Digital Application Apps

Led Flash Light 1.1.1
Free flashlight app for your device.Simple and very useful. Willuseyour device's camera flash / screen as a torch.- Blinking- Siren- Colorful
Photo From Video 1.1.1
Photo from Video is an application that allow you to grab frames/photos/ Images from video.It makes your process so much easy to get images/photos from yourfavorite videos .Save into sdCard or share to your friends.Record your memorable videos and get them as image, such a album orsingle.Select best photos and save into sdcard.Can download all frames and images on a single click into yourchosen folder.Select you image quality to save you sdCard memory If youwish.It will make you really easy to grab photos/ frames fromvideos/movies in short time.Video Image Capture Features :Frame Grabber, Photo capture, record video, Gallery view to showimages.please contact with us for anysuggestion or complain , feedback.
simple calculator 2.0
Sometimes even the simplest calculations require quick solutions.Inthis case, our calculator comes in handy.The calculator is verysimple, fast and etmou.There is no engineering regime, it willappear in the future.In ordinary life, it is not needed. And allthe simple computations are supported by our calculator.Ideal forschool children and for simple home affairs.We often consider thebudget of the family as a means of help.And such a calculator weused in the wheel in the lessons of physics and mathematics.Thankyou for downloading our calculator.
Animal Detector PRO prank 1.8
Do you love animals? You constantly compared with a monkey, arabbit or a fox? Then this app is just for you!"Scanner Face: Whatanimal are you" allows you to learn at any of the animals or birdsyou like the most! And sometimes even lets you know what animalwere you in a past life!Just point the phone's camera to scan theperson and yourself, your friends and relatives! Read any of theanimals or birds they will be!Scans all around and collect all thezoo! Lion, tiger, parrot, bear! And even a crocodile!Theapplication uses a secret method of face recognition and retrievalof conformity among the options in our database!This isjoke!!!Swing app and find out what you're an animal! Gone with yourfriends! Have fun!
Farts from Hollywood 1.6
In this app, you will find many fart sounds made by variousinteresting characters. This is a very funny app; it will make youand your friends and family laugh. We, too, can't stop laughingwhen using this app.
Города России 1.1.1
Все просто и интересно!Вам показывается картинка с пояснением, чтонужно угадать Город или Страну. После этого вы начинаете проходитьуровень за уровнем, набирая баллы и попадая в рейтинги Google Play.Вы можете использовать различные подсказки за заработанные монеты впроцессе игры.В игре загадано более 50 городов России. После того,как вы пройдете все уровни, в настройках игры вы сможете скачатьеще около 100 заданий по Странам и Городам всего мира.Приложениеабсолютно бесплатное и не содержит внутренних платежей.It's simpleand fun!You show a picture with an explanation of what you need toguess the city or country.After that you start to pass level afterlevel, gaining points and getting into the Google Play ratings. Youcan use a variety of tips for earned coins in the game.The gamemake come true for more than 50 Russian cities. After you completeall the levels in the game settings, you can download another 100jobs by countries and cities around the world.The app is absolutelyfree and does not include domestic payments.
Speedometer gps 3.8
Speedometer - necessary thing not only for the car driver, but fordriver of any transport. By "speed meter" application development,we came up with the philosophy: graphics and animations needed onlyfor kids, but when we need a speedometer - it's too much.Functionality is the most important thing, speed has to beaccurate.A speed meter is a gauge that measures and displays theinstantaneous speed of a vehicle.Our app shows speed as in miles asin kilometers. But you still have to keep in mind that the mainspeedometer is which provided by the manufacturer of transport.Ourspeedometer has two adjustable modes: speed mode in the city andspeed mode on the highway.Every mode has two features. First is acolor change, second is sound signal when exceeding the speedlimit. If you do not want to have ridiculous penalties - this isthe perfect app for you. Remember that the speedometer settings canbe edited and you can set the speed that you need!There is also amode of "no limit", which means that you will not be warned aboutthe violation, app will just show your speed.The advantages of ourapp:-accurate speed-economy of battery-warning about violation-theability to customize-does not steal yourdata-functionality-minimalism and informativeness-for those who aredriver
Animal sounds for Kids 1.2.2
This is a simple to use application for both children and parents.In “Learning” section after touching animal's image its animal songwill sound. In order to see how well you've learned animal soundsand noises, open the “Rehearsal” section. In this section you willbe given a sound and you will have to choose the correct imageresponse. Correct and incorrect response statistics can be seen in“Stats” section, its other options include excluding the animal youhave already mastered from learning sequence and also a completereset to start a new learning session. In settings it is possibleto change the language of captions and to leave a comment toapplication developers.Application will help children to learnanimal sounds or wildlife sounds, and will aid adults in learningthe names of animals in different languages. Application can bealso used by a child who doesn't read or talk. This is amazinglysimple, intuitive and useful for child's development.DigitalApplication team will be happy to help children around the globe.
Super memory 3.0
It has been recently scientifically proven that regular mentalexercise cangreatly improve your memory. This app was designed todo just that!Can improve memory with this game is easy!Colorfulcubes are easy to remember and with each mileage level you willunderstand that the improved visual memory!You can improve memoryas currently there and your child!Created 30 levels of difficulty!Improve memory and pass the game that's your goal!In the beginningeverything will be easy, but with each level of complexity andincrease the load on the memory!There are no restrictions on theage and mental abilities. This is a free game for, people of allages, children and adults.
laser cat 1.6
You have a kitten and he likes to play so much but you are so tiredafter work day? Our laser for cat is the thing that will help youin this case!You probably already know that cats like to play withlaser! They like to follow this incomprehensible point! And wewould like to introduse this product for cats!Every animal in hisoul remain kitten and he would like to play any age!Introduce toyour cat this funny game with laser! He will play at least 10 minsand maybe even 1 hour!Let your kitten enjoy the game!Remember, ifyour cat is so serious and he will not play with laser point movingaround the screen, do not think that our game is fraud, think thatit is just a joke! But we can guarantee that our kittens wereplaying all day long!
Birds Sounds for Kids 1.0.6
This application will be useful for both adults and children. Theuser doesn't have to be able to read or write in order to use. Weuse special technology, so the children can learn sounds of birdsquickly and easily. Every bird is labeled, so that you can not onlylearn the way she sings, but also its name. Your children willlearn the voices of the most well-known birds of the entire world:● Woodpecker ● Parrot ● Owl ● Capercaillie ● Nightingale ● Ostrich● Eagle ● Cuckoo ● Tit ● Sparrow ● Turkey ● Goose ● Crow ● Сhicken● Cock ● Gull ● Pigeon ● Swallow Listen to sounds and singing ofbirds on the main page, and on the "Study" page you can testwhether you have memorized sounds correctly. On the "Stats" pageyou can see, which voices are well-remembered, and which voiceshave to be trained some more. We guarantee that you and your childwill love this app!
fly killer prank 1.5
You can find a lot of apps which are trying to scare flies! But dothey afraid of them!? Fly is definetely nuisance for every house!In contrast to other apps with grandiose names which are trying toscare them, out app works - scare flies and even more - kill 30% ofthem in radius of its action within 30 minutes! You thought fliescontrol is all that we can offer!? No, nowadays they are not onlyone who can scare people. We have analyzed what can scare flies,mouses, grasshoppers, lizards and even ants! All of it we can offerto you! Remember, it is a prank!Enter the room, run the app andwithin 30 minutes you will see result! You will scare flies!Youwant to be outside but afaid of ants!? We will help you in thiscase! You are having picnic and afraid of grasshoppers!? Our appdefinitely will help you! You have a lot of mouses ot ants in yourhouse, put necessary mode and you will see the result! Summer cameup and a lot of lizards around you!? If it is needed to tell thatout app will help you!?Our advantages:*really works againstflies*really works against mouses and ants*really works againstlizards and grasshoppers*does not make battery gettingdown*optimized with emergency help*power control*easy usage*supportthe security status*the most impostant thing - do not stole yourdata
anti mosquito prank 2.8
You can find a lot of apps which are trying to scare mosquitoes!But do they afraid of them? Mosquito is definetely nuisance foreveryone during summer time. In contrast to other apps withgrandiose names which are trying to scare they, out app works -scare mosquitoes and even more - kill 30% of them in radius of itsaction within 30 minutes! You though mosquito control is all thatwe can offer!? No, nowadays they are not only one who can scarepeople. We have analyzed what can scare mosquitoes, dogs, cats,birds and wild animals! All of it we can offer to you! Remember, itis a prank!Enter the room, run the app and within 30 minutes youwill see result! You will scare them! You want to be outside butafaid of animals!? We will help you in this case! You are havingpicnic and birds are bothering you! Our app definitely will helpyou! You have agressive cat or dog infront of you!? Do not worry,run our app and you will see them never!Our advantages:*reallyworks against mosquitoes*really works against dogs and cats*reallyworks against birds and wild animals*does not make battery gettingdown*optimized with emergency help*power control*support thesecurity status*simple to use*the most important thing - does notsteal data
Currency Rate 1.2
Exchange rate calculator is a simple and convenient mechanism thatallows you to perform operations immediately to transfer any sumsfrom one currency unit to another. The currency converter onlineperforms an automatic conversion by the current rate at the time ofviewing the application.With the help of navigation you can findthe following:The currency converter online on your request makes atransfer of funds according to the current exchange rate from onecurrency to another: for this you need to select the main currencyand the currency to which you want to make a transfer, and thenenter the number of notes in the corresponding field.In thesettings you can select both the main currency and select severalcurrencies for comparison.The page where the selected main currencyis compared to 6 or less currencies that are important for you andtheir current exchange rates are important for you as well.Alloperations currency converter online performs based on dailyupdated official exchange rates of international currencies.Theonline exchange rate calculator works with all major monetary unitsof the world.
gps car acceleration 1.5
Does your car or motorcycle have declared accelerationcharacteristics? Do you want to check it out? You can do it withoutany problems by using our app “GPS acceleration”. You will be ableto measure your speed step by step up to 150 km/h. Do you want tocompete with friends who has the fastest car and the fastestacceleration? You can also do this with help of our application.App can be used as usual speedometer as well. App supportsfollowing: km/h, m/s, mph It does not matter what kind of vehicleyou have when it's interesting for what time do you accelerate!Prove to everyone that you have the most impressive acceleration!Thank you for using our applications!
gps max speed 1.3
Do you have car, bicycle or do you just like to run around? Do youneed a speedometer with maximum speed tracking?So this applicationfor you!App will show you both - your current speed at given momentand your maximum speed that was maximum during tracking time. Appwill start to track your speed as soon as you will start tomove.The main thing to remember: your speed should be within thelimits prescribed by law!Thank you for using our applications!Goodluck in fixing the speed!
Baby Daybook Height and weight 1.1
Do you have a baby?This is a joyful moment for every person!Thechild is a miracle which brings smiles and joy to parents!Of courseparents would like to see their baby growing up healthy andstrong!In the first stages the most important thing in baby’s life- feeding. And only height and weight can show how well babyeats.Our app will help you to keep track of these indicators. Youwill see statistics, you can add every day any changes in thegrowth and weight of the baby.We would like to see your baby, nevermind boy or girl, happy and healthy.If you just became young parentwe want to congratulate you on this joyful event in your life!Growup healthy and strong! Have a good indicators and use our apps!
How Languages Sound 1.0.0
Hello, today is a good day to explore sounds of languages. Thankyou! The application includes 18 world languages. You will hear howthe popular languages sound. You will be able to easily recognizethe language by listening to it.● Russian● English● Chinese●Japanese● Arabic● French● German● Italian● Spanish● Polish●Portuguese● Turkish● Norwegian● Greek● Korean● Thai● Finnish● CzechIn the application, you can listen to different languages of theworld and test your skill level. On Repeat page you can learnsounds of different languages. In Statistics you can see your scoreand delete the language from a study list. In Settings you canchange the language of the text and read language titles in alanguage of your choosing. Now you'll know exactly how differentlanguages sound and will be able to recognize the language just bythe sound of it.
Galaxy Shooter: Alien Attack 2.0
Space shooter is available on all Android devices.The game isfullof unique space adventure! Each new level gives you an accesstonew enemies and fighting scenarios. You can level up yourspaceshipand grow stronger!Become a space hero that can save ourGalaxy!Thegame is not a military simulator, that is why playing itso muchfun.The constant stream of new exciting adventures iswaiting foryou!In the game, you act as a hot space war veteran. Youneed tosave the galaxy from a certain death from alien invaders,mercilessspaceships and power-hungry bosses!Game features:40 levelswithreal possibility of finishing them11 different types ofspaceinvadersMultiple free bonuses that will help you to win andbecomethe strongest in the GalaxySpaceship upgradesystemUniquelevelsBoss fighting levelsSupport for slower deviceswhileretaining the level of graphicsAbility to enjoy yourselfinstead ofplaying on the same level 1000 timesThanks to you, GalaxyWILL besaved! Join the fight to defend your planet!