarine, gunship helicopter, huge ships and boats. Sailin extreme weathers and face high tides in seas. Carry outsuccessful sea attack on terrorist camps, navy carrier ships andsmall boats. Played ordinary shooting games now experience drivingthe gigantic naval ship to attack rival forces in pacific. Feellike world war 2 being captain of navy gunship in ocean battle.Lead warship battle in navy war with missile and firepower.Russian Destroyer Ship Features:10 exciting and challenging world war missions in sea waterSteer a huge battleship in massive open world environmentRealistic battle field combat action in deep pacific oceanSmooth controls to steer and shoot targetsConsole quality 3D graphicsDownload Russian Navy Destroyer Ship 3D simulator game for intensecombat action and endless water battle adventures.
Up Hill Truck Driving Mania 3D 1.5
Get ready for the most addictive & challenging truck drivingsimulator game like never before. Drive 4x4 giant vehicles in UpHill Truck Driving Mania with toughest steep hill and treacherousbumpy tracks. Drive fire truck to rescue innocent people lives:There is a huge explosion in construction building, as a 911emergency fire fighter, jump into fire truck and reach atdestination. Rush drive fire brigade with speed police car &ambulance backup to save priceless human lives. Turn on sirens& master your firefighting skills in dangerous rescue missions.Use water cannon to extinguish fire and use fire hose to savecitizens stuck in construction building. Race to rescue and beready for emergency 911 call. As a first responder, transportfiremen team on accident spot and park firetruck near the blaze.Play as you are real firefighter truck driver, patrol around bigcity in extreme fire truck game. Clean up Hill Station by DrivingGarbage Truck: Collect garbage and other dispose of rubbishmaterial from stinky places and transport them to recycling plantin dumper truck. Enjoy hyper gaming experience by driving garbagedumpster on city streets and pick up trash from different spots tojunkyard. Forget flying truck games and army trucker drivesimulation, get ready for driving huge 4 x4 garbage truck haulerwith road sweeper on a mission to clean up all locations. Drivingcargo transporter on challenging off-road tracks: Buckle up todrive gigantic 18 wheeler trailer on rugged terrain and treacherousoff-road. Fulfill responsibility of logging truck driver & pickup wood logs from forest to transport them at furniture factory. Inthis free truck simulator game, drive among steep mountainoustracks. Go to lumberjack, collect tree log with giant harvestercrane and put them in timber lorry vehicle. Avoid accident withother city traffic cars & lumber trucks. Go to petroleumindustry, fill your oil tanker and transport gasoline at the gasstation. Park your offroad cargo truck container in fuel stationwith a challenging truck jam game. As a cargo transporter driver,you will be transporting wild animals from jungle to city zoo inlatest truck simulator. Drive safely animal transporter truck anddon’t harm or injure Gorilla, tiger, lion & other dangerousbeasts as kids love to watch them in city animal zoo. Your dutytransform in this transporter truck game, you will drive all cargobig rig & rescue vehicles. Drive car transport truck with realhill challenges. Drive auto cargo trucker from downhill town totallest hill offroad. Unload car at highway auto showroom inadrenaline filled truck simulator game. Test your drivingperformance in heavy duty truck driver job: Become king of road byboosting power and pressing race of monster truck but avoid trafficrules violation otherwise police will arrest you and issue trafficticket. Get your American truck driving license and become gooddriver by passing difficult hurdles and obstacles to create an urge& adventurous spirit. Enjoy this newest transport game Up HillTruck Driving Mania simulator with bulk of thrill and excitement.Features: Drive different 4x4 truckers to race, park and transportcargo. Unlock new trucks with realistic vehicle physics. 10 actionpacked cargo challenging truck simulator missions. Realistic city& offroad environment. Show complete madness by performingcraziest stunts on treacherous paths. Outstanding HD graphics andsound effects. Download Up Hill Truck Driving Mania right now totest your patience in driving giant vehicles on tricky roads tobecome best trucker driver champion.
Police Ramp Car Stunts GT Racing Car Stunts Game 3.1
Get ready and enjoy the best police cars stunt racing game forutmost gt stunts on mega ramps. Experience unique driving of rampcar in a city full of gt ramps and stunts. Inhale thrillingimpossible stunts in crazy police cars mega ramp stunt racinggames. Become the impossible tracks fancy stunt master of policeramp car stunt racing games. Drive around and smash other cop cars.Explore the huge city environment via police ramp & impossibletracks. Jaw-dropping variety of police cars in this best policeramp cars stunt racing games. Drive safely on impossible tracks andperform crazy police ramp stunts on crazy cars, police monstertruck & police jeep in impossible stunts racing games. Policeramp racing is about to start. Jump over the ramps with your xtremestunt driving mania and win over the ramp race. Police cars stuntsmega ramp game offers a new gt racing experience in different funkyenvironment including space and dragon ramp roads specially madefor extreme stunts games. For all lovers of police gt car racinggames and stunt games, this police ramp car stunt impossible tracksracing games simulator offers impossible stunts gt racing. Hurryup! What you are waiting for get ready to beat all the stunt racersin the mega ramp police cars. Ready for extreme stunt on bizarreimpossible tracks gt stunts ramp racing games. Discover your gtstunt racing and police car driving skills in this police carsstunt mega ramp impossible tracks racing games. The diverseselection of police cars in game attracts users in the space of thepolice cars stunt racing games. Be an addictive police ramp stuntplayer in racing, extreme car stunt racing on impossible tracks forjumps and gt stunts with high speed police ramp cars. Focus anddrive as fast as you can to enjoy the gt racing experience andreach your goal before time in a police cars stunt mega ramp game.Show off your best driving skills on impossible tracks. Completeall the missions in the given time in police ramp racing stuntracing games. You must have experienced different cars stunt racinggames but this will make your extreme car skills sharpen ascompared to the other gt police ramp stunt racing games. Selectdifferent police cars mega ramp stunts and be one of the best stuntracing drivers in police mega ramp car stunt mega ramp racinggames. Experience extreme racing excitement with police ramps thatyou have never felt before. You have the opportunity to fulfill allof your dreams of driving police cars stunt on impossible tracks.Simple instructions and smooth controls make this amazing gt carextreme ramp stunt game exciting for you in gt racing games. PoliceRamp Car Stunts GT Racing Car Stunts Game Features: Exciting modesand worlds to race around Multiple police car ramp stunt racinglevels in the best gt racing ramp car racing game Challengeoverwhelming gameplay and mechanics of ramp car A strand of policecars, police monster truck & police jeeps & Humvee for gtracing Beautiful graphics & sceneries to enjoy while havingramp car stunts Complete missions to unlock modes & levelsImpossible tracks for mega ramp car stunt racing Download PoliceRamp Car Stunts GT Racing Car Stunts Game and give us feedback sothat we can make more cars stunt police ramp games for you.
