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Eat Donuts 1.5
Classic Arcade Game!Do you remember the 80's game machines? Thenyou will love it!It's perfect for kids!, it's funny! With afriendly cat character.Play with the cat. Eat the donuts to getpoints. Careful! each level is faster!. Level 5 is madness! Avoidthe lemons, if you eat lemons you will lose points.Two levels ofdifficulty.Try to improve your score or play against a friend.
Cheat Sheets 1.5
With Cheat Sheets you can easily hide text and images, jusy taptwice the screen of your mobile phone and a clock will appears. Taptwice again to return to your cheat sheet.Watch the video to seehow to use the app!You can create three types of cheat sheets: ✔Text - Copy and paste or type your text directly on your mobile. ✔Open txt file - Save a txt file with the text on your smartphoneand load it on your cheat sheets. You can use Notepad to create it.✔ Pictures - Take pictures of books and use them in the cheatsheets.Tap a cheat sheets to edit it, delete it or enter to thecheat mode.Edit the cheat sheets: ✔ Change and add text, txt filesor pictures. ✔ Delete cheat sheets.Enter to the cheat mode: ✔Entering into the cheat mode will appear the text or images of yourcheat sheet in full screen. To hide the cheat sheet just tap twicethe screen, a clock will appears. To return to the cheat sheet taptwice again the screen.Don't get caught!* Digital Vulture notresponsible for any use made of this app.
Periodic Table 1.5
The best periodic table of elements. Simple and effective. Perfectfor students to prepare for exams or quick reference. With searchmenu to make easier to look up elements by name.Translated intoEnglish and Spanish, more languages ​​soon.See the composition ofeach element:- Atomic number- Valencie- Oxidation state-Electronegativity- Covalent radius- Ionic radius- Atomic radius-Electronic shell- Energy of first ionisation- Atomic mass- Density-Boiling Point- Melting point- Link to Wikipedia for each item formore information- List of elements for a faster searchGet aperiodic table of elements in the palm of your hand all theinformation you need in your mobile.
Shake to Music Player 1.1
Just shake your mobile phone to access easily to the musicplayer.Now you don't need to search your music player app! Justshake!Listen your music everywhere just shaking yoursmartphone.Your songs with one movement of your hand.Forget theapps with complicated options, just touching one button you canactivate it. Then you can close the app and use your mobile asusual. When you want to use the music player just shake your mobileand you have it! If you want to disable it, just open the app andclick the button again.Easy to use, quick and effective. Enjoy!*The background image used is under public domain license.
Relaxing Nature Sounds 1.5
Relaxing Sounds of Nature 10 relaxing sounds: - Ocean- Water - Rain- Night - Birds - Forest - Amazon - Fire - Melting Snow- StormMoresounds soon. Use them separately or combine them to create atotally relaxing atmosphere. Just put the sounds and relax. Theyare perfect for sleeping. With sound volume control and timer.Thanks to the timer you can choose the duration of the sounds, soyou can stop worrying and don't need to stop it by yourself becausewhen the timer ends the sounds will stop automatically. * Thesounds and pictures used are under public domain and CreativeCommons 0 license.
White And Color Noise 1.1
Four types of white noise sounds: - White - Brown - Pink- BlueWithvolume control and timer. Choose the sound duration and don'tworry, you can rest and sleep without having to stop the sound.Itwill help you sleep better and concentrate on your work or studies.Also thanks to those sounds your baby will rest better.If you oryour child have a light sleep and have trouble falling asleep orstaying asleep, The white noise may be sufficient to block outsidesounds and the sounds of other people moving around the house. Thesound of white noise can help to calm you down and help to berelaxed at the time of sleep.Many pediatricians recommend toparents to use the white noise to calm the crying and even colic ofbabies. The pediatric community recognizes the benefits of whitenoise to soothe colic, crying and help babies sleep better.Pleaserate it if you find it useful. Thanks!
Shake to Settings 1.1
With shake settings you can shake your mobile phone to accesseasily to your phone settings.Now you don't need to search yoursettings app! Just shake!Forget the apps with complicated options,just touching one button you can activate it. Then you can closethe app and use your mobile as usual. When you need to use yourphone settings just shake your mobile and you have it! If you wantto disable it, just open the app and click the button again.Easy touse, quick and effective. Enjoy!* The background image used isunder Public Domain license.
