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Hadith Book Sahih Bukhari-أحاديث 3.3
Sahih Bukhari English One of the most informative collection ofahadees in the form of a book on the market. A type of islamicsolution to every day problems muslim ummah,a descriptive form ofSunnah,the life style of Hazrat Muhammah (Sallahu Alahi Wasalam).The following features make it a unique application on the market;-Easy to use Interface -social media sharing -offline -Bookmark
File Explorer- File Manager 3.1
☛ ☛ CUSTOMER REVIEWS ABOUT APP ☛ File Explorer- File Manager andShare is latest and easy file explorer and file manager managerapp. allows to Explore, Manage and Share your files and folderseasily. File Explorer- File Manager is like a file browser appprovides browsing and access as internal storage explorer and phoneSD Card contents with pretty UI design. Just click to installapplications, and check zipped files. File Explorer- File Managertransfer your files easily using many option such as Bluetooth andemails. Using this file organizer you can copy and paste filesbetween Bluetooth-ready devices and transferring files betweenBluetooth devices. Other sharing media supported by File Explorer-File Manager are Mailing etc.. File Explorer- File Manager, manageyour files just like you do on your PC or Laptop performingfollowing operations upon- FOLDER: • Search Folders or Directories• Select Multiples • Copy • Paste • Cut/Move • Delete • Rename •Compress zip • Show/Hide • Create folder • Show Details OPERATIONSUPON FILES: • Search files • Read/Write • Copy • Paste • Cut • Move• Compress zip • Delete • Rename • Show/Hide • Details • Share/SendUnique customized files icon pack with following supports MS Excel,MS Word, MS Power Point, PDF, JPEG, MOV, HTML, XML, Torrent, APK,Zip, FTP and much more UNIQUE FEATURES: • File transfer: Allowsfile sharing via Bluetooth E-mail and Wi-Fi. • Support allapplication files like Jpg,Png,Avi,Apk,Ftp,Html,Zip etc... • SearchFiles and Folders. Also hide and show files and folders. • Built-inZIP and RAR support. • View files in List. Also shows Full Path ofthe files and folders. • Home button is present for moving back tohome page of the app. • Show thumbnails of audio and video files. •Require less space to install and having fast processing of files.• Support multiple languages i.e. Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Czech,Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian,Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. Don't forget to review andrate this app
Weather Widget Lite - 2019 6.9
♦♦♦ Weather Forecast & Widgets provide current day and futureweather info with beautiful widget.Best Weather Forecast of USAmerica,Brazil and India ♦♦♦ Weather Forecast & Widgetsprovides current, daily and weekly forecasts with beautiful screenweather widgets for not only Pakistan but for other countries ofthe world also. The elegant and full-featured with accurate currentand 5 days weather forecasts with clock on screen widget. One ofthe most accurate, dynamic and quick local weather forecastapplication provides detailed information for all cities worldwide.Find weather report of your current location easily with one tap onyour device. Weather Forecast & Widgets is a forecastingapplication accurately predicts the state of the atmosphere for afuture time and a given location. These weather forecasts are madeby collecting quantitative data about the current state of thatdesired location. You can find the precise weather conditions likesunny, cloudy, cold, hot, hail, snow etc… for today weather, alsofor next week’s 5 days forecasts. ★ Weather:- ➤ Weather Forecast& Widgets provides weather information (temperature, generalconditions of the day) and local time are shown on the widget ➤Distinctive weather icon packs available to be applied to thisclock weather widget ➤ Weather Forecast & Widgets data sourcesfrom Open Weather Map ➤ Weather Forecast & Widgets containAutomatic location detection and manual location addition are bothavailable. ➤ Weather Forecast & Widgets Provides world weatherfrom weather network with just change locations, so you can getweather info of any city in the world ➤ Weather Forecast &Widgets Automatic update with interval of 3 hours and one day➤Weather Forecast & Widgets Conduct a series of operations:Fahrenheit and Celsius for you to choose, setting clock, calendar,location, widget and reading detailed report. ➤ Get a detailedreport of current location, current low/high temperature, windspeed and direction, humidity, visibility, atmospheric pressure,dew point, 3 hours weather forecast, 5 and 7 days weatherforecasts, and UV index with north direction on ★ Weather Widget:-Weather Forecast & Widgets provide detail weather forecastreport of current location, current forecast conditions, currentlow/high temperature, date, wind speed, humidity, and next 5 daysweather forecasts with north direction on screen widget. ★ WeatherForecast & Widgets Provide Main Forecast Conditions- Clear,Snow, Ice, Rain, Wind, Cloudy, Overcast, Hot, Cloudy, Sunny, Hail,Shower, Drizzle, Fog, Dust, Storms and probability of thunderstormsetc... ★ Unique Features:- ➤ Easy User Interface ➤ App Default isWeather NYC ➤ Refresh for current weather updates ➤ Rate Us onGoogle Play
English to Spanish dictionary 3.5
English Spanish Dictionary Free is a very comprehensive Englishspanish dictionary for you people. It will be very useful foryou.It work as a English-spanish Translator for Spanish people andtourist, I am looking forward that it will help you very much inlearning spanish language and also learn spanish I have tried mybest to give you as many words we could. It is one of the bestEnglish to Spanish dictionary of the market. Features: -Its isabsolutely free. -You can post what you have learn on your Facebookwall, so others can get inspired and they can learn also. -It hastext to speech functionality, mean you do not need to type theword, just speak the word and get its translation. -you canbookmark the words for later reading . -it also keep history oflast 50 words you learned.