Up Hill Wild Horse Racing Sim 1.0.1
Go rodeo climb horse and run! Get onhorsebackand race against world’s best horse riding masters. Asleader ridethe best price Arabian horses and celestial stallion insavannaenvironment.Play Up Hill Wild Horse Racing Sim, the latest 3D simulator gameforderby race adventures on offroad course. Saddle up yourmustanghorse and ride on off-road terrain. Climb horse run like aflyinghorses tossing its mane in air. Break into gallop and jumpoverinteractive obstacles. Rodeo choose favorite stallion and fighttovictory against champion jockey. Make horse racing bet withyourfriends in this ultimate horse riding game. Get on the saddleandgiddy up for the best horse derby quest. Explore the hillyarearacing terrain with tricky turns on bumpy tracks. Utilizerancherexperience of handling the horse herd. Hey cowboy! Do crazyjumpsover hurdles and test the stamina in the long race course. Noonecan ride faster than you rodeo show best skills tobecomepoliceman.Why play a best horse game when you can enjoy racing inlushrealistic environment. Do crazy horses stunts in offroad arenaandrace fast for champions title. Rodeo you played policehorsesimulator catching bad guys and horse racing games, now enjoythemost thrilling horse rider game. Wooden carts and boxes areplacedon race course. Steer the stray horses and jump over barstocomplete laps.Up Hill Wild Horse Racing Sim Features:★10 highly challenging wild racing missions★ Multiple horses including arabian stallion & mustang★ Realistic hilly locations and bumpy race tracks★ Smooth touch controls for easy navigation★ Amazing 3D graphics and real animal soundsGiddy up and download Up Hill Wild Horse Racing Sim 3D besthorsegame for unlimited derby race adventures.
Zoo Animal Transport Simulator 1.3.0
Save people from vicious beasts rampage in free slots of time. GetZoo Animal Transport Simulator free game an ultimate 911 rescuetruck adventure in animal kingdom. We don’t promote hunting animalsthat’s why we offer you to make them unconscious and transportanimals back to jungle form metro area. Crazy gorilla on urban cityrampage load up your tranquilizer gun and drive truck to rescuecitizens. It’s not ordinary deer hunt or animals hunting game thatyou played already. Angry cheetah found his way to modern citypeople life in great danger. No need to hunt cheetah just hit himwith tranquilizer dart it will sedate him. Transport animals fromurban area to zoo or safari park to their natural life. Fasten yourseat belt and become a rescue truck driver of big city. Enjoyplaying this fun animals rescue service game, some angry lionmaking chaos in city life. Take sniper aim and shot him withtranquilizer dart. It’s nice for transporting sick animal tohospital and health center. Show real truck driving skills in thistransportation simulation 2017 game. Drive zoo transport pickupwith care among city traffic hours, avoid any accident or it willmake animals crazier. Transport jungle wild animals carefully fromone destination to next. Animal zoo department assign your duty totake care of vicious beasts in the jungle near city. You’ve playedangry dinosaur rampage and ultimate lion games. Now play as animalzoo service officer use tranquilizer long range sniper gun to takedown crazy gorilla and wildlife beasts by tranquilizing them. Drivepickup truck and fulfill animal transporter duty across town, zooand forest area. Enjoy driving pickup in open world environmentwith realistic big rig driving experience. Help 911 rescuer team bycatching wildlife animals who are causing havoc in town. As realtransporter take them back to safari park for their natural life.Features: ◆Open World Environment with Urban, Forest and Off-Roadhilly Sides ◆Realistic Vehicle Physics for Pickup and Big RigTrailers ◆Amazing Sniper Gun with Tranquilizing darts to sedatevicious beasts ◆Best driving and parking game you can play for freein 2017 ◆Intuitive controls with steering, accelerator and brakepedal Download Zoo Animal Transport Simulator for free in yourandroid tablet and phones and enjoy playing this multilevel parkingand pickup driving game in free slots of time.
Rooftop Stunt Man Bike Rider 1.1
Play Rooftop Stunt Man Bike Rider to perform longest challenges onextreme rooftop trails. Just tune your bicycle with amazing speed& energy to perform insane trick combos in precision mountainbike driving simulator. Showoff professional cycling skills in thisexciting outdoor sports bicycle game. Get ready for boosting hugejumps, crazy Christ and extreme mountain bike stunts but beware ofepic crashes otherwise you will lose building rooftop tricyclemission. Become daredevil cyclist by performing flip in furiousbike stunt race. Throttle mountain bike to earn skilled cyclistpoints at every insane jump on big ramps, half pipes and madtracks. Just race against your friends and show them who is thebest stuntman bicycle rider 2017. Follow cycling direction arrowsand ride mountain bike to perform trick combos action like neverbefore. Just maintain your BMX speed to carefully clear allchallenging levels in Rooftop Stunt Man Bike Rider. Each level hasmore thrill than the previous one so gear up your furious bicycleto perform big jumps and drops on giant ramps. Gain points torefill your health bar on longest stunt challenges. Just be onwheels, control your vehicle and reach the finish of every madtracks. Your happy time is about to start from here! Bicyclesimulator features: Two different modes for extreme bicycle stuntsEpic bike stunts High rooftop trails, big ramps and half pipes forall styles of bicycle riding. Special bonuses on performing daringbicycle stunts. Realistic bicycle physics with outstanding pedalcontrols and brakes. Amazing gameplay, outstanding graphics &sound effects. Download Rooftop Stunt Man Bike Rider right now andperform all the daring stunts you always wish for in extreme bikegame racing.
Offroad Hill Racing Car Driver 1.0.2
Play as pro rally racer and giveopponentsreal competition in Offroad Hill Racing Car DriverSimulator game.Win title of legendary fast racer by driving extremedrift x carson asphalt roads & off-road tracks.This newest game is undoubtedly best for fanatic fan of rallyracingseries. Drive, drag and drift to feel real racing carsphysics.Enjoy this thrilling adventure packed car simulator.Pressaccelerator, drag SUV and overtake multiplayer rival vehicles.Winwild challenges, earn points and buy fast speed escape cars.Feeladrenaline rush gear up to show off turbo driving skills.Chaserival vehicles and smash reckless opponents drifting auto.Proveyourself king of all auto racer and get crowned forworldchampionship.Drive multiple extreme vehicles like Sedan, SUV & Jeep toleftbehind all chasing auto in Offroad Hill Racing CarDriverSimulator. Overcome dangerous roadways & jumps by driving4x4vehicles. Enjoy real racing in dirt to surpass deadly challengesofdriving simulator. Overdrive Jeeps in off-road drift racingwithevery possibility to become furious hill climb driver. Drivemadlysports cars by racing at high speed in city &asphalttracks.Off Road Cars Simulation Features:Realistic Offroad hilly & city environmentMultiple racing cars like Sedan, SUV, Jeep & WagonOutstanding Physics based fast driving gameSmooth acceleration & brake controlsAmazing HD graphics & background soundsReal car performance upgrade system with multiplayeropponentsracingRock your life with fast innovative drift cars and feel thetruerally driving at your fingertip by downloading Offroad HillRacingCar Driver simulator.
