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Love Test (Original Version!)
The love between two people is analyzed usingthe latest and most professional algorithms of the world. Furtherit is compared with psychological backgrounds!Just enter the two persons from whom you want to analyze the loveand hit "Show Love"! . That's it!The original Love Test from the TV advertising (My Love Tester )!!If you like the app, please rate with 5 stars and unlock thelove details.Have fun with the original app!
Baby Translate (Original!) 4
Translate baby talk - the original version from TV! Using the app,it is possible to translate your baby's language in our language.Regardless of whether your baby laughs, cries or screams. The newalgorithms with psychological backgrounds record a short sequenceof your baby and analyze it. After it will be translated into yourlanguage. The original version of TV and advertising!(Cry-Translate, etc.)
Love Test (from TV)
Most famous love test ever! Including hot information like:Affection, honesty, trust, support, emotions, understanding,respect, feelings, spontaneity, desire, passion. This is theoriginal love simulator known from TV, radio, press andadvertising. It uses brand new algorithms which were designed inprofessional cooperation with the university. It works for everyperson in the world. Love test for your friends, favorite stars,Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Prince and Princess, girls, boys, blinddates, soulmate, ... Nice for valentine's day, valentines, free,love, love meter, love calculator, astrology horoscope, dating,date, love tester, soul mate, facebook, twitter. Are you in love?Test your love now!