Whitetail Hunting Calls 3.4.1
This app is designed specifically for Whitetail hunters. Make sureto verify local hunting laws while going to hunting with this app.Whitetail Deer Hunting Calls is a hunting application, a collectionof different animal sounds use by people for hunting. No need tobuy physical vessels this app has all the sounds. You can use thesesounds to attract these Deer. This application can even be use inthe field! Key Features ->Clear high quality Sounds->Provided with their field instructions ->Information anddifferent key tactics for hunting ->Improved and advanced userinterface which is very easy to use, ->No extra searching andscrolling in the app. Why use plastic calls when you can haverealistic calls in your phone. Love whitetail hunting? Get this appbefore you leave. For better results plug in your amplified speakerand happy hunting Going hunting? Get Hunting Calls before youleave.
Mosquito Repellent Prank 3.4
WARNING!Mosquito Repellent is a Prank mobile application because nosuchtechnology or scientific research support use this application as a Prank.Mosquito Repellentpreventsmosquitoes from biting you by emittinghigh frequency ultrasound from your phone that repels them awayfromthe source of the sound.Sonic mosquito repellent generates powerful high frequencysoundsthat mimic sounds of mosquitoes natural predators.High frequency Sounds which are beyond the hearing sense ofhumanears.
To-do Lite 2019 6.3
📅 " To-do list,Calendar,Reminders & Planner All in One .Do YourAny do To-do List. " 📅 To-do list,Calendar,Reminders & PlannerAll in Oneis a Smart task List for Every Day use.Simplest App,SetReminders,Create To Do Lists . Best in USA users ♥ ♥ To-dolist,Calendar,Reminders & Planner All in One is a completetasks organizer and task reminder notes application for managingyour any do with to do utility.Keeps all your to do list,reminders, calendar & agenda always in sync so you’ll neverforget a thing. To-do list,Calendar,Reminders & Planner All inOne Works completely offline. Improve your time management andproductivity of your organizations quickly,accuratly and easily. Tomake your time-management even more efficient, we created somegreat tools. To-do list,Calendar,Reminders & Planner All in Oneis one of them. To boost work load it is ideal for you. To-dolist,Calendar,Reminders & Planner All in One is a well designedapplication. Improved in functionality. Efficient, beautiful andeasy to use app. Its having a lot of features and supports you’lllove. Designed for a better overview. Having higher efficiency andmore accuracy in adding and editing events and activities. To-doList: Task Reminder is a robust calendar and task management toolhaving capabilities to manage your personal and professionalschedules. To-do list,Calendar,Reminders & Planner All in Oneis simple yet powerful task management software. It is best, onescreen, light weight task management app. Plan your day in styleand ease. Arrange your schedule and get reminded by notification oralarm of your choice. Make your to-do list and set reminders foryour events. Never forget your upcoming important event. Create acheck list of all events of the day and keep track of it. Itencourages you to plan one day in advance. To-do list help you toget things done on time and make you life organized. Get yourto-dos done easy and efficiently. Keep everything in order andincrease your productivity. To achieve your goals do right thingsat right time. You can start doing that with this free to-do list .Feature Overview: ✯ Clean, Simple and easy to use material design ✯Add, remove and edit task in very simple way ✯ You can set upreminders