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Voice Roulette - Voice Chat 1.03
For English speaking people only!Talk to nice people from all over the world. We connect youtonew interesting people in 1-1 voice chats. Make newfriendstoday!- Extremely easy: Just spin the roulette wheel togetconnected- Best voice quality: Also works with slow connections, littledatausage- Does not use any of your voice minutes- Completely anonymous, no personal data asked- Report rude users and they will be banned- Feedback option to tell us what you want in Voice RouletteThis is a new app and you are one of the first users. Pleasebepatientwhen waiting for a chat partner :)It is extremely easy to talk to other people with VoiceRoulette.All you need to do is spinning the roulette wheel andwait to beconnected to another person.With Voice Roulette you experience the best quality you cangetin a voice chat because messages are recorded before they aresentand thus, Voice Roulette also works on slow internetconnectionsand it uses very little bandwidth. Because this is aVOIP-App, itwill not use any of your voice minutes.With Voice Roulette you chat completely anonymously because wedonot ask for any personal information.If you don't like what your chat partner says or think or ifheor she is boring, just spin the roulette wheel again and we findanew chat partner for you. If your chat partner is rude, youcanpress the report button and he or she will be warned. Ifseveralpeople report one user, he or she will be banned fromVoiceRoulette. We will ensure that only nice people will be onVoiceRoulette!This is a new app and you are one of the first users.Thus,please be patient because it might take a while before wecanconnect you to your chat partner. If there is somethingwrong,please do not give us a bad rating but use the build infeedbackoption to tell us what's wrong. Of course, you can alsotell uswhat you like about Voice Roulette. If you enjoy VoiceRoulette,please give it a high rating!Have fun!