Psychic Mind Trainer ESP 1.2
Train your psychic mind and get the hidden skills of the brain.Youcan make individual tests with zener cards or start with thetrainer.Zener Test:- Take the test of 25 cards and discover yourpotential.- Beat your own records.- Compete against everyone in theworld ranking.Training:- 24 levels.- Progressive difficulty.-Increase your psychic ability.- Final Challenge 100 cards with a100% hit.The zener test consists of a deck of 25 cards composed offive shapes: circle, cross, square, star and waves.It's used inpsychology to detect whether a person has psychic powers.In thetest take part two persons, a transmitter and a receiver.Thetransmitter takes a zener card from the deck without showing it,should concentrate and send telepathic images to the receiver, whomust guess what card is.The overall average is 5 hit in the deck of25 cards.With the psychic coach you can train your psychic mindgradually to increase your power and know if you areclairvoyant.The last level is 100 zener cards and you need to guessthe 100 cards, if you succeed you will have a 100% psychic mind.Areyou a telepath?
Tower Of Lines 1.0.0
Tower of lines it's a simple but difficult game. Very addictive.Try to build the highest tower as you can!✔ Compete against peopleof the whole world. Are you the best tower builder?✔ With realisticphysics and increasingly smaller lines, the tower becomes veryunstable✔ Simple to play, just touch the screen to drop the lines.✔A colourful and challenging game.
Vuvuzela 2.1
Sounds of Vuvuzelas on your mobile! With 4 types of sounds: *Vuvuzela.* Vuvuzelas with ambient sounds of soccer matches. *Trumpet.* Horns and car traffic.Use them in this soccer world cup!You will no longer need to carry a vuvuzela because you have it onyour mobile! Soon new sounds!You can use them at home whilewatching the soccer match on TV. Also in the pub with friends. Andof course in football stadiums. If you prefer, you can also makejokes to your friends.
Dinosaur Trivia and Stickers 1.6
Play and collect dinosaurs! What do you know about dinosaurs? Dothe quizzes and fill the stickers book!The best dinosaurs game formobile phones!Get stickers answering dinosaurs trivia questions.For each correct answer you get a pack of stickers containing 3, 2or 1 stickers, the faster you answer, the more stickers you earn.Enjoy the trivia game!In the album you can paste the stickersyou've won and see information about each dinosaur. There are 240stickers! Get the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops ...there are many! Collect them all!It's your sticker book!Learnplaying! The quiz has 486 questions about dinosaurs and winningstickers you can see detailed information about each species ofdinosaur and the age in which they lived, the Triassic, Jurassic,and Cretaceous.In the List section you will see a list with filtersto know that stickers you have, the missing and the repeated.As youplay you also get repeated stickers. We are preparing the versusgame where you can use the spare stickers to play against friendsand people around the world. You will put into play your sparestickers and you'll win the stickers of your opponents!★Comprehensive Dinosaurs Trivia with 486 questions!★ Get and collectdinosaurs stickers!★ 240 stickers to collect!★ Paste the stickerson the album!★ Get information about dinosaurs!★ Leaderboard andachievements★ Share to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, ...★ Learnplaying!★ List with the cards you have, the missing and therepeated!★ Become an expert on dinosaurs!★ Very soon you will playagainst friends and people around the world!Play! Collect!Learn!Note: The game can freeze or don't work in devices with lowmemory.* The images of dinosaurs used are under the Public Domainlicense.
Boxing Fight 2.0.4
Play against your friends in your mobile or tablet. 2 Players inthe same device. Fight against boxers with AI in the single player.And combat against the world with the multiplayer.Collect all theboxers and rings!Each boxer has his own progression and abilities,upgrade them and fight enemies in the arcade mode.Fight withspecially designed characters like superheroes, horror characters,footballers, sumo wrestler, cowboys... and much more! We are addingmore boxers with updates! Change the rings design by a footballfield, a beach, logos, etc. There are a lot!To unlock the newboxers and rings you need points. To get points it's simple! justplay! Just have fun and collect them all!With a great arcade soundsand music.Use the retro mode and play like in the old gamesystems.The count down starts now! are you ready to fight? How manybattles can you win?Find it out with Boxing Fight, the fightingarcade game.
Shake Camera 1.3
With shake camera you can shake your mobile phone to access easilyto the camera.Now you don't need to search your camera app! Justshake!How many times have you found yourself in a situation whereyou had to take a picture quickly and lost the opportunity to doit? Or maybe you don't want to look for the camera app forconvenience. With Shake Camera you can take photos quickly.Forgetthe apps with complicated options, just touching one button you canactivate it. Then you can close the app and use your mobile asusual. When you need to take a picture just shake your phone andyou have it! If you want to disable it, just open the app and clickthe button again.Easy to use, quick and effective. Enjoy!* Thebackground image used is under Public Domain license.