for your tasks to receive a notification or informationalpops up alert when your tasks are almost due. ✯ Add your owncategories like shopping, office, home, business etc. ✯ Add yourproject and then set your task. ✯ Set priority with differentcolors. ✯ Add an unlimited number of task & deadline reminders✯ Reminders can be set to show every 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 10minutes. ✯ No account required ✯ To-do List: Task Reminder is freeto download and use ✯To-do List: Task Reminder Apps support andmore! ♥ What do you think of our app? Let us know about yourfavorite features and rate us so we continue to improve ♥ 1. Pleasecontact us by email: 2. find us onFacebook at:
Cook Book Recipes - Ramadhan Special Recipes 3.5
Gift For Cook Lovers.Especially in This Ramadhan Cook Book Recipes- Cook Book Free ایشیائی / انڈو پاک فوڈ کی ترکیبیں 🍕🍗🍹 Cook BookFree Contain Most Popular,Delicious,Spicy and Traditional Recipesincluded Are: 🍚🍚 Rice: sindhi biryani,indian biryani,VegetableBiryani,Steamed Rice,Lemon Rice,Tomato Rice,Curd Rice,NamkeenChawal,Rajistani Pilau Mattar Pilau,Zafrani Pilau,Til Bhath,MasalaBhat,Vangi Bhat,Thair Sadam,Nariyal Bhat,Kaande Pohe. 🍗🍗 Chicken:Chicken Korma,Chicken shahjahani,Murg ka sola,Chicken Curry,ChickenDo-Piaza,Goan Chicken Curry,Badami Murgh,Moglai Murgh,Chicken in aClaypot, Butter Chicken,Chicken Tikka,Chicken Curry,SilkenChicken,Tandoori Chicken. 🍖🍖 Meat: Honey Ginger ChickenSkewers,Mutton/Lamb,Lamb Braised in Yogurt and Cream. 🍅🍆 Vegetable:Aloo Bonda,Bhindi Dopeaza,Ghobi Shorba,Aunas Ambo Sasam,AlooBegan,Semolina Pilaf,Omelette (Parsi),Akoori,Prawn Patia,ShrimpCurry,Aloo Dum,Aloo Ghobi Aviyal,Chole,Bean,Potato Curry,CabbageCurry,Daal,Masur Daal,Navarattan Curry,Rajma,VegetableJalfrasie,Velirikai Thogyal,Gotsu,Potato Lasan Kari,Pitlai Cabagepotatoes peas molagotal,Potato Garlic Curry. 🍡🍢 Kabab: AlooTikki,Peshawari Chapli Kabab,Hassaini Kabab,Minced Lamb. 🍞🍞Naan/Bread: Roti/Chapati,Paratha,Potato Paratha,Fried BreadPuffs,Naan,Tomato Appetizer soup,Adai,Dosai,Didir Dosa,Pesarattu.🍲🍲 Shourba/Soup: Lemon Pepper Rasam,Dal Shorba,LambShorba,Rasam,Rasam Masala,Sambar,Katirikka Rasavangi,Onion VethaKozhambu. 🍯🍯 Chuttney: Coconut Chutney,Coconut Chutney2,TamarindChutney,Tomato chutney,Cashew Nut,Cilantro Chutney,MangoChutney,Coconut Chutney,Zucchini Chutney,Lemon Pickle. 🍕🍕 Pizza:Indian Pizza,Italian Pizza,French Pizza. 🍧🍨Desserts/Sweets/Kheer/Ice Cream: Gajar Halva,RasMalai,Rasagolla,Sooji Halwa,Uppuma,Vennpongal,Badusha,Shirkhand,Kheer,Sheera,KaharaPrasad,Seviyan,Kalakand. 🍹🍹 Juices: Sweet Lassi,Mango Lassi,ColdCoffee,Nut Milk,Mango Milk Shake,Cardamom Milk. 🍛🍛 Mix: Yogurt withCucumbers,Palak Pachachai,Dahi Cucumber,kelaRaita,Poori,Pakoda,Samosa,Salad South Indian Style,Salad NorthIndian Style,Chaat North Indian Style Salaad Gujraati,Goan FishCurry,Fish Curry With Musturd,Kozhambhu,Vada,Pulikacchal,StuffedBrinjals. Recipie Book is the World's largest homemade recipe appand is currently available in English,and working on otherLanguages is in progress like Español, Indonesia, العربية, ViệtNam, ไทย. and homemade dishes from other countries. When you makethe recipe, share your dish with the us so we include it in ourRecipie Book. 📣 Recipe Book Free - 2018 - Cook Book Free is aCooking diary of All Asian Recipes popular in India Pakistan,Bangladesh,Malaysia,Indonesia,Lankan and Other Asian and worldcountries. Make your Events Christmas , Eid , Diwali, Holi seasonalrecipes for Halloween,other Thanksgiving ,Christmas dinners andBirthdays more Special with Cook Book Recipes. 📣 Cook Book Free -2018 - Cook Book Free has Lot to choose from, including maindishes, appetizers,drinks, side dishes, desserts, ethnic recipes,soups,stews and diet recipes. 