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Web Development (HTML,CSS,JS) 4.1
Web Development is a Free app which teach you how to design anddevelop a web site using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT , Responsive Webdesign and Content Management Systems like (Wordpress, Joomla andDrupal) and other advanced topics directly on your Android devices.All the lessons and topics are featured in a simple way and it isdivided into small sub topics for better understanding, also it hasinteractive examples and web editor in which user can try the codethemselves and find the result realtime within the app. WebDevelopment also features interactive examples and code which theuser can interact with and easily understand, the codes for theexample is very useful for the users to understand the particulartopic. Web Development is also a Web editor and IDE which helpsusers to run the code within the app and tweak the webpage easilyor try the example code themselves to understand the conceptbetter. WHY USE WEB DEVELOPMENT : ITS FREE : Web development is acompletely free app. LERN MORE : Learn HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT,RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN easily. INTERACTIVE EXAMPLES : Interactiveexamples are featured to help you learn and understand easily. TRYYOURSELF EDITOR : One of the simplest editor to run the web page orrun the example codes within in the app. CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Also Content Management Tutorial are added for Wordpress, Joomla& Drupal, Which helps users to learn CMS very easily. WORKSOFFLINE : You don't need internet connectivity to run this app,learn everything offline and where ever you are.----------------------------------------------------------- We'realways excited to hear from you ! if you have any feedback,question or concerns, please email us at [email protected]
Photo Color Picker & Mixer 1.0
Photo Color Picker & Mixer is a free app which helps to pickcolour codes (RGB, Hex) from a Photo or a image and mix colour toget different combination of colours very easily !* Select a photoand get the accurate colour code of any touched point.* Get RGB,Hex colour codes of the touched point.* Easy and Simple colourmixer to mix and get different colour combination and its RGB andHex codes.* Very easy to copy the colour codes, just hold the texttocopy-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------we'realways excited to hear from you! if you have any feedback, questionor concern, please email us at - [email protected]
Meme Creator Free 1.1
One of the simplest meme creating app! Easily create a meme andshare with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp,Messenger, Google+, E-mail, Dropbox, Drive, Snapchat and otherApps.Features:* Very simple user interface, makes it easy to creatememe.* Change the Font Colour.* Easy to Save & Share the Meme.*You can load images and photos from your gallery to create memes.*No watermarks on meme images.* The app does not automaticallyupload any meme you create – your privacy is most important !EnjoyCreating Memes!-----------------------------------------------------------------------We'realways excited to hear from you! if you have any feedback, questionor concerns, please mail us at [email protected]