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DeuterIDE - Compiler and IDE
A mobile based programming text editor, onlinecompiler, and integrated development environment built for Android.Complete with virtual keys for commonly used programming symbols,syntax highlighting, and support for over 40 programming languages,writing code on the go has never been easier.For a demonstration of the new syntax highlighter, downloadDeuterium Editor here:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.didactic.syntaxhighlighterDeuterIDE takes its name from the anion of hydrogen-2 isotopedeuterium, known as heavy hydrogen. You'll find, however, thatthere is nothing heavy at all about this fully functional editor.This application was made with one thing in mind – fulfilling theneed of a lightweight, easy to use way to write code on the go.Applications just like this start with a flash of inspiration; withthe mobile platform provided by DeuterIDE, you’ll be ready.DeuterIDE - [Li]ght platform, [H]eavy coding.No account required to compile and run. Ideal for use on tablets orother devices with large displays.Internet connection required. DeuterIDE only supports consoleprograms, standard libraries, and std. input/output.Pre-Honeycomb devices will no longer be receiving official supportpast version 2.0.Features:- Online source code compiler and run results for over 40languages- Develop on this mobile IDE with syntax highlighting, automaticindentation, and bracket matching support- Open text files and use as default text editor- Facebook and Twitter integration to share code with yourfriends- Search and replace, undo and redo, jump to line, auto indent,copy and paste, and other editor functions- Virtual keys for commonly used programming symbols- History of compiled submissions- HTML previewing- User defined templates- Option to use your own ideone loginSupported languages :Ada CompilerAssembler CompilerAWK CompilerBash Compilerbc CompilerBrainfuck CompilerC CompilerC# CompilerC++ CompilerC++0x CompilerC99 strict CompilerCLIPS CompilerClojure CompilerCOBOL CompilerCommon Lisp CompilerCSSD CompilerErlang CompilerF# CompilerFactor CompilerFalcon CompilerForth CompilerFortran CompilerGo CompilerGroovy CompilerHaskell CompilerHTMLIcon CompilerIntercal CompilerJava CompilerJavaScript CompilerLaTeXLua CompilerNemerle CompilerNice CompilerNimrod CompilerObjective-C CompilerOcaml CompilerOz CompilerPascal CompilerPerl CompilerPHP CompilerPike CompilerProlog CompilerPython CompilerR CompilerRuby CompilerScala CompilerScheme CompilerSmalltalk CompilerSQL CompilerTcl CompilerUnlambda CompilerVisual Basic .NET CompilerWhitespace Compiler
Tardis Live Wallpaper 1.4
Doctor Who TARDIS LWP: Now comes with two livewallpapers.-Touch controlled TARDIS-Eleventh Doctor opening sequenceNOTE: This will not appear under your applications, but willrather appear as two wallpaper services when you go to Menu ->Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers.I realize the image quality is less than desirable but pleaseunderstand that it's a trade-off between frame rate &resolution and battery drain. I've received comments about theperformance and chose to sacrifice smoothness and compress theimages to more wisely use system resources. Please have realisticexpectations.NOTE: if the wallpaper appears blank, touch the screen.If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to emailme at didacticdev@gmail.comKNOWN ISSUES:-None! "My ship don't crash. She crashes, you crashed her."
Tardis Button 1.4
Doctor Who TARDIS button: press the button tomake the TARDIS materialize! Plays the TARDIS materialization soundeffect while displaying the fade in/fade out animation.If you enjoyed this application, I'd appreciate it if you took alook at Tardis Widget, the button's home screen counterpart.If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to emailme at didacticdev@gmail.comKNOWN ISSUES:-None! "My ship don't crash. She crashes, you crashed her."