F18 Assault: Hail Commander 1.0
HOW IT STARTEDRussian offshore outposts are one of the most difficult placestocope with. Being uncomfortably near to the north pole, thechillystorms, hail and snowy conditions make life virtuallyimpossible,let alone for any newbie pilot to navigate in.Jack Briggs is an elite f18 commander of the north outpostinRussia. On a seemingly everyday mission, he led his aircraftandfellow pilot to an expedition to take over a terroristcaptivatedoutpost. The mission turns disaster when an unexpectedtyphoonstruck the team, rampaging all of his pilot memberaircrafts,leaving him as the lone survivor.Gathering his strength, Jack gears up to finish the task at handandeliminate the enemy from the root. Even with his faithful f18jetfighter intact, this will not be a walk in the park!GAMEPLAYThe gameplay involves breathtaking battles between theplayerthrough air and land enemies. The five exciting levels ofgameplayinvolve hefty battles with assault jet fighter planes,mountedmachine guns, canons and pin point missile trackinggunners.Beginning with the simple take down of a jet fighterreconnaissanceplane, missions will start to get more and moregruesome anddifficult. While the missions will focus on eliminatingthearmoured cars and vehicles carrying reinforcements to cut offtheirpower, the f18 pilot will need to be constantly aware ofthelurking threats of fast flying jet fighters and mountedmachineguns with impeccable missile tracking systems.Your f18 assault plane will be equipped with missiles and canonstothe job. Be sure to be equipped with enough as the enemynumberswill be overwhelming.FEATURES- Realistic F18 Flight Simulation Controls- 5 Mission Based Levels- Fight against variety of enemies like Mig 29, Anti AirMissiles,Destroyer Gunners, Armoured Cars and Trucks.- Challenging gameplay conditions will detailed environments
Turbo Speed Boat Racing Sim 1.0.2
Buckle up to win powerboat and proswimchampionship in Turbo Speed Boat Racing Sim. Watch outathletes’water stunts & diving game by jumping and whirlingthroughdaring obstacles in powerful hydroplane boat.Your dream is to become best boat racer & win Olympics proswimchampionship in water games. Challenge your summer sportsrivals inrio adventurous swimmy simulator. Ride Jet Ski forenjoyable stuntsand feel refreshing sea breeze in realistic sharksimulator. Raisespeed of water scooter against ocean waves and winthrillingolympics challenge levels of Turbo Speed Boat RacingSim.High-octane thrill racing in realistic voyager boat, seeexoticlocations in thrilling sea through boat cockpit. Dynamicoceanwaves are challenging you to win the water sports games.Diveperfectly into the seawater and challenge superbcompetitorswimmers. Become superfast swimmer 2016 in 100 metersswimming raceand win medal from Olympics podium. Swim as fast asyou can to leftrivals far behind you in exciting water park divingand becomewinner of Olympian swimmer.Win swimming race drive raft boat, pass through thethrillinghurdles of athletics jump and play as real river rafter.Becomebest sportsman and test your racing 2016 potential inexciting 3Dpower boat simulator. Cruise ship with breakneck speed,enjoy waterrush and become super addictive of motorboat racing2016competition. In tough rowing boat racing contest, struggle hardtowin title of best boat racer.Features:10 outstanding boat racing challenges.Choice of boat selection.Tilt device to steer boatRealistic sea & ship simulatorHD graphics and sound effectsCruise around in Turbo Speed Boat Racing Sim and beat rivalsinnewest ship racing simulation. Enjoy swimming race, raftingandpowerboat cruising all in one newest diving gameadventureavailable for free in Google Play Store.
Police Sniper Elite Assassin 1.0.1
Join as police captain leadanti-terroristSWAT Forces, take down and kill dangerous mafialeaders and thugsin Police Sniper Elite Assassin game. Play modernsniper shootinggame to, save hostages captured in building in madcity.Captain strike with multiple weapons in fast-paced game-play.Yourteam abort the deadly mission but you never learn to failinbattlefield. Save hostage in community center inaction-packedstunningly designed game. Killers get joy to bringchaos in townsit’s your duty to keep balanced and harmony in townand policeofficer. Keep your arms reloaded all the time in arsenalto strikedown enemy’s hitman and foot soldiers. No need for SWATteam showlegendary marksman skills to take down enemy horde. Becomebrutalexecutor and eliminate terrorist threat to your hometown.Takemodern gun strike criminal save innocent civilians. Destroyenemylimousine and armed vehicle like a pro shooter. Save hostageacrossSan Pedro City kill gangster watchman posted on rooftops.Breakassault line and showFlawless shooting skills get newest weapons from armory.Drug mafias are transporting illegal cargo within real vehicle.Playas special force office and arrest and kill city gangster incarchase but avoid shooting civilians. Check rifle ammobeforeattacking on enemy targets. Fulfill police shooter dutywithexcellence and knock down masterminds behind terrorism intownmafia police war. Complete all Commando sniper shooter missiontounlock all deadly weapons. Look carefully in sniping gun scopeforperfect highway Police snipe strike in cops vs robberssimulator.Help downtown city Police in chasing prison escapecriminalsrunning after bank robbery with best counter strikeskills. RestoreLaw and order in town and end hidden crimes asenforcer in off-roadpolice simulator.Police Sniper Elite Assassin Features:★15 challenging missions to carry on as undercoverpoliceofficer★Smooth and intuitive fps controls★Multiple weapons for killing terrorists★Outstanding background sounds & HD visuals★Open world environment of city, desert & sea portDownload Police Sniper Elite Assassin to enjoy super duperandunending 3D adventure of professional fps shootingcrimesimulator.
Car Transport Train Driver Sim 1.0.6
Get ready to play extreme cargotransportergame in your mobile and tablet. Play Car Transport TrainDriver Simand deliver cool sports cars and passenger from onedestination tonext.Be fearless while driving big trucker to transport vehicles fromdryport to city dockyard. Drive train with real physics andamazingcontrols in open world environment game-play. Followtraffic rulesor city police will fine you for the violation. Useairplane pilotskills to fly helicopter for domestic flights.Transport vitalcustomers from skyscraper helipad to otherlocations. If you lovecar transport simulation games this is theperfect game you lookingfor. It requires fearless train drivingskills along with cartransporter skills to control big cargotrucks. As train conductorfulfill the role of cargo transportationtycoon for transportingpassengers and goods across modern city.Loading cars and cargobehind big trucks and helicopter requireperfect parking skillswithout causing damage. Drive taxi andluxurious limousine to pickupand drop customers or travelers fromone destination to next withintime.Play latest and real train simulator game for 2016. As realcargotransporter, ride on bullet train on railway tracks fromonestation to next junction. Handling cargo train is not somekid’sjob. Avoid any road accident and collision with vehicles,savetrain steam engine to get derailed. Flew helicopter or drivebus inthe city traffic enjoy multiple duty as cockpit pilot orpassengerbus driver like never before. Drive real truck fortransportationcar cargo across town without breaking any trafficlaws. Watchoutfor the pedestrian walking around try not to harm orinjure themelse police car will chase you down. Enjoy newest pilotsimulatorgame like never before.City Car Transporter 2016 Features:Multiple vehicle transportation and passenger dropping jobsChallenging flying and landing missions across cityNewest train simulation game that kids can enjoy playingIntuitive onscreen controls for taxi, bus and limousine carsHD graphics with amazing game-play like never beforeIf you love train transport simulator games or school buskidstransporter game you will love playing it. Download CarTransportTrain Drive Sim for free and enjoy parking, driving andcargo planeflying missions like never before.
