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Prepare for surgery, learn new procedures, and test your knowledge– anytime, anywhere. Our surgical simulator training platform isspecially designed for surgical and medical professionals. Ourlibrary has over 150 procedures in 16 specialities and continues togrow. Touch Surgery has more than 2.5 million users and is anintegrated component in over 100 residency programs in the US. Itis endorsed by the AO Foundation, American Association for Surgeryof the Hand (AASH), British Association of Plastic, Reconstructiveand Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) and the Royal College of Surgeonsof Edinburgh. FEATURES: - Learn surgical procedures from the screenof your smartphone! - Explore a library of over 150 procedures in16 specialties. - Step by step walkthroughs of surgical procedures.- Surgical videos recorded live from the operating room. -Simulations of surgeries rendered in cinematic-quality 3D graphics.- Detailed learning modules with procedure-specific tests, authoredby leading surgeons. - Frequent updates with new content. - Offlinemode allows you to download procedures and watch anytime. - Createa personal profile and receive curated content customized for you.- Completely free to download and use. No advertisements! WHAT OURUSERS ARE SAYING: “Simple, informative and extremely useful forreviewing some common and speciality procedures.” “It’s just likeperforming a real-life surgery.” “Incredible, the things I’velearned with this app.” “Best surgical app ever for learningprocedures.” “Great accuracy for surgical simulation.” “It’s thebest app for surgeons.” “Amazing and informative app. Easy to signup and get stuck into the modules.” “2 words LOVE IT” IN THE PRESS:“A compelling and accurate tool.” –BBC News “As a means ofspreading best practice and drilling procedural steps into traineesurgeons’ minds, Touch Surgery offers a radical new model for theprofession.” –The Guardian “Complex surgeries... take years fornovice surgeons to master. Now they can practise all they want,without risking patients.” –Wired “Hosts the best surgicalsimulations.” –TopOrthoApps “An integral tool for surgeons acrossthe world to learn, and rehearse operations.” –MedGadget TouchSurgery has been featured regularly in the media: BBC News, theGuardian, Financial Times, TechCrunch, Mashable, Wired, Bloomberg,Breast Cancer Care, Tech City, TecMundo, TopOrthoApps, andMedGadget, among others. WHAT TOUCH SURGERY CAN DO FOR YOU: TouchSurgery provides effective training for surgical and medicalprofessionals on a wide range of procedures through an innovativeapp-based simulation platform. Our platform supports your trainingby allowing you to learn and rehearse anytime, anywhere, from theconvenience of your smartphone. Simulations combine live surgicalvideos with cinematic-quality 3D graphics to replicate procedureswith the highest possible fidelity. Our surgical content isdeveloped in collaboration with leading surgeons and institutionsworldwide to ensure accuracy and validity. We offer over 150procedures in 16 specialities (General Surgery, Neurosurgery,Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Emergency Medicine and more) and ourlibrary is constantly growing. Our fully interactive simulationshave been quantitatively demonstrated to yield better results thantraditional training methods. On the app, procedures are presentedstep by step and mimic in vivo manipulation of instruments andanatomy, improving engagement for a deeper level of understanding.You can test your knowledge, master specific techniques, or refreshyour skills before an operation. Find out
TS-Player 4.16.1
TS-Player is the companion app to Touch Surgery. For the bestexperience and to access the full catalogue of procedures pleasedownload the Touch Surgery application. ----Practice and train foryour surgical procedures with Touch Surgery, the number one toolfor medical professionals. This fast and easy-to-use interactivesimulator allows you to practice surgery with a realistic anddetailed guide every step of the way. Test your knowledge, trackyour progress, and share results with fellow professionals - allfor FREE!Recommended by The AO foundation, BAPRAS, AASH, The RoyalCollege of Surgeons of Edinburgh and already used in numerousresidency programs across the USA.USER REVIEWS:“Great app forlearning! Easy to use and realistic simulations!”“Brilliant Amazingand informative app. Easy to sign up and get stuck into themodules.”“I really like this app! I like how realistic it is andjust how real it is.”“A 5 star rating is not enough”“This app is alife saver!”“is indisputably the BEST app of its kind!!!”Find outmore: 2.2.2
With Touch Surgery Dynamic, prepare for specialized surgeries withrich, highly interactive content. Touch Surgery Dynamic offersadvanced, tailor-made simulations not seen in the standard TouchSurgery app.