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Strike City: BattleCity Reborn 1.6
Do Viet Trung
If you're looking for game like Tank War, TankBattle, Tank Force, Tank Army... or simplest that you want to be aHero!!! So it is...You will fight against 20 tanks of enemy stage by stage to protectyour base. There are some kinds of enemy's tanks: outstanding ofspeed, strength, hard, dick ... that you should control your skillsto destroy them.Let be a hero of your City![How to play]- Player(s) will control own tank(s) to destroy enemies and protectthe base.[Information]- Game: Battle City (Strike City)- Developer: Namco- Genre: Action- Release date: 1985- Redevelop by Do Viet Trung – Viet Nam.- Facebook: Twitter:*****Don't forget vote 5 stars :D***********************************- Free version: 1.0- Languages : EN- 99 stages- Leaderboard******************************^^***Enjoy!***^^