Police Academy Driving Test 3D 1.0.1
Go go go! Cadet time is running shortfinishyour final level as police car driver to pass the drivingschool.Play Police Academy Driving Test 3D and get ready to chase,arrestand solve criminal case.Show modern police motorcycle rider skills and pass copsacademybefore you join Elite force or traffic cop division in SanAndreascity. Police car simulator requires a real American racerskills tochasing criminal case in motorrad. Drive quad vehicleswith real4x4 SUVs v8 engine powers. The rate of employment in NYCis verylow indeed you need pro skills to face this cops chasesimulator.Designed on real police squad training scenarios to facegangsterNew York on streets. Stay vigilant to become safe driverand don’tlet gangsta flee crime case. Enjoy flying policemotorcycle on highspeed in empty parking zone. Trash your shinnycars in test butavoid doing it in San Andres city traffic. Getnewest car parkinggame with cool highway police cars.Become police officer and make NY crime city clean of crimesashaven. You played cops motocycle, mountain climbing and Hillclimbgame to stop riot and bank robbery in NYC. Show police parkingheroskills like never before. Build your career in nyc assuccessfulpoliceman and learn basic motorcycle rider skills indriving schoolfor 2016. It’s tough enough in San Andreas citytraffic on hillpolice motorbike. You played much gangster game androof jumpingnow make your grip to face crime case. Drive SWAT truckuse speedand drifting to pass test before time. Enjoy driving truckin thisnewest car park adventure. Play best police car parkingsimulatorgame in Google play store for free.Features20 challenging parking missions for best policesimulatorgame-playMultiple vehicle to test your real racing driving skillsReal bus physics and motorcycle controls for amazinggame-playSmooth intuitive controls to steer the hill climbdriftmotionsEngaging music to enhance your gaming experienceDrive police bus and 4x4 truck in precinct backyard parkingzone.Download Police Academy Driving Test 3D game for free inGoogleplay store and good luck for passing hill policetraining.
Offroad Bus Driver Hill Climb 1.0.2
School kids are planning for bigadventureto visit up-hill station during vacation. Play Offroad BusDriverHill Climb for realistic off-road driving challenges on steepcurvyroads.Grab steering wheel of high-tech schoolbus and drivekids totheir favorite uphill mountains for crazy tourismcraving.Straight outta auto car parking school, go to suburban twisthilltown and work as pro driver transporting cargo. Leave mediocrejobof cargo truck driver and fulfill duty of driving publictransportbus. Pick up spanish tourists and school kids fromsuburban cityand drive big wheeler bus to desired destination.Encounterdangerous paths on rugged terrains on way up to the hillclimb.Load passengers on tourist bus and get ready forsuperchargedadventure through up and down mountain. Lots ofunexpected thingscan happen so keep your eyes on the road signs.Lookout for sharpturns on reckless slippery roads as big stoneslides down hill.Drive carefully like a real driver and transportpassengers safelyto offroad destinations. Beware of the prisondriver upfortransporting dangerous villains to the deadlyprison.Ay caramba! Escape the rush life of busy city and explorehilltracks in school bus driving simulation. Show off pro driveskillsand master parking ingenuity in racing vehicles. Makeyourpassengers happy by transporting them to desired location ontime.Show them interesting car services stations on the roadsideway.Hold steering, press clutch and shift gears from gearboxfordriving gigantic vehicles. Steer big passenger bus withrevvedengine on adventurous tourism courses. Drive carefullytourist busand avoid wrecking bus into racing cars or goatscrossing theroad.Tourist Bus Driver Sim Features:Adrenaline filled bus driving missions in city andoffroadterrainDrive multiple passenger buses and school busRealistic open world environmentAuto physics controls for smooth parkingConsole quality 3D graphics with detailed dashboard viewDownload Offroad Bus Driver Hill Climb, latest 3D simulator gameandplay as pro off-road driver on curvy roads of steep mountains.Enjoythe unending adventures with supercharged buses on mountainroadsand city streets.
SWAT Police Squad Mad City Sim 1.0.3
Take revenge from ruthless mafiagangstersin ultimate fight between cops and robbers. Play SWATPolice SquadMad City Sim to stop crime organization activitiesacross MiamiSiant countryside by performing insane offroadstunts.After passing police school academy training, jump intospecialforces as a real law enforcement officer & lockdownunderworldmost wanted criminals. Arrest crooked gangsters fromsuburbanghetto city who have spread enormous chaos &destruction intown. With a hot police pursuit, keep chasing fastpaced criminalsposing a threat against country peace. Patrol aroundand trackreckless thugs in modern war combat between police vsthief. Butbeware of passing time because if you miss shootingtarget,criminals will manage to escape on off-road hill tracks.Police Car Driving Game to Chase and ArrestHispaniccriminals:Fed up by driving boring cop cars on asphalt roads? Try playingthenewest police car driving game on play store. Become car driveranddrive off-road 4x4 supercars and chase arrest contractkillersescaping crime scene into gangsters cars. As a real lawenforcementofficer, take vengeance from ruthless crooks in towntrying prisonescape. Stop gangster squad in war against lawenforcement of Miamicity. As Special Forces police man, smash &crash robbers cars.Drive offroad jeep on realistic city streets butdon’t hit innocentcivilians parked cars near shopping mall. In thiscop chasesmashing simulator, take down Mafia Empire by extreme coppatroland safe city from ruthless bandits causing crimes at highpeaks.Somebody has informed you about smuggling at sea portdepartment.Without wasting a minute, get into cool police cruiserand drivefast on offroad hill tracks. Successfully stop robberssmuggling byboosting speed of fast paced police car.Locked up town most wanted thugs by ridingpolicemotorbike:Criminals escape in ghetto city and police car driver can’t driveinnarrow streets. Police scanner tracking their routes ridepolicemotorbike to take them down. Become real police moto rider,performrisky bike stunts to stop criminal escape and spare no mercyonbadass thieves. There is a huge bank robbery in urban town.Catchmafia gangs cars on cops motorcycle and shoot them all. Bewareofcounter assault rifles attacks by criminals superfast streetcars.Don’t let them rooftop gangster escape and take control of bigcityin your hands once again.Time to become chopper pilot and take down bad guys:Become police helicopter pilot and patrol around city toeliminategangster crime activities. Show real helicopter pilotskills byflying the police helicopter in the skies. Chase Chinestriad cars,get inside the cockpit start flying helicopter. Takeoffpolicehelicopter and land over the escaping criminals. Hispanicgangstersare out spread in town, planning to takedown city withcrimecartel. Show real helicopter flying skills and arrest the badguys.Chase down underworld mafia and put them behind bars. Lockedupcriminal crime lords involve in jail breakdown and otherdangerouscrime scenes. Takeoff helicopter from skyscraper & getgangstercars in SWAT Police Squad Mad City Simulator game.Features:12 cop vs criminal missions to become heroic police officer.Test your driving skills in thrilling car chasesimulationlevels.Different SWAT vehicles like jeep, cars, motorbikes andflyinghelicopter.HD graphics & exciting sniper shooter sound effects.Download SWAT Police Squad Mad City Sim game right now andbringpeace in crime city by big time gangsta cars deadliestsmashes.
