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AC Land | Kushtia Sadar | Acland Office Kushtia 1.1
People can know their taxes, cases, maps and many other thingsbyusing this app.
Probal Pronoyee Saintmartin 1.0.0
App about Saint Martin Bangladesh for Tourist
Acland Nakhla Sherpur | ভূমি সেবা | শেরপুর 5.0.0
এই অ্যাপের মাধ্যমে নকলার সাধারণ জনগণ ভূমি অফিসের যে কোন কাজকরতেপারবে।
e-Land Office | Acland Paba | Rajshahi 1.0
The slogan of the e-Land Office is "Land Office in People'sPocket"means people can do all the land office related stuffs byusingthis app. People can know their taxes, cases, maps and manyotherthings by using this app.
Land Acquisition | Dhaka DC Office | ACPS 1.0
Automated Compensation Payment System for Land Acquisition, DhakaDCOffice