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Eye Care - Blue Light Filter 1.1
- Reasons you feel eyestrain and need Blue Light Filter take youreyes: ● Night shift: your eyes in the night when you use the phonefrequently, you feel tired, have difficulty sleeping.Blue lighthelp you protect your eyes ● The visible light on the phone'sscreen is 380-550mm so your eyes will feel uncomfortable.- Solutionto protect your eyes is Reduce Blue Light: ● Blue light Filter isused for reducing the green light by adjusting the screen light tonatural colors. ● The screen switches to mellow mode to reduce thestrain on the eyes. ● Many colors to use Eyecare Bluelight Filter ●You can choose the right light mode and color, ● The applicationoffers 5 natural colors to filter out the light that protects youreyes like red, brown, black, yellow, white. ● You can easy toadjust the intensity according to your eyes the purpose and usefunctions.- Some features of the Bluelight Filter Application: ●Easy to customize and adjust lighting easily. ● Greenlight filterwith natural color: you can Facebook surf, listening music andwatching youtube with large time without any eyes care. ● Note thatfiltering green light does not reduce the brightness of your phone,● Adjust the brightness according to the needs of users. ● Remindyou to rest regularly- Protection your eyes by auto adjust thelight of the phone screen: When you use the phone too much, Bluelight filter eyecare assured you will not forget to rest. A smartwarning makes your eyes more comfortable and adjusts the color ofyour screen to reduce the light blue and help care your eyes.
Easy Screenshot - Capture Screenshot 1.5.0
You want to save the current data that you see the fastest withoutcopying the data hybrid. The Easy Screenshot - Capture Screenshotapp is easy and responsive to your needs. More specifically, thescreenshot allows you to edit the captured image right on theapplication without having to use any other editing software. Sohow do you take screenshots? + Press the Power + Volume Down buttonsimultaneously. Some functions of screenshots are easy: + Add textto the captured screenshot + Easy to take screenshots. +Cut, resizethe photo you just took + Delete the photo you just took + Mark anadditional location needed on the screen. + Save screenshots on thememory card + Save image with best quality + Share screenshots justsnapshots to friends via email, or social networking Screen captureis free. Quickly install the Easy Screenshot - Capture Screenshotapp to enjoy the best screen capture application.