Snow Buggy Car Death Race 3D 1.0.1
Race for freedom as this winter Snow BuggyCarDeath Race 3D action simulator brings you chilling death rallywithsimple one rule KILL OR GET KILLED!Fight against fearless and fierceness racing rival ontoughestoffroad tracks with one aim to become ultimate death racerworldchampion. Experience bounty missions in furious death racelikenever before. Crush destroy rival autos through armoredcarequipped with missile launcher and machine guns. Gear up getintodriver seat for biggest death rally because death match willbetaking place in cold freezing temperature. Drive armored carloadedwith massive Gatling gun and rocket launcher. Keep car steadyonthe slippery icy track surrounded by mountains of snow. Getyourenemies in the line of fire with only mission to crash andburn.Make this best car race an intense action game and blow racercarsashes in air.Choose modified indestructible cars for amazing snowoff-roadcourses get in battlefield where everyone is combatfighting forbest snow offroad rally skilled driver. Drive extremefast driftcar on slippery ice track. Maximize speed with nitrobooster to beice buggy car king of off-road rally. Use guns andexplosiverockets to make way to finish line. Jump, drift, stunt andstruggleto win or survive in dangerous death tour. This vehicularcombatwill make you go on brutalest armageddon of snow offroadtruckracing simulator. The deadly game in 2016 is becoming moresuicidalin 2017.This is not an ordinary race it is race against deadly opponentsandtrack itself. Prepare yourself for everlasting destructionofultimate snow buggy cars on white asphalt track. Beware ofruthlessobstacles and AI hidden cars firing at competitorsmakingimpossible to win buggy rally. This is not just schoolbussimulator or ordinary police car game, this is real roadkillersimulator for addictive combat racing. Race to unlockmoredestructive vehicles and more dynamic weapons possiblyavailable inDeath racing stand-off.Features:• 10 rival car chasing missions to win ultimate championshipofdeath race.• Extremely skillful driving required with hardcoreopponents.• Shoot down enemy cars with missile & rocket launcher.• Different weapons for shooting like Gatling machine gun.• Thrilling snow environment with curved tracks to drivebuggycars.• Crazy truck racing experience with mission to kill orbekilled.• HD graphics & exciting sound effects.Download Snow Buggy Car Death Race 3D and accept the challengetosurvive deadliest winter race and become world champion.
Robo Car Derby: Death Racing 1.0.2
Enter into death racer arena to win theautoracing championship with the freedom of prison life. Play RoboCarDerby: Death Racing game and exhibit your pro racer skills inthisnewest car racing game.Participate in a modern derby destruction withindestructiblearmored cars. Face multiplayer racer with Aistruggling to demolishyour furious car in this vehicle race game.Shooting race is muchfun with furious and fast speed. Enter racingarena avenge thedeath of your racing crew. If you love wrecking carand destroyfuturistic robots the you must play this road warriorgame. Derbyracing is so much fun with speedway driving game. Winthe title ofthe death racer and show professional hunter skills inracingarena. Battle against tank robot marching on car racertracksacross off-road terrain. To win derby racing you have todestroyarmored cars with xtreme daredevil skills.Drive custom hydraulic cars transform your muscle cars toweaponisedvehicle. Show pro car driver skills to win this robotgame. If youlove playing shooting game and racing simulator gamethen you mustplay this gunner road warrior game. Show best racingcraft in cardriving war game. Play this futuristic shooting gameand use gatlingmachine gun and missile to destroy mech andxrobots.This car battlegame have immense rollovers with bestdriving craft robotshooting.Win death race to get title of the ultimate survival. Fightforfreedom shoot ammo on rival muscle cars and drive racing carstoreach destination. Your enemies racing crew are creatinghurdles,shooting cars, advanced evil robots can knockout you butthereckless battle is not end. Crash and Burn on daring off-roadtrackas a professional champion hunter of robot game. Drive superfastcars on the snowy highway and knockout breathtaking racingarena.This car driving game have a mounted gun on the roof fordestroyingyour opponents in driving simulator. Grab the car, loadup guns,hit the road and leave your victories in the dust as youbattle tobecome the best car driver avenge in the exciting derbyracingrobot combat.Don’t be scared of wreckage just hit and smash rival sportscars.It's a knockout racing game where you have to finishdeadlinebefore multiplayer racers, if you don’t cross the linebeforerivals car did then you’ll be eliminated. But here’s bigjoyablescenario comes, these cars and robots are fully weaponized.You candestroy your enemy vehicles and futuristic robots byshooting themthrough machine gun & can thrash them by hittingtoo. Be awarethis driving game enemy gunners can also fire backwith xgun andeven hit you hard. So the only rule is kill or bekilled byshooting robots. Bored of other farming games, bike racer&fighting clans, then enjoy playing this car driving simulatorfullof fun and adventure.Features:10 Challenging race missions with shooting scenariosFully weaponized multiplayer racing carsDifferent weather ambiance with tricky off road tracks.Stunning high quality graphics for survival and race chaseAdvanced module shooting robots.Multiple weapons like machine guns, Missiles and gatling guns.Download Robo Car Derby: Death Racing and become ultimatemodernwar survivor and claim title of Robo Slayer. Enjoy as anextremeroad warrior in death race to become a car racechampion.