Tardis Widget 1.3
Doctor Who TARDIS widget: press the widgetdirectly on your home screen! Plays the TARDIS materializationsound effect and flashes on touch.This app was suggested by Peter B. I do apologize for the factthat proper animation (like the fading effect in Tardis Button)isn't actually programmatically possible with widgets.If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to emailme at didacticdev@gmail.comKNOWN ISSUES:-*Update* Mute option added, so I guess if you prefer to mute onboot that would be a solution of sorts to the problem below.-When you reboot your phone after the widget is already placed onyour home screen, it'll do a weird double update and then stopitself (so basically it plays the TARDIS noise). I'm not reallysure why that is at this point, but it's likely a result of the wayAndroid handles widget updates (this widget inherently has noauto-update; each press is considered an update)
Nerdfighteria 1.4
Multi-purpose app for nerdfighters. This appwill take you to a feed of the latest uploads to the vlogbrotherschannel, Your Pants (opens the app if you have it, a browser if youdon't), FYNF, and the Ning. All of that in one place! Yay!If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to emailme at didacticdev@gmail.comKNOWN ISSUES:-None! "My ship don't crash. She crashes, you crashed her."
Prism Paint 1.2
Previously known as Fractal Draw:Doodle with your finger with Prism Paint. Draw creative and uniquefractal designs right on your Android phone or tablet with thisfunky app. The app's features include fade and prism effects, prismdegrees, color picker, various brush styles, and screen capturefunctionality. Allow the motion of your finger to bloom intointricate and dazzling designs.FEATURES:-Clear-Prism Degrees-Color Picker-Variety of brush strokes-Fade On/On-Fractal On/Off-Screen captureIf you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to emailme at didacticdev@gmail.comTouch, paint, draw, have fun.
Chemical Compounds 1.1
Inspired by Doodle God, Create a Chemical Reaction at ChicagoMSI,and my chemistry teacher.Put together elements and discover more about chemicalcompounds!Synthesize the right combination of elements from theperiodic tableand receive information about the compound youcreated.Chemical elements are pure constituents of matter. Theyformcompounds by various bonding processes, creating newsubstanceswith varying, and sometimes drastically so, properties.Just takefor example Water and Hydrogen Peroxide; different ratiosofHydrogen to Oxygen produce very different results when theyundergoa synthesis reaction.Useful as a chemistry study tool or for fun, this app aims toinformwhile providing an entertaining and puzzling experienceofdiscovering new compounds.Forging bonds and making chemistry.Features:- OpenFeint integration- Wikipedia API calls for database retrieval- Updated periodic table (Flerovium and Livermorium, anyone?)- Pinch zoom enabled for multi-touch devicesPermissions:- INTERNET - OpenFeint integration, as well as Wikipediadatabaseaccess.- ACCESS NETWORK STATE - Hand in hand with internet, ensuresabilityto connect to OpenFeint as well as make Wiki APIcalls.- WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE - Allows OpenFeint the ability to savedatato the external storage.- GET ACCOUNTS - Allows OpenFeint to retrieve the user'semailaddress so that you won't have to type it in when creatinganaccount.- WAKE LOCK - Keeps the screen active while you play.Powered by AndEngine. Thanks Nicolas!
Deuterium Editor 1.0.1
Minimal implementation of a syntaxhighlighting code editor for Android. Developed as the basis ofversion 2.0 of DeuterIDE, available on Google Play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.didactic.DeuterIDEDeuterium Editor features:- extensible native syntax highlighting for some of the mostpopular programming languages- smart indentation- bracket/brace/parenthesis matching- gutter and logical line number detectionDeuterIDE features the above, cloud compilation, many morelanguages, custom theming, virtual keys, social sharing, andmore.
Burst Lock 1.0
Note: Android is built not to allowfullyfunctional lock replacements. This lock is bypassable andthereforeshould only be used for fun.Custom lockscreen replacement inspired by the cgi lock totheOscorp Lab in The Amazing Spiderman movie. Set lock patternbydragging and tapping interconnected nodes which burst outwardfroma single point.Requires reboot after install to automatically display.Root node positioning matters. It's important that the shapeofyour lock pattern match, and not just the placement of thenodes.Watch the preview video for an example.