📣 Recipies with All the ingredientsyou have at home or dish you want to make and start cooking athome! We have helped many people to live healthier and discover thetaste of real food. Join us! Pakistani and Indian cook book of allfood recipes of Pakistan, India , Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan,Maldives and Sri Lanka. Provides you with easy and deliciousrecipes. 🍴 🍴 Make Your kitchen best cooking pad forDelicious,popular and most famous Masala Asian recipes With CookBook Free. 📧📧 Contact us at
Qibla Compass - Prayer Times, Azan & Ramadan 6.0.6
Qibla Compass - Prayer Times, Azan & Ramadan is a 3 in 1 appwith Islamic Compass, Islamic prayers time and Hijri Calendar holyMecca Background.<\b> You can use this app at any place inthe world to find qibla direction accurately. As Ramadan 2018 isgoing to start from May,Qibla app will help you to check Salattiming and find qibla direction. The Qiblah has importance toMuslims salaat and plays a part in different occasions. In theIslam Muslims are buried with the body at right angles to the Qiblaand the face turned right towards Qiblah direction. Qibla inMap:<\b> • Qibla Finder anywhere on map. • Shows meccadistance from your place and location address. • MAgnetic filedindicator. • Spirit level indicator. Qibla Compass:<\b> TheQibla is the direction that Muslim should face when doing praysduring salat or namaz. It is fixed as the direction of the Kaaba inMecca. • Find Qibla anywhere on the globe are you in. • App can usedevice previous last recorded Location to show mecca direction. •It can be use offline. • 15 Qibla Compass Themes. PrayerTimes:<\b> • Shows salt times for every day Namaz. • ShowsFajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib and Isha Times • Alarmand Notification setting for every prayer time. • Daylight savingfor each prayer. • Multiple Azan Sounds. • Juristic Methods :Shafii and Hanfi • Time Formats : 12-hour, 24-hour • Multiplelanguages to chose. Ramadan 2018<\b> • Ramadan 2018 Sehri,Iftar and Imsac Times. • Complete Ramadan Calendar 2018 • CompleteRamzan times month schedule. Please, You can give feedback and wewould love to listen your suggestions by E-mail, To Set Your Location:<\b> In ManyDevice, It will ask to enable GPS to get exact location, Using Appfirst time kindly restart app after Enabling GPS Note:<\b> -As Prayer Direction and Prayer times vary from different part ofthe world. Make sure first by selecting different Namaz timecalculation methods in the setting screen. - Find Qibla directionby using device on a flat surface to get accurate result. Make surethere is not any electromagnetic field and metal objects close todevice.
Vegetable Ninja 6.0
Best Vegetable Ninja-Game On Market "Vegetable Ninja" In VegetableNinja Feel the power and blast at your finger tips! you use yourfingers to slice and dice Vegetable and Fruits of all shapes andsizes.Avoid egg smashing.Swipe up across the screen to deliciouslyslash a vegetable and fruits like a true ninja warrior . Vegetableninja is an action game. It’s free. Slice vegetables, fruits, avoideggs by your finger and become an action vegetable ninja , andenjoy. Vegetable Ninja based on the traditional slice vegetablestype game. Vegetable Ninja is one of the best performance andsmallest app size with very high game quality. Vegetable Ninjafeatures - Classic and amazing Arcade mode. - Simple and addictiveslice mechanics, - High Scores Download this free game and enjoywith your device. It's compatible with your Mobile and tablet. Playeverywhere and kill the time with this fun game.