Crazy Clown Gangster Escape 3D 1.0.1
Become gangster clown who will notperformin circus or theatre but will rush & escape to ruin citylife.Play Crazy Clown Gangster Escape 3D to involve in big loot,darkrevenge from police squad and extreme escape missions of realmafiaunderworld.Once you were a peaceful clown who become famous circuscomedianwithin no time in New York City but rival clowns hated youforthis. They bribed security officers to put crazy joker injailagainst severe criminal case of police game. It’s been threeyearsthat joker stuck behind bars, struggling for crazy clownsurvivalescape in police maximum security forces. You have madegoodrelations with mafia gangsters + dangerous assassins whotrainedjoker for prison escape mission from Alcatraz jail. It’syour timefor safe prison escape from mental asylum & brutalAlcatrazjail in extreme presence of police forces. Spare no mercyonsecurity officers, policemen who captured joker for seriouscrimesyou never commit. Use baseball bat to hit cops & smashpoliceofficers, jail maximum security. Become skilled clown toshow-offextreme combat fighting skills in making way to jail breakin crazyclown simulator. Help your cell inmates and fellowprisoners inhard time in survival escape game too.Move shadow to shadow in stealth mode to run away fromshootingpolice officers & security guards in best police game.Once youout of mental asylum, meet underworld criminals to getcombatshooting & fighting training for clown survival escape.Nowfind out rival gangsters who entrapped clown in serious crimesyounever commit. Drive thug car to escape from police forces&enter rival’s territory. Kill your rival army of gangstersinextreme combat shooting + joker escape missions. Showoff crazycardriving skills against police chase and powerful combatfightingskills to take revenge from rival gangsters making criminalescape.In this intense crime simulator, become professional snipershooterto kill shot reckless Vegas mafia gangster in downtown. Giverivalmafia a huge lesson by destroying their all gangsters armytryingto make safe gangster escape. Enjoy this clown game toexecutegrand theft before police arrest & sabotage rivalclownsterritory in few seconds. Beware of city police patrolwhileplanning vengeance against crime lords of clown simulator.Bebrave, grab clown gun to shoot down local thugs in ultimategangwar shooting game.If you are bored by stupid robbery master games, police carchase& battle simulation, then try this newest creepyclownsimulator. Rush & explore open world environment toincreasecrime rate in New York sin city. Become crazy car driver,reachweapon store and collect explosive bombs to destroy rivalsbuilding& burn everyone alive in intense clown attackcircumstances.Put bombs on front & back side to completelydemolish building.Go to seaport to collect smuggled containers ingangster escapemode and sell them to black market. But beware ofVegas mafia clownwho will sneak out to seek vendetta for killingtheir men inamazing clown survival gangster game. Prevent yourselffrom intensepolice shooting, build your own mafia empire and don’tlet enemies+ city police win in intense crime simulator. As akiller clownescape from dangerous crime scene and showoff crazy cardriving +shooting skills in mafia rush & police arrest.Features:10 challenging city clown gangster mission to take revenge&criminal escape.Scary clown attack with intense shooting levels againstmafiaescape.Amazing clown game with variety of weapons & guns.Become ultimate shooter to kill grand gangsters injokergetup.Realistic city and jail break environment in epic clown game.Download this latest Crazy Clown Gangster Escape 3D toenjoychallenging joker simulator & clown survival game.
Crazy City Racing Car Driver 1.0.1
Fasten your seatbelt for amazing car racewithendless city traffic on asphalt roads. You might like drivingyourdream car on challenging road courses in Crazy City RacingCarDriver simulator. Become car drifter in freeroam racing,dodgecrazy taxi, real truck, bikes & racing cars to beatyourfriends in online leaderboard. Rank first in global racinggames.Clear all check points and earn scores by completingchallengesbefore time.Become Top Rank Traffic Car Racer in Racing GamesRank top in online leaderboard by passing ultimate drivingteston endless race tracks. This game is recommended for you todrivemodified sports cars to pass through checkpoints in quickesttime.Overtake opponents racing in car and race against trafficinextreme adrenaline rush. You might like world top classraceexperience on Android in this top speed driving simulatorgame.Avoid road accident and crash while performing cars drifting&turbo racing game. Accept in car racing missions, dofastestdrifter and biggest jumps but don’t violate crazy citytraffic lawsotherwise traffic police will issue violation ticket.In high speedrace, become best drag car racer in crazy chasing onstraightendless track with action like never before.Dare To Win Action Packed Racing GameUse acceleration and full thrust of engine to lead on theonlineboard in this Crazy City Racing Car Driver game. No need totakevehicle to gas station for quick refuel and car services.Showoffprecision driving in extreme car drag racing simulator. Beverycareful about cars accident. Don’t hit racing in car, usenitrousbooster for high torque speed. Enjoy car in racing view, hadenoughmulti story car parking. Don’t smash or hit school bus,parked autoperfectly on spotted location. Forget police flying carsimulatorand transport truck games, play fastest crazy turbo carracer onthrilling race courses. Clear all check points before timeand getmore time for the next challenge. Show best racing cardriverskills for multiple vehicles to your family and friends.Thrilling Racing In Car Experience Like Never BeforeAs real car driver dare to freeroam show crazy city racingskillsreaching on check points within time limits. Do you trustyour procar racer and drifter to reach top rank of leaderboard.Enjoyplaying newest racing games with custom modified racing cars.Havefun racing in car with internal cam and hud cams for thrillingcardriving experience. This city racing game is highly recommendedforracing games lovers who love furious and fast rides. Drivecoolestracing car and claim for the top position over onlineleaderboardfor best drag car racer.Features:10 challenging racing game missions to become race champion.Daring check points to pass through & win car race.Test your freeroam driving skills in fastestracingchampionship.5 vehicles to master in with your professional driver skills.Complete all challenges within time limit.Realistic city and speedy traffic environment.HD graphics & sound effects.Download Crazy City Racing Car Driver simulation right now tobecomewinner of ultimate drag race championship withglobalcompetitors.
US Army Secret Agent Jailbreak 1.0.2
Agent Tennyson! Your mission istoinfiltrate rival army camp on Sahara desert and rescuehostilesituation, help your brothers behind enemy lines. Play USArmySecret Agent Jailbreak to escort, you’re a teamescapeprison.Pilot flying military aircraft in no flying zone,thereanti-aircraft cannons shooting down your airplane. Get readytoexhibit skydive skills that you learn in military commandotrainingschool. A team of Green Beret, sniper shooter and sapperwas sentin enemy war zone to steal top secret files from aggressiveenemycommando camp in thick mountains. Each soldier is assigned onhighprofile primary tasks with excellent shooting practice. Playasbest spy agent and infiltrate Russian army commando base. Thisisfirst ever multiplayer game in play store where you switchmultiplecharacter in run time. Use secret agent skills to rescuesnipershooter from prison, then take control of gunner to snipeenemysniper on watchtowers. Sapper is held hostage in commandocampsite. Use sniper assassin & spy agent to take downbrutalenemies with deadly headshot. Try not to come in range ofarmy tankfilled with lethal artillery or armored Humvee. Use yourUS armytraining that you get on Special Forces commando course inbootcamp.Help your army brothers in extreme battlefield and take downenemyplatoons with your elite squad. Assemble your commando shooterteamfor guerrilla war in Sahara desert against brutal enemiesBlackhawkfighters. Help sapper escape prison jailbreak, use him asteam mate& dangerous bomberman. Plant explosive c4 to destroyenemy camparsenal and oil depot. Take down anti-aircraft cannons toflyBlackhawk helicopter to survival escape from rival commando.Locategreen beret to lead desert commando team and escape enemy warzone.Steal top secret files and take commandos team escape intothickmountain with rescue chopper. Play best shooter game with furyandagility in first person shooting experience. Be inmilitarycommando or sniper academy and pull off helicopter rescuemission.Play army commando game in your smartphone and tabletswithoutstanding shooting simulator for pc gaming experience.Destroyenemy tanks and army trucks to escape shooting range.Create diversion get passcode from prison guards onguerrillabattlefield. Watch out for sniper tower gunner in spyescapestealth mode. Lead special force team of military regimentsandleave ordinary citizen life. Save brothers, use assaultgunsdestroy hideouts and steal ammunition & weapons from rivalarmytruck. Military commandos engage modem weapons and armsinbattlefield. Plant c4 bomb and plan successful escape withteammates in fury. Test your military training skills you got fromarmyboot camp & utilize your extraordinary mental andphysicalcommando course training. 1st ever team survival game,exhibitcourage to invading into enemy territory and kill them all.Avoidall hurdles, take headshots on enemy commando frontline borderandplace heavy bombs on enemy base.Features:10 challenging army commando rescue missions to save brothersinhostile situation.Switch to multiplayer and play different characters.Shoot down rivals with dangerous weapons like sniper, rifle&pistols.Daring shooting experience in ultimate war zone.Fly helicopter rescue and drive army tanks, army trucks&Humvee.Beware of anti-aircraft cannons, fired to destroy chopper.Driving simulator & skydive experience as a realspycommando.Download US Army Secret Agent Jailbreak game and take revengefromrivals who made your brothers hostages in amazingshootinggame.
