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Crop n' Square 2.0.13
Crop n' Square lets you publish a non-squared picture intosquared-images social networks like Instagram! Stop croping yourgreat picture into a boring square, publish it full sized! Justselect an image from your gallery, select the portion of the imageto show, and then share it to Instagram. You can also share theimage from you preferred program to Crop n' Square so you can flowyour image through several applications. Crop n' Square lets youchoose the background color of the square frame, apply a shadowaround the image and can make your image corners rounded! Try thenew Ghost Background! Crop n' Square has been designed to work onmobile phones and tablets, and successfully tested on Nexus 4,Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, as well as common modern devices.PLEASE READ: If the app is not working for you, please send a mailto [email protected] explaining the problem. Voting negative doesnot help to solve the problem, but lot of bugs have been solved inhours thanks to user feedback! Used Permissions: -WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed for saving the temporal images andfinal generated image. - INTERNET: Needed for the Ads. -ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Needed for the Ads.
Trip Budget Calculator 1.0.3
Trip Budget Calculator is a tool that helps you to calculate anestimated cost of your trip on the road.Are you going to travel bycar, bike or van? Trip Budget can tell you how much you will spendand differentiates between fuel, food and night costs.You simplyhave to specify the characteristics of your vehicle and the averageof food and night costs per day. Once you have personalize thisinformation, this will be saved in your phone and will be recalledevery time you need it. You just introduce the total kms of yourcurrent trip and you will get an estimated budget. So easy.From nowon, when you are talking with your friends about a possible trip onthe road, you can calculate its estimated cost in just a fewseconds!The application includes a help function to calculate theconsumption of your vehicle in liter/100km.Languages supported bythis application:- English (default)- German- Spanish-CatalanTested in the following devices:- Samsung Galaxy S2 (4.0.4& 4.2.1)- Samsung Galaxy Plus One (2.3.3)- Nexus One (2.3.7)-Nexus 4 (4.2.1)- Nexus 7 (4.2.1)- Nexus 10 (4.2.1)Permissions usedby the application:- Network communication: GoogleAdvertisementChange log:Version 1.0.3- the application can beinstalled on the SD card.- the currency (Euro, Dollar, ...) can beset by the user.- the unit of measuring length (kilometers, miles)can be assigned by the user.- the unit of measuring volume (liters,gallons) can be determined by the user.Note: no currency, lengthand volume conversions are carried out.version 1.0.2- Lets the userto set zero as food cost and sleep cost.- Now is optional to countthe food cost for trips shorter than one day, via user settings.-Several UI fixes.- Several internal optimizations.version 1.0.1-Solves crashings when performing calculations with zero or emptyfields.