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Hopeless Walking Dead Rick 1.0
Your beloved heroes from Walking Dead are again with you! Helpthem survive this night. Defend Rick from crawling monsters andzombies. Monsters and zombies are crawling from all corners. Shoot,make em dead - defend, survive, light em up, upgrade and help yourteammates. Carl, Daryl, Glenn, Carol and others need yourhelp.Defend your base and others will walk from the dark. They wouldjoin your team and help you to survive. Longer you play moreteammates you have. Longer you play more dead zombies you have. Getpowerful weapon as soon as you earn it.Monsters and Zombies must be dead! Walk in the circle and killthem all. Rick must protect everyone!- the game is absolutely free- tons of weapons- your favourite heroestons of updates to come!
Hopeless 007 James Bond 1.0
If you want to have the opportunity to triumph a kipper occult,who always supervisor the good and justice as a great supervisor?In Hopeless 007 James Bond we will send you into a dark place thatcause you distaste, a grotto in which the agent must apply hisdexterity by killing monsters emerged from the darkness, veneer andimplement various tasks. And you will help him sirdar monsters. Youbecome a artisan of hunting, use courtesy, and begin to militateagainst the dark enforcement using all his strength, because youare a courageous kipper. The ability to triumph, is still in yourhands! Start as a supervisor to protect all of the monstersdistaste! This is the best simulation of a dark grotto in which toshoot, and the agent must veneer on the evil forces! You get theopportunity to triumph, because you are courageous words and deedsof kipper!Defeat the dark monsters once and see!- A huge selection of weapons for destruction;- Strong monsters for you;- Very interesting story and task!
Walking Dead Carl Zig Zag 1.0
Walking Dead Carl is waiting for a new tough task, he will needto escape from the grave and keep the flesh, in the maze of chaosand turns. Unfortunately shotgun this time you do not need, thisgame is for those who know how to think and can overcome hisdisgust to the crypt and corpses. Afterlife and degeneration - thisis not for you, you are playing the real father, who set a goal tosave and protect the lives of their children, and he would do it.We take all the power in his fist, reject disgust and doubt, thinksthe strategy of turns and drives his father to win, that's yourgame plan!Get out of the crypt!- Disgust - a handicap- Save the father for his children- Degeneration come.