English To Indo Dictionary-Indonesian Dictionary 3.5
♥ Simple and Easy to use Dictionary ForIndonesian/IndonesiaLanguage Lovers. A complete offline Indonesianto English orEnglish to Indonesian trainer. You also can sayitEnglish-Indonesian Dictionary English-IndonesianDictionary.Indonesian Dictionary, Indonesian Dictionary, AsianDictionary. Agift for Hindi language spokers who love Indonesianlanguage.100%Free Offline Indonesian dictionary. Kamus BahasaInggris ke BahasaIndonesia English to Indonesian Dictionaryapplication comprisesrich data and words related to Indonesianlanguage,a comprehensiveand easy to use Dictionary on the market.An up-to-date,easy-reference dictionary, ideal for learners ofIndonesian andEnglish for all age levels. This offline Dictionaryis a beginners’guidebook to learn both languages. It contains acomprehensivedatabase,which would enhance your learning experiencein the mostsimplified manner. It will be very useful for you. Itworks as anEnglish-Indonesian Translator for Indonesian brother andtourist.It has a huge vocabulary of words.This is a monolingualIndonesiandictionary: words must be entered in English. Thefollowingfeatures make this dictionary one of the best referenceapplicationon the market. Although this App does not providedefinitions orany examples, but mechanism is easy to understand themeanings.***100% DATA FOR FREE*** The Following features make itunique onmarket. ***Unique Features*** • Search:- Auto-completesuggestions.• TTS or Text To Speech:- Text to speech functionalitymake itunique on market.Now it is easy to pronounciate any word.Wordspelling, using Text-To-Speech module. • STT or Speech ToText:-Speak to Text functionality,speak a word and find its meaninginIndonesian. • Accuracy:- Fast, as it works off-line. • Layout:-User Screens and Interface is very simple and is user friendly.•History or Recent:- Every word you ever viewed is storedinhistory. • Favorites / Bookmarks:- You are able to add wordstofavorites list by clicking the “star or Bookmark” icon. •ManagingHistory and Favorites lists:- You are able edit those listsorclear them. • Various Settings:- You may change application’sfontand theme (choose one of several color themes). •Vocabulary:-Maximum data is used - up-to-date vocabulary. • SocialMediaSharing:- Sharing through social media is best features tohelpyour friend and families. With its clear,simple and to thepointdefinitions and carefully chosen up-to-date vocabulary fromallareas of life. The Indonesian- English - Indonesian dictionarywillmeet your everyday language needs and will make your tripsmorecomfortable and fun. Its the best Indonesian dictionaryfortravelers, business mans, players, students, children,teachers,learners, boys and girls. ***Additional Information*** 1.Pleasecontact us by email:; 2. find usonFacebook at: Thanks forfeedbackand ratings.
Islamic Dictionary-Basics for Muslim -2019 6.3.0
♥ A BRIEF ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING ISLAM BESTISLAMICINFORMATION GUIDE IN 2019 ♥ Islamic dictionary- قاموسالإسلامية,ramadan /ramzan دليل رمضان guide or islamic month Hijriinfo guideis a unique browsing tool for Islamic terms,andknowledge. IslamicDictionary (Guide)- قاموس الإسلامية is for thosewho would like tounderstand Islam, Muslims (Moslems), and the HolyQuran (Koran).Islamic Dictionary (Guide)- قاموس الإسلامية is richin information,references, bibliography, and illustrations. IslamicDictionary(Guide)- قاموس الإسلامية has been reviewed and edited bymanyprofessors and well-educated people. Islamic Dictionary(Guide)-قاموس الإسلامية is brief and simple to read IslamicDictionary(Guide)- قاموس الإسلامية contains the whole book, ABriefIllustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, and more.IslamicDictionary (Guide)- قاموس الإسلامية is a usefulIslamictool,collection of a large number of Islamic terms andtheirmeanings. Islamic Dictionary (Guide)- قاموس الإسلامية is usedtofind meanings or definitions of any Islamic terminology,usedcommonly by the Muslim community. We tried our best to providemostaccurate information in smallest possible size, for allMuslims.Find the meaning or definition for any Islam-related wordlike.Information related to Basic Islamic terms like.GeneralInformation on Islam • What Is Islam?•Salat,Faraz,Shrut,Sunnah,Ahadess/Hadith • Some BasicIslamicBeliefs • Belief in God • Belief in the Angels • Belief inGod’sRevealed Books • Belief in the Prophets and Messengers of God•Belief in the Day of Judgment • Belief in Al-Qadar Five PillarsofIslam • The Testimony of Faith (Kalma Tayyaba) •Prayer(Salat/Namaz) • Giving Zakat (Support of the Needy) • FastingtheMonth of Ramadan • The Pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj/Ummrahh)Benefitsof Islam • The Door to Eternal Paradise • Salvation fromHellfire •Real Happiness and Inner Peace • Forgiveness for AllPrevious SinsFor Suggestions and Comments 1. Please contact us; 2. find us on Facebookat:
