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DishOnline is an online video streamingservice by the house of DishTV for DISHTV subscribers that offersover 50+ LIVE TV Channels, Catch-Up TV, Video on demand and a rangeof Bollywood and Hollywood movies on your Mobile, PC, Tablet andother internet-enabled devices; anytime, anywhere. NOWEntertainment ALWAYS ON!!It’s a MUST HAVE App for all DISHTV Subscribers. DOWNLOADNOW!The Service can be simply activated with your existing DishTVaccount. It is best optimised for 3G and Wi-Fi Networks.Features:· Watch 50+ LIVE TV Channels· Watch your favourite On-Demand Hollywood and Bollywoodmovies· Catch-Up all your favourite shows which you missed watching onTV· Access to detailed program guide of various channels
My DishTV - Old 8.1.5
Experience the convenience of DishTV mobile app in its all newavatar. DishTV mobile app is your one stop destination for managingyour DishTV account, recharges and much more. With DishTV mobileapp now you can:• Recharge Instantly: Recharge anytime, anywherewith just a tap. • Get information on your fingertips: Quickly getyour DishTV information like Switch off date, account balance andSubscribed pack etc. • Change your pack: Easily select the pack ofyour choice and enjoy your favourite channels or subscribe toadd-on packs• Get exciting Recharge offers• Reach us for anyassistance
DishTV BIZ 7.5.5
“DishTV Biz” is an app designed for Distributors and Dealers ofDishTV. The app will help dealers to check customer accountbalance, recharge customer accounts, upgrade customer packs and adda-la-carte channels. It’s FREE to download and easy to use.
DishTVLK Biz 2.0.3
“DishTVLK Biz” is an app designed for Sri Lanka Distributors andDealers of DishTV. The app will help dealers to check customeraccount balance, recharge customer accounts, upgrade customer packsand add a-la-carte channels. It’s FREE to download and easy to us
DishTV Technician 1.1.0
This app is designed for DishTV Technician
My DishTV 8.5.5
Experience the convenience of My DishTV app in its all new avatar.My DishTV is your one stop destination for managing your DishTVaccount, recharges and much more. With My DishTV now you can: * Acompanion for your DishTV set-top-box: Now control your DishTVset-top-box with all-new Infrared remote feature. (Available onlyfor android mobile devices with an Infrared transmitter/blaster). *Voice commands for IR remote (change channel, control volume orsearch for content using voice commands). * Now My DishTV can tellyou what to watch. Handy information about currently runningprograms and Top programs on the home page. * Talk to My DishTV appwith the newly introduced Adi Chatbot. Tell Adi your DishTV relatedissues and get quick solutions. * Multi VC management: Control allyour VCs with the same account. * Recharge Instantly: Rechargeanytime, anywhere with three simple taps. Variety of payment modesavailable, including UPI and wallets. * Get information on yourfingertips: Quickly get your DishTV information like Switch offdate, account balance and Subscribed pack etc. * Change your pack:Easily select the pack of your choice and enjoy your favouritechannels or subscribe to add-on packs. * Get exciting Rechargeoffers * Channel Guide: Detailed information about your favouriteentertainment is on your fingertips with our “Channel Guide”section. You can even set reminders for your favourite programs andshare program information with your friends. * Usage Instructions:Get tips on how to effectively use My DishTV App to manage youraccount. * Social Login: Link your social account and login withjust a tap. * Login with OTP: No need to remember your password.Get an OTP on Registered mobile number and login instantly. * NewInstant Recharge page: Revamped instant recharge page for ease ofuse. New offers added. * Advance removal requests: Now submitadvance removal requests for add-on packs which are in lock-inperiod. * Dynamic banners: Tap on promotional banners to get moreinformation about our offers and promos. * New exciting userinterface features: New android features like swipe gestures formenu etc.