Traffic Racer Car Racing Fever 1.1
Get ready for superb racing time,becomefastest driver in maddening speed game like never before.Drive allthose vehicles you always wish for in Traffic Racer CarRacingFever. Just hop into high speed autos for endless arcaderacing andovertake cars closely in city traffic to earn extracoins.Become pro racer in ultimate racing championship, as you arecitycar driver in real life traffic simulator, avoid car smash&vehicle collisions. Improve car performance & getachievementsin online leader board ranking. Push throttle forextreme speed,showoff precision driving in different challengingmodes. Collectmore coins in maddening speed with superb adrenalinerush. In realcity car simulator, perform extreme car stunts, moveleft &right to overtake highway traffic in absolute carcontrol. Showoffcar driving skills in time trial racing simulator,exceed speed togain rewards within time limit like vehiclemodifications & carpaint. Beware of city police road blocks onendless racing tracks& avoid car accidents to win turbo leagueracing competitiongame.In this real speedy race, sit behind steering wheel ofAmericantruck and become skilled diesel racer with your precisiondrivingin highway traffic game. Explore new locations in superbstreetrace with challenging racing modes like one way, two way& highspeed racing. Clear all checkpoints as real truck racer& wrecktraffic in outrun competition. Perform fantastic drift&extreme stunts in drag racing game, race off from aventadorracingcars opponents in adrenaline rush. Become superb truckdriver,propel yourself to enjoy ultimate racer champion title.Makes nomistake in full speed action packed driving simulator.Showoffsuperb truck driving & improve vehicle performance ininfiniterace competition game.Traffic Racer Car Racing Fever is all about extreme car raceindangerous outrun competition. Accelerate bus pedal in extremestuntsimulator, watch out for truck drivers & crazy racerscomingfrom everywhere. As a city bus driver, drive faster to earnextracoins in superb bus racing game. Avoid wrecking traffic&aventador racing cars in extreme bus driving game, otherwiseyouwill lose car race mission. Be ready to become outstandinggrandbus racer in stunt game. Do you have guts to become bestdriver intransport bus simulator with endless racing proexperience?Features:Pass through maximum checkpoints: avoid highway accidents.Drive different vehicles like supercars, trucks &publicbuses.Different realistic environments like sunny, rainy&night.4 daring modes: endless, two way, time trial & bombspeedrace.Upgrade cars, trucks & buses.Change hot rims of car wheels & modify engine.Paint cars with your favorite colors.Realistic car handling, incredible vehicle physics &autocustomization.Dodge cars & overtake traffic closely toearnachievements.Online global leaderboard.Easy controls for acceleration, brake and steering wheel.Download Traffic Racer Car Racing Fever right now tohaveunstoppable driving mania in crazy traffic game.
US Car Driving School Test Sim 1.0.1
Follow your car driving school instructorandbecome fastest car driver in urban city turbo league. Play USCarDriving School Test Sim to learn car parking, high speedadrenalineracing and extreme car stunts tricks in exotic drivergame.Drive different vehicles with your virtual car driver instructorandovertake offroad & rally cars in endless adventureracingsimulator. Get behind wheels of powerful hot cars to passextremedriving test of beginner driver. In this exciting vehicleracegame, learn how to compete auto driving challenge in timetrialmissions. Follow city traffic rules while real life drivingondownhill risky roads and pass through daring hurdles withoutautocrash & car smash in best stunt driving game. Take part inreallife driving challenges & natural obstacles like highspeedhighway traffic, road curves & dirt environment by smoothcarhandling in amazing auto physics game. Follow advice ofdrivingacademy tutor to make precision parking simulator moves& getin specific position of multi-storey parking game. Don’thit parkedcars in multi-level parking stages, move furious vehicleleft &right to reach specific highlighted spot in latestdriversimulator. Drive western car through highway traffic, earnmedalsand learn real art of car race driving simulator.This is not just ordinary car driver game, you have to beskilledenough to perform daring bumpy car stunts on city bridgesand riskyroads. Take wide turns and test your precision driving innewestracing car simulator game. Travel in advanced car race track,tuneautos at best car mechanic simulator and make wild cardriftingstunts to test extreme driving skills. Become extremetraffic carracer and show everyone who is real speed demon oflatest drivingacademy game. Get your car driving license now inspectaculardriver game and meet your personal academy trainer todayin US CarDriving School Test Sim. Race off on asphalt roads to testyourauto driving simulator skills in newest city car driver game.Takeinitial driving lessons on downhill driving academy, learn howtoovertake fastest vehicles with precision driving & masterinroad signs to become best driver in driving schoolsimulator.Forget all car robot simulator & turbo racing game,enjoy bestcar stunts simulator & master in driving skills toearn medalsand unlock new challenging driver levels.Car Game Features:10 challenging auto driving, car parking and extremestuntsmissions.Superb car drifting, car racing and parking simulator.Play as skilled driver with different customisable vehicles.Earn car driver medal and coins on amazing car handling.Realistic car physics with stunt driving smooth controls.Learn how to manage acceleration, break & steering wheelwhilestunt driving.Realistic city environment with crazy cars traffic racer onhighspeed roads.Outstanding HD graphics & sound effects.Download US Car Driving School Test Sim adventure game right nowtoshowoff best car driver skills in powerful cars likeneverbefore.
