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F16 VS F18 Air Attack Fighter 1.0
F16 VS F18 Air Attack Fighter is the best advanced dogfight game ,an awesome and addictive air fight game . Become the lord of theskies and fight with the F18 aircraft jet and defeat your enemiesand opponents ,Destroy Aircraft carriers and try to last as long aspossible .So you can download this game and test the addictiveexperience of air attack battle scenes .Play with the F16 airfighters available in this sky combat game , In this game you willfighting with your friends against enemies and you should protectyour country and colleagues,Start playing now and defeat the airattack and test your dogfight skills , Set your fighting strategyand choose the f16 or the f18 air jet in this aircraft fightinggame .Choose your prefered aircraft and be the best fighter in thefield , choose from several jets such as F18 F16 and other moreaircrafts available in this f18 air attack game and destroyaircraft carriers .Just start controlling you Airplanes , shootingdestroying the enemies with missiles and machineguns .In F16 Vs F18game you need a strategy to fight and to win dog fights with airfighters available in this game . you can also choose from severaldogfight missions in this game .In this game there is more than 5modes to fight in the most amazing places and to air attack theenemies and to destroy them with latest weapons ,Improve your dogfighting skills by playing this f18 air fighter attack game .Avoidthe radars and launch your missiles to the opponents bases andaircraft carriers Features :- More than 10+ Air fighters withmodern missiles - F16 and F18 and more fighters ready for you -Customized Equipment,Warplanes and missiles to fight enemies . -Fight with your friend against the air attack - More than 10+missions in different areas such as aircraft carriers- Competentperformance of the game and great graphics- Easy realistic andsmooth controls- High quality environment and realistic AI- Lowgame size -Exciting Cinematic effects!Download the game now it’sfree and enjoy it Rate us 5 stars to encourage us improve the gamecontinuously.You will update F16 VS F18 Air Attack Fighter everytime , so please give us a feedback in order to improve our game ,thank you
Modern Air Combat:Call Warfare 1.2
Modern Air Combat :Call Warfare is the most advanced dogfight gameto become the lord of the skyPlay with the modern war aircraftavailable in this sky combat game , In this game you will fightingwith your friends against enemies and you should protect yourcountry and colleagues .Start playing and test your fighting skillsin the game and response to the call of warfare duty , you canchoose the mission and planes you prefer to fight with . In ModernAir combat you need a strategy to fight and to win dog fights withmodern warplanes available in this game . you can also choose fromseveral dogfight missions in this game .No matter how tough youenemies are , don’t let down your friend and response to the callof warfare dutyFeatures :- More than 10+ modern war aircraft withmodern missiles ready for dogfight action- CustomizedEquipment,Warplanes and missiles to fight enemies and variousweapons - Fight with your friend against enemies - More than 20+missions in different areas all over the world - Customize yourwarplane and change the texture and the color - Competentperformance of the game and gameplay - Easy realistic and smoothcontrols: With Accelerometer and touchpad screen- High qualityenvironment and realistic AI- Low capacity needed for the game-Exciting Cinematic effects!Download the game now it’s free andenjoy it Rate us 5 stars to encourage us improve the gamecontinuously.You will update Modern air combat every time , soplease give us a feedback in order to improve our game , thank you
Real Nitro Asphalt Racing 1.01
The best Racing game ever is now available,Race on different tracks with the best cars from severalbrands:Features :-choose from more than 20 cars-upgrade your car and get the parts you want-add speed power , brake power and other options-buy customized parts to your car-high speed racing in illegal races-test your driving abilities against advanced AI-create your own car design :change the body and lightscolors-real racing in illegal races-enjoy drifting and drag nitro racing-adjust car handling and mechanics-test real asphalt tracks-race through well known cities and natural views-play online with your friends-need for race ? ,click play and enjoyThe cars :Test more than 20 extremely fast and powerful cars on realasphalttracks , start earning money by winning races and unlock thenextlevel to buy new cars or to pimp your vehicle to compete inharderlevelsYou need for race ? , just choose the car you want and enjoythenitro racing features .Online race :Now you can compete with your friend and try to win , byinvitingyour friends you car enjoy playing in groups .In the online mode you can play in a real racing mode , youwillenjoy the high speed experiment and you will fed your needforraceBecome the fastest nitro racing driver in your team and earnrespectfrom your friends , show them how much illegal races areadorable.The citiesThe world of illegal races is waiting for you , race indifferentcities and in dangerous real asphalt tracks .All the cities are designed to be realistic ( Roma – New york–Hawaii island –Dublin ),the graphics and the buildings aremodernand well designedTake the risk and drive as fast as possible without crashing.Upgrade your vehicleNow you can change the body color ,lights color and pimp car parts (speed , acceleration and brakes ) and upgradeyourcar performance , you can also add « nitro racing »ability forhighspeed racing .perform amazing drifts and turns in realasphalttracks after upgrading your abilities .All you need for the upgrade is money , you can earn it bywinningin levels and racesThe game :High nitro speed racing is one of the best games to testyourdriving abilities in illegal races and on real asphalt tracks,play in different modes like nitro racing or online racemode.The game present a real racing project with realistic cities ,carsand physicsWhen you need for race just start playing and enjoy the highspeedreal racing .
Brain On Physics Truck Boxes 1.0
Brain On Truck Physics Boxes is a game where you should put threeorange balls in the back of a truck using the drawings and yourbrain , any drawing you make becomes physical to solve the puzzle,make your brain on and try to pass from a level to another andshare the results with your friends !This game uses physics andpuzzle method , you should consider putting the balls in the trucksmartly without losing them , train your brain on and test it withhard puzzles !there is also levels with boxes and you should addthem to the truck by drawing lines !Brain on truck physics needs alot of concentration and skills , beat your friends and solve allthe 100 levels , in every level you will find new puzzles to solveand the difficulty is getting harder every time !In Brain Onphysics you should draw shapes to make the balls reach the back ofthe truck ! Features :-More than 99 levels to play!-Userfriendly game !-Very good 2d graphics !-Low game size -Veryaddictive game to play !-Makes your brain on it !-On of the bestbrain it physics puzzle games!-Easy and hard levels of puzzlephysics !Download Brain on truck physics now and share videos ofyour gameplay with your friends !