Islamic Wallpapers 6.0.3
This app is a nice collection of Islamic wallpapers in bestquality.This is a beautiful collection of high quality Islamic artimages.These wallpapers shows the greatest pieces of Islamic arton yourphone. Offers you the most spiritual and carefully pickedbackgroundimages that will beautify your phone. Islamic wallpapersis idealwallpapers for your mobile phone. This beautiful, free andenjoyablebackground is waiting for you. Download best Islamicwallpapers foryour phone and imagine you are every day in Mecca.Feather -Easy touse (one click application) - islamic patternwallpaper - IslamicArt - islamic images - Mecca Wallpaper -islamic photos - MedinaWallpaper - Makkah Wallpaper - Ramadankareem 2019 - Ramadanwallpaper - Ramadan wallpaper 2019 - Ramadanwallpapers 2019 -Beauty full Mosque - Musjids - IslamicCalligraphy - islamicwallpaper for mobile - islamic wallpaper hd1080p - islamicwallpaper 4k - quran wallpaper hd - خلفيات اسلاميةhd 1080p HOW TOUSE THIS -simple to use step 1 open application 2select image 3Then Click icon 4 select whether you want toDownload, Share or setis as wallpaper 5 simple is that thanks
Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter 7.6
Get Motivated With Best Pedometer Of 2019 ❤ This pedometer usesthebuilt-in sensor to count your steps. No GPS tracking, so itcangreatly save battery. It also tracks your burned calories,walkingdistance and time, etc. All this information will beclearlydisplayed in graphs. Just tap the start button, and itstartscounting your steps. Whether your phone is in your hand,bag,pocket or armband, it can auto-record your steps even yourscreenis locked. ♥ ♥ ❤ Simple and Easy to Use With LatestFeatures,LowBattery Consumption,Private and Secure. Get free andrealpedometer. Stay fit for life with the best helps in weightloss.Check your calories counter and balance nutrition. Pedometerisalso a treadmill for fitness walking. Do you want to trackyourfitness activity?. It convert your Smartphone to asimplepedometer, record basic stats like steps, distance andcaloriesburned. Walking more may be the easiest way to do it. Youshouldmake your diet fit with daily exercise for healthy fitness. ❤SavePower This step counter uses the built-in sensor to countyoursteps. No GPS tracking, so it barely consumes battery power. ❤Nolocked Features All features are 100% FREE. You can useallfeatures without having to pay for them. ❤ 100% Private Nosign-inrequired. We never collect your personal data or shareyourinformation with third parties. ❤ Functions You can pause andstartstep counting at any time to save power. The app willstopbackground-refreshing statistics once you pause it. And youcanreset today’s step count and count step from 0 if you wantto.Fashion Design This step tracker is designed by our GooglePlayBest of 2016 winning team. The clean design makes it easy touse. ❤Report Graphs The report graphs are the most innovative ever,theyare specially designed for mobile devices to help you trackyourwalking data. You can check your last 24 hours’, weekly andmonthlystatistics in graphs. ❤ Backup & Restore Data You canback upand restore data from your Google drive. Keep your data safeandnever lose your data. Colorful Themes Multi colorful themesareunder development. You can choose your favorite one to enjoyyourstep counting experience with this step tracker. IMPORTANT NOTE●To ensure the accuracy of step counting, please input yourcorrectinformation in settings, because it will be used tocalculate yourwalking distance and calories. ● You are welcome toadjustsensitivity to make pedometer count steps more accurately.