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Fingbox 1.1.3
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Fingbox, your home network buddy, is acomplete toolkit for managing your home network. Secure your homenetwork, block unwanted devices, improve internet performance anddiscover your devices in real-time. Fingbox automatically connectsto and monitors all of your devices regardless of the brand, likeiPhones, smart TV’s, printers, Nest, Sonos, TiVo, Philips Hue andmany more.IMPORTANT: TO USE THIS APP YOU NEED TO HAVE THE FINGBOXHARDWARE. (Fingbox hardware is the essential add-on to the freeFing app and will be available for purchase soon onKickstarter)Key features:• 24/7 network and device monitoring of all your technology• Intruder alerts when an unknown device joins your network• Block unwanted devices from your network - like potentialintruders and devices being used too much• Internet & Device alerts when a device or the internet goesdown or offline• Home event history: see who was at home last Friday and whatdevices were being used• Remote Device Reboot• Remote Device Access• Internet Health & Speed Tests• Graphs on Speed & Latency changes over time• Monthly reports on network performancePopular reasons to use Fingbox:• Keep track of all your electronics• Get alerted about important events which may mean a security ordisaster risk• See what devices are being used• See who is at home like family members and guests• Assess potential network security threats• Identify intruders trying to access your network• Take action against threats, by blocking unwanted devices• Find out why the internet is slow• And so much more!