Dima Ivanov Entertainment Apps

Open XYZ world: Survival craft 1.0
A new top game with adventures anddangersawaits you! Interesting modifications, stories and fashionin thisgame 2k17 year! Download absolutely free of entertainingandinteresting game based on the cult game of all times the pixelofthe world! Why should you choose this particular craftinggame?There are some functions and features.* - * - * - * - * - Multiplayer and online servers * - * - * - * -*-You can communicate with real players! Rewrite and add themasfriends! Live communication. Invite your friends to the game(gamesfor children), join the clans and fight together! Exploretheworld, stop something new and survive (Survival right inthegame).* - * - * - * - * - Open World (change day & night) * - * - *-* - * -A real world with pixel blocks, with minerals (iron, wood,stone)for crafting, building, fighting, animals. Create your ownworld!There are many animals in the game that you can tame andcatch inyour house! To see animals (cows, pigs, dogs and cats) youneed toexplore the whole world, the more you are in the game, themore youwill find animals. Tame and take care of your pets. Tosurvive youneed to eat (water and food), find food to not die!There are nodangerous zombies in the game (Undeaded). Machinesandweapons.* - * - * - * - * - Craft and Build * - * - * - * - * - An easymenufor crafting is available even for small children, for boysandgirls (Craft Girl and Craft Boy). BuildCraft will allow you tobuildany structure: a house, an arena, an animal base or an animalhouse!In the intuition, you have pixel blocks (sandbox) and youcan alsoopen new blocks, just click on the button (open newblocks). Buildan entire city to survive in this craftingworld!Learn your craft right in the game for free 3d.* - * - * - * - * - Interior for your home * - * - * - * - *-Interior models in 3D mode, pink castle for princesses, exteriorandinterior design - gardens, swimming pools, flowers, parks,planningmode (kitchen, living room, children's room), cute pinkand coloredtextures, sand World from cubes, lovely wallpaper,carpets andfurniture for girls, basketball and football forboys.Find yourprince!Download this game right now and go in with your friends! Opennewblocks! Soon an update, a lot of new and exciting is waitingforyou. Good luck to you!
Pixelmon craft III: Open world 1
A new adventure game with pixelmons awaitsyou,in this game you will find everything that was looking for!Battle,history, construction, craft and much more! The game isfree for allplayers! Download right now, you will not regretit.Features:1) Multiplayer (online game for everyone). You can invitefriendsinto the game and play in a place on the net. Create yourown clansfor battles, explore the world together. With the helpofconstruction and craft you can build a whole city. There willbeshops, arenas for battles, hospitals. Become the owner of awholecity with pixelmons!2) Open world. You have several poke-balls, with which youwillcatch all the animals in this game (cows, pigs, cats, dogs).Thechange of night and day. At night it becomes very scary, butthereare no zombies! Sandbox and survival. Study, survive, travel.Manydifferent game modes: arcade mode, story mode andgamepassing.3) Build and craft. New updates for teens (Girl craft andBoycraft). An easy menu for crafting will allow you to buildanything.Collect useful minerals, come into my craft and create therightmaterial for construction. Take care of your pets so that theydonot perish. You need to eat and drink water to survive. Exploretheworld and find everything you need. With the help ofthebuildcraft, you can build your house using pixel blocks andaspecial poke-ball for pixel.The game is absolutely free, download it right now and playwithyour friends with your pixelmones online! Good luck to theyoungcoach and explore the cube of the world!
Boy Girl craft PE: Story mode 1
Welcome to the new 2K17 game based onthefamous survival and craft game !!! You will not be bored!Manyinteresting features and features that you will find only inthisgame! Many new sensations! Here are some of them!1) Multiplayer and network mode.    You can play with your friends now! Findnewfriends for the game, for communication!You will be able to join other clan players and alreadyparticipatein the clan battles thattake place every month! Fight in the arena with other people,raiseyour rating andexperience! Become the number one in this! You'll like it!2) Build & Craft    Easy menu for crafting, which will allowyouto build anything! Collect minerals to craft!Only then you can build a house, an arena for training, ananimalhome and a warehouseusing the build menu! If you are in a clan, then you canalreadybuild a whole city! Manyminerals (metal, gold, silver, diamond and wood) forcrafting.You need to build a house to survive in this pixel, cube world!Manydifferent blocks forconstruction!3) Open World (Day & Night)   Open world, change of day and night. Nozombies(unturned), only good animals: cows,sheep, goats, cats and dogs. In this game there are alsopixelmones,which you cancatch in your collection! Collect all the animals in aspecialhouse! Feed them and takecare!Take care of them (Girl craft, a special opportunity for girls).Tofind more animals youneed to explore and explore the whole world! The more you run,themore animals youwill find!4) Research and survival   To survive in this game, you need to eat anddrinkwater to replenish your health. At thetop there is a level of health and hunger for convenience!Traveland find food and water!Explore the whole interesting and mysterious world of thegame!Discover new, beautifulplaces and stay there, build your house! Many game modes:passing,survival, fashionand multiplayer. For the battleship craft there are weaponsandmachines. New levelsDownload the game right now, invite your friends and playtogetherabsolutely for free! I wish you the best of luck,youngresearcher!
Epic craft: Adventure world 3D 1.0
Tired of boring games for survival? Do youwantnew adventures, more dangers, communication and construction?Thenthis evolution of the application is a game specifically foryou! Nozombies and no unturned, just a cubic world! There are somanyreasons to play this game!*****Building and crafting***** In your backpack many blocksforconstruction (to open new blocks, you need to performcertaintasks). Read the tips. Build a house, an animalenclosure,restaurants, shops. Build everything to survive in thisworld. Easymenu for crafting, which everyone will cope with(craftsmen andcraft girls)*****For girls***** Create your own royal castle or princesspalace.Be in the trend and make up a plan for the nail salon orpet store!Build a SPA salon or a hairdresser. Be the top model andcreate yourown fashion show! Invite your friends to your new dreamhome. Showthe style!*****For boys***** Buy a pickaxe, a shovel, a sword and explorethewhole world! Collect useful minerals (gold, diamonds, stone)tobuild your house! Fight with animals or other players, becomethestrongest. The game also has cars and weapons.*****Multiplayer***** We have created several online serversthatare tested for accuracy! Soon we will launch them. You caninvitefriends into the game and play together in a party. You candefendone castle and fight together.*****Open world***** In the game, day and night changeamongthemselves for a more realistic 3D pass. Survive will becomemoredifficult, so you will be more interesting! Light speciallyforyou. Pocket mode also has (classic, arcade and survival). Toseeanimals you need to spend more time in the game, the more yourun,the more you will see animals (small ponies, kittens and dogs).Andyou can tame them. The main thing is to believe in yourself andyouwill succeed! There are no dragons in the game, so there'snothingto be afraid of! Sandbox and Roblock in our app!Download the game right now absolutely free! Free 3D game foryouand your friends multiplayer. Good luck to youyoungresearcher!