Digital Helper Design Studio Apps

Exchange Rates 1.4
Download "Exchange Rates" to get the converted rate of foreigncurrency in the world, it is totally free.Easy to convert a varietyof foreign currencies.Add your personal currency collectionlist.Exchange Rates / Currency converterMore than 150 currenciescan be converted. It provides real-time exchange rates and alsooffline mode★ Free Edition. It offers live currency rates★ 150+world currencies list★ Live currency conversion rates ★ Live rates★Offline mode (Can still check exchange rates even no networkconnection.)
Notes - Notepad 1.7
Notes - Notepad is an intuitive, lightweight Notepad applicationserves all your note taking needs. It gives you a quick and simplenotepad editing experience when you write notes, memo, email,message, shopping list and to do list. It makes to take a noteeasier than any other notepad and memo apps. Features Include: -Auto-saved. - Simply search notes using text. - Create notes fromother apps, using 'share'. - Reserve your notes with import/exportfunction. - Simple Navigation 1.3
★LED Scroller★ LED Scroller is an intuitive, lightweight app thatturns your android device(s) into an electronic bulletinboard/electronic notice board. Concerts, video games fans are usingthis application! Input text anywhere, anytime, display mobilephone screens, and convey messages. I hope you like it and love it.Features Include: ☆ Customize the size of the font to be displayed.☆ Customize the color of the font to be displayed. ☆ Adjust thespeed of movement ☆ Blink mode ☆ Control scroll direction ☆ Simpleand easy-to-use interface
Music Player - Mp3 Player 1.5
A simple Music Player/Mp3 Player for Android.Features: ☆ Manage andplay music through songs, albums, artists and custom playlist ☆Quickly search albums, artists and songs
To-Do List, Task List, Reminder 1.2
It's a quick, simple and easy to use To-Do List / Reminder app.This App allows you to follow up on everything from daily chores togrand plans, so that you can easily complete them and enjoy therest of your quiet time. You don't have to worry about forgettinganything. Key features: ★ User-friendly management tasks ★ Taskscan be grouped with different tag ★ Smart notification when youneed them
Unit Converter 1.9
This unit converter is the most intuitive and easy to use. It alsohas a beautiful and optimized UI. Features: • Completely free. •Beautiful UI. • Instant Conversion as you type. • Convert to allunits simultaneously. • Currency conversion with over 30currencies. Available Units: • Angle • Area • Binary •Concentration • Currency • Current • Data • Density • Flow • Force• Fuel • Illuminance • Length • Power • Prefix • Pressure •Radiation • Speed • Temperature • Time • Torque • Viscosity •Voltage • Volume • Weight • Work
Flashlight Pro 1.3
Flashlight Pro make your android device(s) transformed into aflashlight! This is all for free!