Iron Flying Robot War Zone 1.0.4
Defense department intercept enemymovementthrough satellite they are collecting forces to attackcountrysideborder. To keep your national security intact the USarmy launchedprototype futuristic robot division for such missions.Play asmodern war robot pilot and destroy Russian armybase.Rival army has entered in the territory of your land and madetheirnew base near to your countryside. You need militant helptoevacuate that base and contact defense department to helpyourcountry. Federation government can't put their army soldierandcivilians lives on stake. So for an advance strike combat, UsArmysent their newly invented futuristic steel robot on rivalbase.Iron flying robot war zone is a fighting simulator game inwhichmech robot will fly to captured army base and destroy theirtanks.Use super robot to kill soldiers with modernized weapons andplasmablast.Play as an iron avenger robot and demolish enemy territories,killsoldiers and evacuate them from your land of country. Proveyoursuperhero skills as a futuristic robot keep your command onmachineguns and eliminate Iron Avenger enemy attack. Play as asuperherorobot, fly freely to shoot and use guided missiles. Inthis battlegame you can't take enemy militants lightly, they areheavilyequipped with their guns and military tanks to attack youinreturn. Be very careful you can't let your health bar go down,keepyourself in a defending mode in steel fighting game.Pilot gigantic flying robot and shoot down enemy soldiers innewlyaction simulator game. In futuristic robot game competebrutalbattles against combat tanks and military vehicles. Ironavenger istrained to kill and conquer the enemy base but their wartanks areready to shoot back in tank simulator game. Take up asniper rifleand save the country from brutal army soldiers in thisbattle game.Get ready to clear the territory from all sorts offuturistic armytanks and soldiers. This super robot game is realstrike tankbattle simulator. It`s a competitive challenge and funto useguided missiles against army soldiers base.This modern steel machine is equipped with ultimate weaponslikelaser guns, plasma gun and bombs to destroy brutal enemysoldiers.Futuristic robot world battle need real robot machines todestroyenemy base. This metal warrior is capable of fightingagainstthreat to your country security using extreme battletactics. Enjoymechanized robot war and eliminate brutal enemysoldiers usingmissile and bombs. Battle Mech robot is designed tofight thecriminal activities in techno apocalypse era. These titanrobotsfight to protect countries against any assault. Control themostadvance technology and strike down the invading enemiesinfuturistic robot game as a superhero.Features:Energizing shooter game playMultiple character robot skinsSuper flight powerDestroy your enemies in cruel battleChallenging and addictive game playCool and realistic graphicsDownload this Iron Flying Robot War Zone game and enjoy playingrealwar between enemy army soldiers and prove your skills asafuturistic robot game player. Give us your feedback so we canmakemore new games for you. 
US Army Rollercoaster Shooting 1.0.1
Enjoy amazing roller coaster ride but withalittle twist! Save innocent American civilians by playing roleofone man army in epic amusement rush and kill terrorist grouptobecome super hero in family carnival.Play newest action game, step into shoes of us army officerwhovisited Amusement Park to have family fun in roller coasterride.An extreme group of underworld criminals has planned hugeterroristattack on family festival and now you have to play assuper hero ofthe moment. As you are in roller coaster performinginsane stunts,take kill shot to eliminate terrorists withoutstanding snipershooter skills in real combat shooting. Avoidkilling innocenttourists who visited family carnival for extremerollarcoaster rideon dangerous vertical loops and whizz but facedintense terroristattack. Step into shoes of super hero in US ArmyRollercoasterShooting and shoot down rival gangsters in intensecounterstrike.Experience ultimate thrill & action in US army shootinggame,ride on crazy roller coaster & kill shot terrorists at thesametime. Play extreme shooting game in mad city environment,joinhands with SWAT police force and don’t let underworldcriminalorganization make safe escape. This roller coastersimulator is notabout family fun & excitement on crazy loops& whizz, youhave to perform real army soldier duty andsafeguard innocent UScitizens from enemy terrorist attack. As areal hitman assassin inbest shooter game, spare no mercy onruthless armed enemies, pulltrigger of marksman sniper gun and takedown criminal mafia empirein extreme shootout.Forget all other gunship train game & epic battlesimulator,play as one man army & kill enemy target in highspeed rollercoaster rush. With every passing level of real armygame, thedifficulty increases in terms of roller coaster speed& numberof armed enemies. Don’t shoot tourists in high speedmadness, watchout sky-scraping peaks, gut-wrenching curves and hugedrops inroller coaster simulator. Beware of extreme group snipershooter,targeting you from building rooftop in extreme shootingsimulator.Use rocket launcher to destroy enemy helicopter beforethey killyou. Load you assault rifle with ammo and counter attackon rivalgangsters with smooth target shots.US Army simulator features:10 challenging counter strike shooting missions in rollercoastergame.Play as us army soldier to save citizens from extremeterroristattack.Use weapons like rocket launcher, pistols, assault &sniperrifles for target killing.Amazing shooting simulator action on high speed ride infunfaircelebrations.Realistic military base environment in one man armysimulator.Outstanding us army game graphics & sound effects.Download US Army Rollercoaster Shooting game right now andsavetourists from extreme terrorist attack in peaceful city.
Ninja Warrior Assassination 1.0.1
Get ready for some epic action in thisnewNinja Warrior Assassination game simulator. Combat to killthebiggest samurai god and conquer for survival. Completethechallenging tasks, kill barbarian guards to be remembered.Proveyour action skills as an instinct fighter and clear allthechallenging levels of the game.Barbarian enemies are hidden inside strange dark castle torescuetheir samurai lord. They know people are really exhausted andtiredof their cruel samurai boss. Ninja soldiers are patrollingallaround castle gates to keep their king boss alive. NinjaWarriorassassination fight demands you to show off all your supermartialarts and legend survival skills to become real ninjaassassin ofthe century. Ride a horse to reach castle of samuraiboss and climbthe castle wall. Enemy ninja fighters & barbarianguards areready to fight, use your perfect action skills to killthem in epicaction game. Make best use of your unique shadowwarrior sword towin this deadly survival game. Combat with castleenemies includingarmed ninja soldiers, barbarian guards & swordfighters.Exhibit your extreme fighting moves in ninja assassinactionsimulator game.Be a ninja warrior superhero and take a deadly revenge fromcastleenemies with classic samurai sword, super martial artsfighting andsurvival skills. Become legend ninja assassin to defeatall strangeshadow rival fighters and bring victory with youramazing fightingskills. Start killing barbarian guards as soon asyou see them.Lots of challenges are waiting for survival escape inepic ninjawarrior assassination game. Fight evil ninja soldiers onyour wayand avoid every deadly attack! Climb and fight with swordblade,combat rivals with perfect action skills & kill samuraiwazirfor once and for all. Be the ultimate ninja warrior assassinheroand rescue dark dungeon. Fight like brave, experiencedwarriorassassin & bring death to all your rival ninjasoldiers.You are trained by a shinobi sensei to become a hit manninjawarrior assassin in this perfect action game. Sneak up onenemiesninja fighters & barbarians guards and wildlings alikewithstealth techniques, soldiers are well-armed avoid making anynoise.Sneak up on enemy warrior samurai to destroy them with yourstronghits. Be careful, the samurai wazir is well-armed and readytoattack. Hit hard and combat for survival, show your fightingskillsand kill king samurai boss in ninja assassin game simulator.Enjoyhorse riding and real combat fight of epic action game.Ninja warrior assassination Features:Ninja Fighting Challenging MissionsEpic action levels with different barbarian guardsKill ninja fighters and prove your martial arts skillsWeapons like Shuriken, claw & SwordsBeautiful Castle Environment to ExploreSuperb 3D Graphics and Sound EffectsDownload this ninja warrior assassination game and give usyourfeedback, so we can make more new action game simulatorforyou.