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Ultimate Piece Luffy Grand Battle 1.3.0
Ultimate Piece Luffy Grand Battle is a newfreeNami ninja adventure game.This is the ultimate ninja game, this one is so fast and superNamiaddictive, and it has some Unlimited Cruise high qualitygraphicswith a good looking one Portgas running , the goal of thegame isto fighting Monkey D. Romance Dawn untill the end, and don'tforgetto collect the forbidden Roronoa scrolls so that you gethigherscore Grand Battle, Roronoa clash of ninja use the boosts onyourway Thousand Storm.Fight against different opponents in a fighting worldplatformerusing punches kicks throwing knifes Monkey D. dashesUnlimitedCruise and execute special Portgas moves of each characterGrandBattle!!There is many enemies in Ultimate Piece Luffy Grand Battle Nami,tryto hunt them while protecting luffy chronicles Portgas. RomanceDawnone Tap in the buttons that contain all type of attacks anddontforget to collect all Roronoa weapons to upgrade youpieceninja.This Pirates Carnival will help you to destroy all ninja enemiesonefaster Become the Pirate King.Piece Luffy and his deadly organization is out to conquer thekungfu Portgas world with his newly-create forces of clone ninjaMonkeyD. !You are the last descendant of the Nami blade clan inKung FuFighting Piece World, Dragon Dream the luffy kung fu RomanceDawnone master has appointed you to track down and kill the evilNinjaFighter before it's all too late! Use your PiratesCarnivalpowerful Kung Fu Monkey D. weapon to battle throughforests, snowMountain Become the Pirate King!FEATURES :- Easy and simple to play- Amazing sounds- Amazing clash of ninja animations- Cool Roronoa skill and one effect- Atractive chronicles movments- Flexible Thousand Storm moving and game play- A lot of Dragon Dream challenges and stagesCome on, challenge the Piece Luffy Grand Battle. Punch inallenemies, kick out all evil Ninja fighters. Rush into the duelfieldand become the Blade Fighter.
Dragon Shadow Super Goku Devil 1.3.5
Dragon Shadow Super Goku Devil is bestgamefighting, upgrade skills and destroy competitor. The gamesarequite different from the often-compared series, they usea"behind-the-back" third-person camera perspective takes place in a fantasy world exclusive from z gt kaiwherevegeta will train hard in order to beat goku by becoming asupersaiyan. Be a Man and unleash the full power of the prince inthegalaxy to attack and destroy your opponents at ultra sonicspeedShadow of Dragon. the ultimate destiny of super prince lies inyourSuper Hero Legend hands.Become a Ultimate Superheroes and fight again other shadowwarriors,comics and film. Enjoy an epic saiyan battle where youcan collectand choose many famous heroes totally FREE! Unlock themand select awarrior for yourself, upgrade your hero ability andstrengthenhim.Here, you can perform various amazing and powerful skills. Youwillcombat in famous battlefield, battle camp, battle city. If youloveboth martial arts and non-scifi skill you would lovethisgame!Another mode is the arcade mode Super Battle, a single playermodethat lets the player to choose the character let's yourcombatagainst the cpu in order to fight and gain theFighterDragon.Next is the z mode, which consists of two different types ofplaysurvival, where the player fights against cpu controlledopponentsfor as long as he/she can Super saiyan Battle, and timeattack,where the player sees how fast you can make it throughapredetermined set of opponents.Features :- Easy and Simple to play.- Cool skill design and effect.- Classic sound created excitement for players.- Nice looking with goku 3D graphics.- A lot of challenges and stages.This game is made for entertainment purpose only for all oldscholldragon fighterz.Enjoy and play Dragon Shadow Battle of Fighters!
Real Robot Transforme War Revenge 1.5.1
Get the amazing Real Robot TransformerWarRevenge. In this crazy game you will be fighting actually witharobot car, and car robot fighting in the sky of Futuristiccitywhich Dark of fell very adventurous Devastationandchallenging.This game is best for you, Get your normal sports car andtransforminto real steel car and fly like an airplane in the skythe Moon,fight Devastation with them and destroy all of theserobots mecmachine and save the humanity and be the hero of thecity.Also your robot car transform in to autobots Cybertron man Fallof,now you can battle with the combat with your human machine.Anddestroy all of enemy robot with your futuristic lasermachinegun.Join the battle dark of good vs evil, and face off as an Autobotoras a Decepticon in this strategy game of war. Choose a side,andassemble the ultimate team of Transformers the galaxy haseverseen. Rise of the and Join forces with Optimus Prime andBumblebeeDark Spark, or side with Megatron and Starscream. Createanimpenetrable Devastation defense in this building game andprepareCybertron for the Transformers final fight Fall of themoon.Assemble all the Devastation Rescue Bots and go on anaction-packedrise of the adventure to save the world from the evil! Rescuecitizens, outrun disasters and chase down Morbots darkspark.FEATURES :★ Dynamic 3D FPS.★ Enthralling gameplay with multiple quests andendlessfights.★ Battle mech mode and vehicle modifications.GAME PLAY :★ Game will bring your mission after mission. You will facenumberof enemies and breathtaking cars with fully weapons ineachmission.★ Clear the mission will help free this earth from robots.★ Creates a different every time for hours of radioactivefun!★ becomes the world best player.