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stimer - the best study timer! 1.0
Prepare better for your ACCA (CIMA, DipIFR, etc.) exams easilycontrolling your time allocation! Just set a number of marks andpress Start - that's it! If you need to try more strict conditionsusing the timer - reduce your time by any percentage you need. Youcan also easily adjust time per mark. Quick and easy with stimer -the best study timer for your ACCA (CIMA, DipIFR, etc.) exams! Akey to your exam success for many qualifications (such as ACCA,CIMA, CFA) is the ability to work under time constraints. The timerwill help you to set your time depending on a number of marks youset. No need for other timers and using a calculator to know howmuch time you need to set. And no more rounding to the nearestminute - stimer is a precise timer.Features of the timer:- You canset the number of marks either by inputting a number into the fieldor manually adjusting the value by the buttons. The same works ifyou want to reduce time by any percentage.- The timer doesn't stopwhen you open other apps. So, you will not be disturbed by pausingand continuing the timer again.- The timer sets a notification inthe status bar, that disappears when the timer is stopped.It wouldbe very appreciated if you send me your feedback! Good luck withyour ACCA exams!Disclaimer: stimer is not affiliated with ACCA,CIMA, CFA or other qualifications and organizations. However, thistimer will help you to pass the exams.
Spelly - Harry Potter spells and a quiz game! 2.01
How many Harry Potter spells can you remember? Not as many as thisapp has. Go to Spelly - it has all of them! This applicationcontains every single spell from the original Harry Potter books.No need to search somewhere else - each Harry Potter spell is here!Test your knowledge in a quiz!Spelly looks good and is veryconvenient to use for Harry Potter fans:- find additionalinformation,- get a Harry Potter spells quiz,- sort and filterHarry Potter spells,- mark favorite spells and see, what spells arealready seen,- shake to open random spells,- or share any HarryPotter spell to your friend!New functions and translations forHarry Potter fans are coming soon!