●Because of the device power saving processing, some devicesstopcounting steps when the screen is locked. ● Step counting isnotavailable for devices with older versions when their screenislocked. It's not a bug. We are sorry to say that we are not abletosolve this problem. Best Pedometer Looking for an accuratestepcounter? Does your pedometer use too much power? Our stepcounteris the most accurate one you can find and is also a batterysavingpedometer. Get our step counter now! Weight Loss Apps Lookingforlose weight app? No satisfied weight loss apps? Don't worry,hereis the best lose weight app you can find to help you loseweight.Try it now, this lose weight app not only can count stepsbut alsoa good weight loss apps. Settings • Sensitivity (Calibratestepsensitivity) • Operational level(Set sensors settings whenscreenis off) • Units(Kilometers or Miles) • Steps length( Inches)• Bodyweight(Pounds) • Goal(No. of steps) • Maintaining pace/speed(Paceor speed) • Reset( Reset all values to zero) ➤FEATURES ★ EasyUIwith Material Design ★ Keep all days, week and month history★Notification Alerts on ON/OFF
Salat Time Alarm- (وقت الصلاة) 6.0.6
♥♥ Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة إنذار) App Offer Best andAccuratePrayer Timings,and Hijri Calendar Widget (التقويم الهجريالقطعة)Best Islamic App of 2018 ♥♥ ♥♥♥ Prayer Time Alarm (وقتالصلاةإنذار) section or you can also say it Salaat/Salaah orNamazTimings Alarm ♥♥♥ This part of Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة)willhelp you maintain your Salat Timings all over world,aroundtheglobe accurately. Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة) willautomaticallyplay adhan or Azaan at the time of prayer. Salatprayer timings isone of the most accurate prayer timing app of themarket forMuslims or the followers of Islam. Prayer Time Alarm (وقتالصلاة)will give you the accurate Fajar, Noon, Asr, Maghrib &IshaTimings of your city with detail Schedule &Timetable.♦Features♦ ♦Hanfi and Shafi Settings Prayer Time Alarm(وقت الصلاة)include two methods of calculation Hanafi and Shafi'i.♦AlarmsSettings Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة) will make you remindbyAlarm notification at prayer time. ♦Season Settings Set theseasonalso to winter or summer. ♦Auto Profile Setting DuringPrayerTimes/Salaah Times Set your device in silent mood durationpraytime and will automatically set its profile to defaultafterwards.♦Universal Support All Cities WordWide Prayer Time Alarm(وقتالصلاة) supports prayer time of millions of locations aroundtheglobe. Just by changing the location, it will automaticallyshowyou the prayer timings of that area. On the basis oflocationsselected, the time of prayers will be displayedaccordingly. Usercan select the location by following options. •Available Location:You can select the location of your city fromthe list saved in thedatabase. • Detect Location: User can easilydetect his currentlocation if internet and GPS is on. • Manually:User can also addlocation manually. ♦Ramdhan/Ramzan Timings SehriAftari Prayer TimeAlarm (وقت الصلاة) Alarm you at the time ofopening and closing ofRamadan day ♦Easy and Simple to UseApplication Screen/InterfaceFollowing Islamic Art All the graphicsare designed in such awaythat it is representing the Islamic art.♥♥ Hijri Calendar Widget(التقويم الهجري القطعة) section or you canalso say it IslamicMonths Calender,Islamic Days Calender or RamdhanCalender ♥♥ HijriCalendar Widget is on of the useful and productivetool in the formof a homescreen widget for Muslims and othersA veryusefulapplication for Muslim community. They can determine theproperdays on which to observe the annual fast (Ramadan). Also goodforknowing the days of attending Hajj, in addition to also knowaboutother Islamic holidays and festivals. Hijri dates were startedfromthe day when Prophet Muhammad and Sahaba (His followers)travelledfrom Mecca to Medina. The journey from Mecca to Medina byProphetMohammad is called Hijrat, so the calendar is calledHijricalendar. All islamic events are organized by Hijridates.Therefore it is important for every Muslim to have knowledgeofHijri date. ♦Features♦ • Easy to use interface: It’sauser-friendly application with an eye-catching interfaceFollowingIslamic Arts ,Islamic Calligraphy and Colors. Use it andpersuadeothers to make the most of it. • completely offline: Nointernetrequired. • Accurate: The app will give you the accurateIslamicmonths dates likeRamdhan,Shaban,Muharram,Shawal,IslamicHolidays,Eid-Ul-fitar etc. •support Ummalqura calendar: • ViewHijri and Gregorian: Feed Back us1. Please contact us by 2. find uson Facebook at:
