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Tom Black Sales 1.1
This is an excellent tools for sales people,sales managers and entrepreneurs. The app offers sales tips, salestechniques and sales approaches. This will help you increase yourpersonal sales or increase your team's sales. Learn from America'sGreatest Sales Trainer Tom Black.
Standard Club 6.0
The Standard Club is one of the mostoutstanding private clubs and cigar bars in the United States(according to The Robb Report). This app is for members only. Ifyou want more information go to our
NashvilleSounds 1.4
Official app of the Nashville Sounds baseballclub, triple A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. Keep up with theNashville Sounds schedule, news, promotions and ticket info for the2013 season.
Fart Guitar 1.6
You’ve heard of the ‘musical fruit’?FartGuitar is guaranteed to bring a laugh to you and your friendswhileyou ‘make music’. Fart Guitar features flatulent notes as wellasreal guitar tones mixed. Fart Guitar offers chords in the key ofGon acoustic and electric guitar with distortion. You canalsoadjust the mix of fart and real guitar sounds. Guitar samplesareprovided by four-time Grammy nominated guitarist Andy Reiss.Fartsamples provided by renowned producer Karius Vega! We hope thatyoulike it and look for more updates very soon!http://www.fartguitar.netKeywords: fart guitar, guitar app, music, acoustic guitar
Sort-a-Cord 1.2
Code it. Scan it. Find it when youneedit.Almost everyone has at least one drawer, box or basket filledwithtangled cords, cables and connectors to electronicdevices.These accessories accumulate for months, years — even decades—taking up room, creating a mess and serving no purpose. And,whenone of these is finally needed, it becomes atime-consuming,frustrating challenge to locate the right one.Matching an accessory to its electronic device becomesalmostimpossible, and often the device is no longer in use; butyou’reafraid to discard it because someday it might be needed, andhowcould it ever be replaced?Sortacord solves this problem.Sortacord is a smart phone app that works with coded stickerstoidentify and keep track of any device and all itsaccessories.Sortacord is a cloud-based system that stores and sortsthisinformation, plus model and serial numbers, warranty info,receiptsand user’s manuals. All the information you need and cannever findis now at your fingertips.And Sort-a-Cord works with any sets of things you need toorganizeand keep track of. You’ll find all kinds of uses for it,and it’sgreat for offices, restaurants, data centers, productioncompanies,even touring bands.It’s time to sort things out. And now you can, withSort-a-Cord.Code it, scan it, and find it when you need it.Optimized for new Android Devices.
Time Miner (Unreleased)
No Billable Call or Text Left Behind!Time Miner is a mobile application designed forprofessionalswho:Use smartphones for their workBill for their time by the hourTime Miner eliminates the need to manually track the time youspendon your smartphone. It finds billable phone calls andtextmessages, then generates a report describing each communicationinterms of date, duration and dollar value (based on yourhourlyrate).Time Miner is an automated process. Open the app, and TimeMinerdoes the rest.Mine your device for billable time and monetize your past!