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Testing&Balancing: Belt Drive 5.6
Using 'Testing&Balancing: Belt Drive' Technicians can calculatethe outside diameter (O.D.) of the fan pulley and / or motor pulleyrequired to achieve a given rpm. The program will recommend thesize of the belt, which is suitable for a given center-to-centerdistance.The calculation is made for A (4L) and B (5L) belt type.
Пасьянс Медичи 1.0
Загрузите цепочку в смартфон, дождитесь стартового события, нажмитепусковую кнопку. Дальше смарт будет вибрацией напоминать вам онаступлении времени очередного события из цепочки; на экране выувидите краткое описание события.После первого запуска в основнойпамяти появится папка \MedSolitaire, а в ней - файл chain.xml.Формат данных описан в шапке файла.Вдохновение черпалосьиз: in the smart phone, wait for the kickoff event, press thestart button. Then smart vibration will remind you of the approachof the time of the next event in the chain; on the screen you willsee a short description of the event.After the first run in themain memory will be the folder \ MedSolitaire, and in it - a filechain.xml. The data format is described in the headerfile.Inspiration is drawnfrom:
Nutrient Guide 1.0
Based on officially published data.Search is possible for a single word or a combination ofseveralwords; It can also be used only part of the word. InSettings, youcan select the language in which the search isconducted - Englishor French.Supplemental information complies with data for January2016.Warning: the database has many records and the first startofapplication will take a long time.
TBA Swiss Knife 5.0.0
This app will help you: - to adjust the air flow measuring pointusing a Pitot tube length of 3 to 100 inches: (i) in round or ovalducts according to the Log-T rule, (ii) in rectangular ductsaccording to the rule of equal areas (ASHRAE Handbook, 7thedition);- calculate the cross-sectional area of the duct;-calculate the air volume knowing the dimensions of the duct and theflow rate of air;- determine the ratio of the measured volume tothe to the design;- save measurement results, add a voice note tothese savings.The app calculates simultaneously in imperial andmetric units of measurements. Any comments and suggestions arewelcome.
Полонія на карті Запоріжжя 2.1.3
Полонія -- узагальнююча назва поляків, які мешкають поза межамикордонів Польщі. Цей додаток дозволяє знайти міські об’єктиЗапоріжжя, які мають зв’язок з Польщею та видатнимиполяками.Polonia - generalizing the name of Poles living outsidethe borders of Poland.This application allows you to find the cityof Zaporozhye objects that have a connection with Poland andprominent Poles.
TBA Hydronics 4.0 + BD-5(79)
Circuit Balancing Valve's calculations