Battery Status Widget 3.5
Battery Status Widget gives you accurate information aboutyourbattery usage. Battery Status Widgetis a simple tool that givesyouaccurate information about your battery and power consumptioningraphical and descriptive form.Battery Status Widget is a freeappthat shows how much battery life left in percentage (%) foryourphone, tablet. Battery Status Widget is a tool that will helpyouto manage your battery usage.Battery Status Widget showsbatterylevel, temperature (°C or °F) and voltage provider andbatteryhealth.Battery Status Widget estimates the battery lifetime. Thetime the device will run on the existing charge. The timeremainingAlgorithm is designed after extensive research, andCalculation.App widget shows information and statistics such asbattery level,temperature, health and time can turn offand onBluetooth, WI-Fi and sounds from the widget. This makes thewidgetmore powerful. These three features consume battery more fromyourphone. Application has excellent design, easy to read,userfriendly, and attractive. FEATURES - Graphical representationofbattery information in percent (%) - Include Widget - Powersourceindicator - Support all known screen resolutions - controloverWi-Fi, Bluetooth and Sounds - Temperature - Health status
Islamic Hijri Calendar 5.6
✿✿ لطيفة وجميلة هدية لشهر رمضان / رمضان - 2019 -- Nice GiftForRamdhan/Ramzan-رمضان 2019 -- ✿✿✿ With Hijri Calendar-التقويمالهجريor Hijri Calendar Widget (التقويم الهجري القطعة) or you canalsosay it Islamic Months Calendar,Islamic Days Calendar orRamdhanCalendar/Ramzan Calendar ✿✿✿ ✿✿ Introduction And History ToHijriCalendar ✿✿ The Islamic, Muslim, or Hijri calendar (Arabic:التقويمالهجري‎ at-taqwīm al-hijrī) is a lunar calendar consistingof 12months in a year of 354 or 355 days. It is used (oftenalongsidethe Gregorian calendar) to date events in many Muslimcountries. Itis also used by Muslims to determine the proper daysof Islamicholidays and rituals, such as the annual period offasting رمضانand the proper time for the pilgrimage to Mecca الحج .The Islamiccalendar employs the Hijri era whose epoch wasretrospectivelyestablished as the Islamic New Year of AD 622.During that year,Muhammad SAW and his followers migrated from Meccato Yathrib (nowMedina) and established the first Muslim community(ummah), anevent commemorated as the Hijra. Hijri Calendar-التقويمالهجريWidget is on of the useful and productive tool in the form ofahomescreen widget for Muslims and others. very usefulapplicationfor Muslim community. With Hijri Calendar-التقويم الهجريyou candetermine proper days on which to observe the annualfast(Ramadan-Ramzan). Also good for knowing the days of attendingHajj,in addition to also know about other Islamic holidays andfestivalsuse Hijri Calendar-التقويم الهجري. Hijri dates werestarted fromthe day when Prophet Muhammad and Sahaba (Hisfollowers) travelledfrom Mecca to Medina. The journey from Mecca toMedina by ProphetMohammad is called Hijrat, so the calendar iscalled Hijricalendar. All islamic events are organized by Hijridates.Therefore it is important for every Muslim to have knowledgeofHijri date. ✿✿ Important Islamic Months and Dates ✿✿ ✿ 1Muharram:Islamic New Year. ✿ 10 Muharram: Day of Ashura ✿ 12 Rabial-Awwal:Mawlid or Birth of the Prophet. ✿ 27 Rajab: Isra andMi'raj ✿ 15Sha'ban: (Mid-Sha'ban, or Night of Forgiveness ✿ 1Ramadan: Firstday of fasting. ✿ 27 Ramadan: Nuzul al-Qur'an. (17Ramadan inIndonesia and Malaysia) ✿ Last third of Ramadan whichincludesLaylat al-Qadr. ✿ 1 Shawwal: Eid ul-Fitr. ✿ 8–13 Dhual-Hijjah: TheHajj to Mecca* ✿ 9 Dhu al-Hijjah: Day of Arafa. ✿ 10Dhu al-Hijjah:Eid al-Adha. ✿✿ Features ✿✿ ❧ Easy to use interface:With HijriCalendar-التقويم الهجري is a user-friendly applicationwith aneye-catching interface Following Islamic Arts ,IslamicCalligraphyand Colors. Use it and persuade others to make the mostof it. ❧completely offline: No internet required. ❧ Accurate: WithHijriCalendar-التقويم الهجري will give you the accurate Islamicmonthsdates likeRamdhan,Shaban,Muharram,Shawal,IslamicHolidays,Eid-Ul-fitar etc. ❧support Ummalqura calendar: ❧ ViewHijri and Gregorian: ✋✋ PleaseRate Us and Share Your Reviewscomments and Feedback us on thefollowing address: 1. Pleasecontact us by 2. find us onFacebook at: