Digital Footmark Apps

Smooth Alarm Notifier 1.1
The app improves the standardalarmfunctionality.Samsung alarms:* hide the global alarm icon if the next alarm is not within next24hours.* Possibility to skip the next alarm (2 hours before thealarmtime)All alarms:* Ability to show LED indicators* Vibrate the alarm before the actual alarm time
Smooth Camera Launcher 2.3
A fine companion for your favorite cameraapplication! Automatically turns the phone to silent mode todisable shutter sounds. Also allows you to use the power/volume keyas a camera launcher.Comments and news:
Snake Touch 2.4.0
A classic snake game with touch controls. Avoid hitting to walls,itself or obstacles while growing the snake longer. Campaign gamehas bunch of levels to complete. In multi player battle two playerscan play with the same device. Control the snake by touching thescreen. In multi player game touch will turn the nearest snake.
Wings 1.1.8
Wings is a classic horizontal arcade WW II flying game. Fly variousmissions destroying enemies and protecting the allies. Control theplane by tilting the phone or virtual joystick. Fire weapons orslow down the plane with the other buttons.
Pocket Sensei 1.8.0
Pocket Sensei is a Japanese language learning tool. It teach youmore than 8000 most common words, over 2000 kanjis and hiragana andkatakana grouped by Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)levels 1 - 5. Tool asks different character, reading and meaningcombinations and remembers your progress. Works completely offline.You can add widgets on your homescreen to make the learning easierthat ever. The results can be synced between the devices with thecloud.
Pocket Kanji 1.6.1
An easy to use English-Japanese dictionary. Contains 110,000 wordsand 6,500 kanji characters. Works completely off line. Write theword in Japanese or English with optional stroke count or kanjiradical filtering. The kanji can be drawn as well. The applicationbecame free so all customer that bought it please contact support.