Dmitry Belyaev Apps

Чей регион? 7.4
Простой справочник кодов регионов, с помощью которого можно узнатьв каком регионе Российской Федерации зарегистрирован автомобиль.Код указан на номере автомобиля. Simple reference area code, withwhich you can learn in what region of the Russian Federationregistered the car. Code is specified on the number of the car.
Puzzle 15 10.2.2
The classic game for those who want to pass the time and to trainyour brains.
Android Sudoku 3.2
Классическая головоломка, в которой нужно заполнить таблицу 9x9числами от 1 до 9 так, чтобы в каждой строке, в каждом столбце и вкаждом из девяти квадратов числа не повторялись. В игреприсутствуют три уровня сложности. Всего в игре 70 уровней, которыепомогут вам развить память и внимательность. Игра отличаетсяпростым и понятным интерфейсом. И возможно затянет вас наопределённое время.The classic puzzle game in which you need tofill in the table 9x9 numbers from 1 to 9 so that each row, eachcolumn and each of the nine squares of the number does not recur.The game has three difficulty levels. All in the game 70 levelsthat will help you develop memory and attentiveness. The gamefeatures a simple and intuitive interface. And maybe you will delayfor some time.
Arkanoid Greece 1.2
This game is arcade, where you need to destroy blocks, using racketand ball. Don`t also forget to catch the ball with racket. You gaina certain score for each destroyed block. If you are keen onarcades of the 80th century you must to download this game. P.S Ifthis game achives at least 1000 downloads in two weeks I willcontinue to update it.
Летающая ракета 1.0
Управляйте космической ракетой в космосе. Избегайте астероидов.Пролетите как можно большую дистанцию.Manage Space rocket in space.Avoid asteroids. Fly as much as possible the distance.
Classic 2048 2.2.3
2048 Puzzle is logic based game. The purpose of this game is togather as many points as you can. Slide finger up, down, right orleft to move numbers into appropriate direction. After moving ifthere are two placed around numbers incolumn or row they will besummarized and new number will appear instead of two previousnumbers. The more new number is, the more points you gain.Try toget number in some cell as high as it is possible.The game is over,when there is no way for numbers to move and they wont besummarized in any case.1) Original design.2 )This applicationweights a little. It`s only 6 MB of memory.3) Simple animation.4)Nice soundtrack.This game will help you to impove your memory andattentiveness. In any case it is good time killer.
FlashLight 2.0
A simple flashlight! An application that many people need.Indicates the battery charge.
Photo Puzzle 3.1
This application is a puzzle. You need to pick up a picture, movingimage fragments on the game field. You can choose image fromAndroid gallery. 1) Excellent brain training 2) 4 difficulty levels3) Simple, easy and intuitive interface 4) Beautiful design
Сапер для андроид 2.0
Классическая головоломка, в которой вам нужно открыть все ячейкиполя, не попав при этом на мину. Цифра в клетке означает числососедних клеток,содержащих мину.В игре присутствуют три уровнясложности. The classic puzzle game in which you need to open allthe cells of the field, not hitting at the same time on a mine. Thenumber in the cell indicates the number of adjacent cellscontaining minu.V game has three difficulty levels.
Индекс Массы Тела 1.2
Простой калькулятор индекса массы тела Simple body massindexcalculator
Memory training 1.2
The circles appear on the playing field for a few seconds, thentheydisappear. Your task is to click on the circles in ascendingorderof the numbers that were in these circles. With each levelthenumber of digits increases. How many numbers can youremember?)))
AppBilling 2.1
This is the app which demonstrates in app billing subscriptions
AppBillingTest 1.7
This app demonstrates google play billing