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Gun Fu: Stickman 2 - Fun Shooting Games 1.30.3
Armed with a pistol in each hand, take control of the famousStickman from the "Gun Fu" series and blast through hordes ofenemies! Reflexes and reaction times will be challenged and put tothe test as the never-ending onslaught gets faster and faster!Unlock more deadly guns and outfits, and customize your Stickman tosuit your style! If you are a fan of .io style games, the newBattle Royale mode is for you! Start with Pistols and the PaintballGun, and earn coins to unlock the Shotgun, Lazorz, Uzis, RocketLauncher, AK47, Magnum, Ninja Stars, Tommygun, Crossbows, SniperRifle, Minigun, Sawcannon, Blunderbuss, Speargun, Slingshot, andAlien Rifle! Unlock achievements and increase your rank on theleaderboards with Google Play Games! Download for FREE today! *Wemake use of the EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions to provide you with'score card' graphics at the end of your game rounds
Gun Fu: Stickman Edition 1.9.3
The unrivalled action and intensity of Gun Fu: Stickman Edition hasfinally arrived on Google Play!Shoot through endless hordes ofenemies in the fastest action game on the store. Your reaction timewill be put to the test as you blow away stickman baddies!Unlock anarsenal of weaponry, each with their own leaderboards andachievements.Climb the world rankings and become a true master ofGun Fu!See what people have been saying about Gun Fu: StickmanEdition!"***** Very addicting game. Only game worthy to stayinstalled. And it's free.""***** Worth every bit of time. Get theupdates too.""***** Oh my god this game is swagged out"FEATURES-Lightning fast shooting gameplay unlike any other- Tons of guns andother weapons: Pistols, Bow & Arrow, Laser, Shotgun, RocketLauncher, Ninja Stars, Paintball, Stun Gun, Uzi, AK-47, Sniper,Pirates, Silencer and special Xmas, Valentine's Day and Halloweenmodes- Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements- 22Achievements to unlockMillions of people have been playing Gun Fu:Stickman Edition! Why haven't you? Download it FREE today!
Banjo Tiles 1.0.3
Forget the piano - whip out your Banjo! All the fun and challengeof the new Play Store craze is back in banjo form! Keep up with thearcade-action gameplay and hear your authentic twangy banjo playfamiliar catchy tunes! *NEW* Strum four notes at a time to playChords in Pro mode! Another level of challenge for the best banjoplayers in the land. Compete on the Google Play Games leaderboards,get all the achievements, and see if you can beat your friends'scores! Download Banjo Tiles for FREE today!
GunStorm 1.0.3
From the makers of Gun Fu: Stickman Edition comes the nextunmissable action game - GunStorm! GunStorm delivers an instantlychallenging experience with no fluff; open the game and have yourreaction skills put to the test! There's no room for error with onemissed shot causing a quick demise, and a never-ending swarm ofenemies bearing down on you keeps the pressure high. FEATURES-Classic "Gun Fu" gameplay with an amplified intensity -Pick up andplay: no boring long tutorials or hand-holding -Stylized violencewith unique graphical and audio presentation -Share your scores onsocial media and call out your friends to beat you! Countlessmillions have downloaded our Gun Fu games. Now it's time toexperience the next level of difficulty in the series - getGunStorm for FREE today!
Stickninja Smash - Stickman Kung Fu Fighting 1.7.2
From the creators of Gun Fu: Stickman 2 comes the latest actionSMASH hit! Stickninja Smash takes reflex combat to a new level asyou defend your dojo with the lightning skills of the ninja.Endlessly fun. Utterly Addictive. FEATURES -Punch, kick and SMASHendless waves of ninja, zombies and pirates on a variety ofbattlegrounds -Master multiple weapons including staff, sais andnunchucks -Express yourself with an array of different looks-Multiplayer mode! Play online for glory and rewards! *We make useof the EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions to provide you with 'scorecard' graphics at the end of your game rounds.
com.dobsoftstudios.ksq 1.5.1
Choose your Knight and rescue the Queen in challenging chesspuzzles! Learn the basics of chess and challenge your brain!Journey through a series of exotic lands as you meet friend and foeon your path to victory. *FEATURES* - Use the pieces from chess inan entirely new puzzle game! - Dozens of brain-bending levels -Gorgeous visuals accompanied by a full orchestral score - 12achievements to hunt down DOWNLOAD NOW and test your brain in thelatest addiction from Dobsoft Studios! Note: We require Read/WriteExternal Storage and Read Phone State permissions to ensure our adcontent is delivered to your device correctly.
Rainbow Rocket 1.2.3
Mix colors and blast asteroids in this challenging rocket arcadegame!Put your brain to the test as you mix and match colors whileasteroids hurtle towards you!Mine coins and obtain new rocketships, and climb the world ranks! Protect the rainbow at allcosts!FEATURES:- Vibrantly colorful gameplay that will challengeboth your reflexes and your ability to think fast under pressure-Nearly two dozen unique rockets to unlock- Google Play Leaderboardsand Achievements to keep track of your mastery of the game- Twogame modes, Classic and Meteor, with another coming in the future-Multiple music tracks to get your groove on while blowing asteroidsawayDownload for FREE today!*We make use of the EXTERNAL_STORAGEpermissions to provide you with 'score card' graphics at the end ofyour game rounds.
Monster Hammer - Dungeon Crawling Action 1.5.1
Smash monsters with a giant hammer in this addictive dungeoncrawler! Equip your armor, pick up your weapon, and enter thedungeon! Simple one touch gameplay empowers you to swing yourhammer and smash monsters, earning coins and loot along the way.Knock enemies into each other or bounce them off objects for chainkills. Unlock new powerups to venture deeper into the dungeon andreach new scores. Open treasure chests when your run is over andget more items to dungeon crawl in style! FEATURES - Addicting onetap gameplay - Fight through the dungeon and increase your bestscore - Attractive 2D cartoon graphics - Dozens of unlockable items- Leaderboards and achievements Download and play for FREE today!*We use external storage permissions to cache ads for a smootherviewing experience
Make 11! 1.2.0
Can you Make 11? Test your intelligence in this fresh, uniquepuzzle game. -Make your way through 99 levels - are you smartenough to get to the end? -Play three different endless game modesand climb the global leaderboards -Keep your mind sharp with dailybrain training Download for FREE today!